5 Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

Who said smoking destroys brain cells? Smokers are always finding creative ways to smoke – looking at you, apple. However, they really got clever with this creative combination of the hand pipe and bong – AKA THE BUBBLAH or better known as just Bubbler pipe. 

Typically a compact design, most bubblers are equipped with bigger bowls than a pipe and a bong like water chamber and percolator that eliminates the compromise of convenience and filtration.  Also, the little water pipes are perfect for the beach or a camping trip, and they percolate discreetly.

  • Lab-grade borosilicate glass
  • Beaker base design
  • Ice notches
  • Pull carb
  • Splashguard, 
  • Rimmed mouthpiece
Editor’s ChoiceBlack Leaf – Sunny Afternoon Inline Perc Glass Bubbler
  • Glass Bubble Bowl
  •  45 Degree Joint for easy mouth contact
  •  Grommet Joint
  •  Matching Dry Herb Bowl
  •  100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Discrete packing
  • Stellar product support
Budget Pick4/20 BOGO Bubbler Bundle
  • 6.5″ high strong borosilicate glass
  • 14mm glycerin-filled, screened glass bowl
  • Downstem Glass percolator 
  • Can add a 14 mm banger

Best Bubblers

Smoking with bubblers is one of the best ways to cool your hit and make it smooth. The bubbler pipe is an amazing and fun way to smoke and there is nothing like it. We have discovered the best bubblers on the market and compiled all of the research to make shopping easy!


Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

The Stack Pipe Bubbler is a hybrid water pipe/dab rig stack that rips like a bong. Smokers are raving about the double hit bubbly duo. 

Ooze’s silicone bubbler pipe takes home the triple threat trophy. This novel addition to Ooze’s silicone glass product line features:

  • Multiple glass chambers
  • Removable head
  • Matching quartz banger 
  • Matching glass herb sliding bowl
  • 90-degree removable silicone diffuser downstem 
  • Thick borosilicate glass
  • Comfortable 7 in. of quality materials

The Stack’s silicone and glass industrious design provide prime percolation and smooth smoke. With its removable stacks and stem clean-up is a breeze (dishwasher safe) so every session is tasty and fresh. The diversity, portability, and strength of the Stack make this silicone bubbler a prime travel companion or party piece.

2) Black Leaf – Sunny Afternoon Inline Perc Glass Bubbler

Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

Black Leaf stepped out of the box with this unique anti-spill design. Instead of sitting up straight this slacker hydrator lays back so you can too. 

There is no need for a hard to clean down-pipe or water chamber, a milky smoke steam flows immediately through the 12-slit diffuser. It  is a handy bubbler that pulls effortlessly and also has these vape like benefits:

  • 12-slit inline diffuser
  • Thick glass and long stem for easy grasp
  • Black Leaf logo in black with gold outline
  • Vivid pigmentation with a hurricane pattern
  • Rounded mouthpiece 
  • Generous bowl size

Gentle on the lungs, the 12-slit perc cools and lulls harshness by removing byproducts and is fused to the body for added resilience. This distinguished company provides lifetime peace of mind with an affordable glass guarantee that replaces your damaged product for half the price or applies that amount toward a different purchase. 

3) 4/20 BOGO Bubbler Bundle

Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

Two high-quality bubblers for the extremely affordable price of one! Gift one and keep one for yourself or keep both so you have a backup or a rover. 

The 4/20 Bogo is a value smokers dream.  The stunning colors and designs add an original surprise for such an affordable piece. 

Here are some additional  perks:

  • Basic easy to clean design
  • Thick glass
  • Portable 4-6”
  • Supreme customer ratings and reviews
  • Sweet price

This deal is optimal for a beginner or anyone on a budget. Customer reviews merit their value. Rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars and are one hundred percent recommended by confirmed buyers. This bubbler bundle is unmatchable.

4) Marley Natural Smoked Glass Bubbler

Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

A bubbler elite, the Marley Natural bubbler is aesthetically hand blown from borosilicate glass. This company knows how to make a pipe you want to brag about. 

Crafted with quality and style this is not your basic water pipe. This heightened line of smoking accessories are modestly priced and loaded with gains.

  • Durable thick glass
  • Geometrically weighted
  • Flat bottomed
  • 8-slit percolating stem
  • Built-in ash catcher
  • Generous carb
  • Oversized bowl

This Marley piece is the Beauty and Beast of bubblers and a personal favorite. The alluring color shift is praised in user reviews. 

The top of the line percolator partnered with the built-in ash catcher optimizes the chill and flavor purity in every hit. Clearing all the smoke and filling/draining water is no sweat thanks to its ample carb design. Marley Natural products have beastly sized bowls ideal for Jamaican style relaxation.  

