5 Best Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, and Crumbles

Ever wonder how the pros get through the sticky-icky? With all the new ways to get your THC, They made new tools and toys to help. So, what are Dabbers? They are a tool used to load concentrates: waxes, shatter, rosin, hash, all the ooey-gooey parts that are concentrated down and smoked in a vaporizer — aka dab rig or dab tool. 

With all the new hardware, even veteran smokers can find themselves wondering what’s going on. Well, I wanted to help you out. Below are five of the most popular and best dabbers I could find. We wanted to hook you up so you could quit worrying about your dab tools and start digging into your dabs. 

Top RatedDr. Dabber Budder Cutter
  • High-grade construction
  • Comes with 7 different heating tips
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Preset temperature
  • Power light indicator
  • Built-in battery
Editor’s ChoiceStainless Steel Dabber Tool
  • Quality stainless steel
  • Five inches
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes with case and protective rubber tips
Budget PickQuartz Carb Cap & Tool
  • Hole for ventilation
  • Design on the carb cap will vary depending on availability 
  • The carb cap is universal
  • High-Quality Quartz

Best Dabbers

Dabbers, dab rigs, or dab tools are easy to use, safe, and should never overheat. Purchasing a dab tool is a needed item when you are looking to cut wax, shatters, or crumbles. Some of the best dabbers available are listed below. Give it a peek and find the best dabber tool for your needs!

1) Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and More

Heat it up and slide through that budder. We are a fan of the heated cutters — melts and molds so it slides into the rig with ease. 

The Budder Cutter is an electronically heated dabber that can be used to load any kind of concentrate. This dab rig is incredibly popular for the dab smokers out there.

The Budder Cutter features include:

  • High-grade construction
  • Comes with 7 different heating tips
  • Rapid heat-up time
  • Preset temperature
  • Power light indicator
  • Built-in battery

Although a little more on the expensive side, this dab tool would be excellent for those that suffer from arthritis or have problems with grip. It is easier to hold onto, maneuver, and does all the work for you.

2) Stainless Steel Dabber Tool

Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and More

This is your go to for all things concentrated. It is simple, sleek and gets the job done. Oh, and it is a great price. 

As mentioned, this is the all-around go-to dabber tool. It is simple, affordable, and is what all those butter knife-wielding hippies have moved to. 

Some of its features include:

  • Quality stainless steel
  • Five inches
  • Heavy duty
  • Comes with a case and protective rubber tips

The review comments speak for themselves. To quote one, 

“Using this dab tool you feel like Darth Maul, great price, lovely product, from an excellent provider, sick!”. With its double-sided lightsaber feel the force will be with you.

3) Quartz Carb Cap & Tool

Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and More

This dual tool is a fave among dabbers. It collects and caps, giving you better hits all around. 

This quartz dabber is a two in one. It is a dapper tool with a carb cap – place it on top of your dab hit to trap the heat for better vaporization –  on the other end. Some great things about this tool include:

  • Hole for ventilation
  • Design on the carb cap will vary depending on availability 
  • A carb cap is universal
  • High-Quality Quartz

Due to the lack of a scooping tool, this dabber wouldn’t be that good for crumbles or dry concentrates. However, the quartz can be cleaned so nicely with a little rubbing alcohol you will always get a pure crisp dab hit.

4) Magic Wand Dabber Tools

Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and More

This is a fun glass dabber that is simple to use, fun, and definitely different.

The Magic Wand is a gorgeous glass dabber that is fun and unique offering pink, green or black accents. It has an appealing globe filled with colored glass pieces that will double as a carb cap.

Some of its other features include:

  • 6″ inches in length
  • Pointed tip for easy dabb
  • Thick glass
  • Original and personal

I love the element of surprise that comes with ordering this piece. The colors and accents vary, so be aware, yours might not look exactly like the picture.


Dabbers to Help you Cut Through Your Waxes, Shatters, Crumbles, and More

Ooze is known for their silicone madness, which makes this dabber so much better than the rest – it doesn’t stick, just gets the job done. 