5) The “Cosmic Bubbler” Fumed Bubbler with Detachable Bowl

Best Bubblers To Keep Your Hits Cool

The Cosmic Bubbler’s compact ingenuity is stellar: A double glass water pipe that takes the craft – and you – to a faraway galaxy

The Cosmic Fumed Bubbler has a detachable bowl for an easier clean.  its hallmark vintage glass look is a favorite amongst quick hitters and collectors, and its hits pack a punch.

Other great features include:

  •  45-degree grommet joint
  •  Sturdy borosilicate glass
  •  Fumed accents
  •  Removable down stem
  •  Removable bowl
  •  Circular bottom
  •  5.25 inches

This distinguished company offers price matching and backs its products to ensure lifetime peace of mind. The affordable glass guarantee replaces your damaged piece for half the original price or applies that amount toward a different purchase. 

Bubbler Breakdown

There is no lack of jargon when it comes to smoking paraphernalia. Pipe, bong, steamroller, rig, etc. Despite popular belief, pipes and bongs are prehistoric. Recent scientific excavations suggest that at least 2,500 years ago in western China people were using devices for cannabis consumption. However, the technological advancements will never end.

For example, the fusion of the bong and pipe with the same  A bubbler is a combination of both. Also spelled and pronounced as “bubblah,” it is handheld like a pipe and usually less than five inches tall. Smoking from this glass piece doesn’t require water but has the bong-like ability to do so. Many people prefer the hydro technique because the smoke filters through the water and helps prevent harshness. A similarity of all of the above includes components such as a chamber, bowl, stem, and mouthpiece. 

Bong   vs    Bubbler

BongBubbler aka Bubblah
Multiple parts Originally one-piece design
Stays at homePortable
Large bowlSmaller shallow bowl
CustomizableGenerally non customizable
Removable bowlCarb
Hard to cleanSimple to clean


  • Holds water
  • Smoother hits
  • Equipped with a percolator to create bubbles
  • Cools smoke
  • Filters byproducts


  • Portability (smaller so adaptive for travel)
  • Small amount of water (less than a bong)
  • Stealthy
  • Less noisy than bong
  • Recycler- extra chamber (more space for cooling, not all bubblers have a recycler, )
  • Carb (better for clearing smoke and less stale hits)
  • Percolator (pulls the smoke through water to filter and lower the temperature)
  • Nice smooth hits
  • Unlike a pipe, you won’t get hot ash in your mouth


  • Requires cleaning after every session and refilling with water before use
  • Not ideal for sharing
  • Can spill
  • Smaller bowl
  • Can be more difficult to clean since parts aren’t removable

What Type of Bubbler is the Best?

When it comes to shopping for a bubbler it doesn’t have to be complicated. In general, bubbler designs are similar is function. Most designs are solid one piece. However, some water pipes have advancements such as customizable and interchangeable bowls, percs, and recyclers.

The first thing when considering your purchase is size. You can narrow down your options depending on how big or small you need. Second, are you looking for a one-piece or do you want to be able to switch out the bowl for a banger and double-up your bubbler to use for concentrates as well?  Depending on your needs and budget, here are some different styles to give you an idea of what to look for. 


      Sidecars have the normal components the water chamber, bowl, and carb are located on a thick base. What makes this style unique is the neck with mouthpiece is on the side of the chamber instead of the beach. The increased surface area allows for more cooling time and prevents water from splashing into your mouth.  


Not such a creative name, but indeed a creative design. Differentiated by their slanted base that causes this piece to sit sideways. If you’re looking for a travel companion the hammer is the thickest, strongest bubble on the market. An added bonus is the easy cleaning.


Two chambers, two times the filtration, and a double drop in temperature equal two times smoother blazing. When sitting, the double chambers add to the stability factor.


A percolator is a device inside the water chamber that enhances circulation. The more bubbles the silkier and colder the smoke allowing for giant milky hits that don’t kill. This perc style is the best on the market if you have the money to spring for it you won’t regret it. There are a variety of different styles and some are interchangeable. Keep in mind the more little pieces the more delicate as well.


Notoriously named, long and narrow neck, and wide base the Sherlock looks so dapper. Aside from looking cool the Sherlock style tends to be the vulnerable type. 


Pocket bubbler with all the same parts just miniature.


The newbie of bubblers is made from safe to smoke silicone. There are so many advantages such as dishwasher safe, interchangeable parts, a surplus of styles, and they are literally immortal. Just in the case of damage, the majority of silicone bubblers come with a lifetime warranty.

Best Bubblers - Final Hit

Final Hit

Bubbler basics: handheld, water pipe, bigger than a normal dry pipe, smaller than a bong, mild giant rips, less discrete and noisier than a pipe, more subtle and quieter than a bong. A creative invention that provides enhanced smoking pleasure, the bubbler is a must-have for your collection. 

Bubbler pipes are also a fun piece to have for a quick toke with your buds – flowery or human. But, as always, make sure you are sharing responsibly and following the law in your state. 

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