What sets this dabber apart from the other are its tips made of non-stick silicone. The silicone tips are food grade and can help you load without the hassle. 

Its features include:

  • Non-stick
  • Double-ended
  • Silicone Tips
  • Steel Body

This dabber gets the award for the most functionality for the price. It is super affordable but does not lack merit.

Dabbers 101

The most common dabber is the simple stainless steel spoon/ pick design. It has a small spoon for scooping at one end and a pick for cutting and poking at the other. This is the go-to tool for almost everyone and works well with almost every type of concentrate. Some come in different colors such as gold plated or rainbow. You can also get them made in titanium, which is lighter, more durable, and will last longer but is a bit more expensive. 

Other popular material and designs include:

Shovel/ spear –  These dabbers are designed made of the same materials as the spoon but, with a different set of tools on the ends. The shovel is more concave and better for scooping and using with dry concentrates. and the spear is better for scraping purposes.

Glass – If you are more into aesthetic than practical, then glass dabbers are for you. Some are handcrafted and original, almost artwork. A cool thing about glass dabbers is they can be customized or give as a cool gift.

Heated dabbers – Cutting through your concentrates can be a hassle. Heat it up a notch with an electronic heated dabber –cuts like butt-ah.

Dabbers come in endless varieties, offering different grips, styles, and mediums for certain types of concentrates. Another option is dabber kits that come with everything you need — like cute little travel kits that you can stick in your pocket. 

What is a concentrate?

Think of it like the Florida orange juice commercial where they show twenty-something oranges squeezing into the little bottle of juice. Marijuana concentrates are made in the same way. The “lab tech” takes the plants and pulls out the good parts and packs them down into a tiny bit of wax, budder, or whatever concentrates their making. I’ll save the  “how concentrates are made”  lesson for another article.

The Good Parts

We only want the best of the best parts of the mary jane in its plant form to end up in our concentrates. The technician does this by removing the goodies and leaving the rest. The goodies are the plant’s terpenes, cannabinoids, and trichomes. The terpenes are what give the fantastic smells and flavors to different strains of cannabis plants. cannabinoids are made up of CBD THC and others. When used, they interact with receptors in your body giving you the desired drug-like effects. Trichomes are the sparkly things that cover the plant like little diamonds. The trichome’s job is to house the cannabinoid terpenes. 

Why concentrate?

There is nothing else like smoking flowers and the old school ritualistic experience. However, there are many benefits of concentrates. In my opinion, it’s best to combine all methods to prevent tolerance. The variety is all nice because certain situations call for certain methods of intake, whether in a public place or a time crunch. Here are some benefits of bringing concentrates to the party.

  1. Increased potency
  2. Rapid/ immediate onset
  3. Long lasting (1-3 hours)
  4. Wider range of consumption methods
  5. Diverse range of products for your every desire

What’s the difference?

There are so many different types of concentrates it gets confusing. I’ll cover just a few things that will give you more confidence at the dispensary and help you ask questions. First of all concentrates are obviously all made from the same plant. 

The difference is how they are extracted and what ingredients and process they use in the lab when doing so. Different methods create different results. Some are made using solvents, some with heat, some by freezing methods. 

There are some things you want to know like what strain of  marijuana plant is used. Most of this information can be found on the label but if not here are some things you could ask.

  • Input materials used (quality matters)
  • Strain of plant
  • The processing techniques
  • The intended consumption method
Best Dabbers - Final Hit

Final Hit

The important thing to remember is that a dab tool’s purpose is to make your job easier. Depending on your price range, what form of concentrate you prefer, and if you’re a minimalist or relish in artistry, there are dab tools for everyone.

I prefer to have my dabbers custom made. I am also a weed wizard that has an extensive collection of glass, silicone, and metal smoking apparatuses. However you feel about it, get it done responsibly, and enjoy. 

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