Alaskan Thunder Fuck Marijuana Strain

Alaskan Thunder F***, or ATF, has one of the most attention-grabbing names for marijuana today. Whoever named it was really into shock-value marketing, and it has worked, thus far. It is an aged strain that was first made back in the 70’s.

 This legendary strain originates from the Manatuska Valley in Alaska, hence the name Alaskan Thunder F***. It’s a Sativa-dominant, that comes from a Northern California Sativa and a Russian Ruderalis. The child of these two strains was then crossed with Afghani, to get the ATF strain we have today.

This is a quite dominant strain, that contains THC levels ranging anywhere from 14-27%. The effects are usually felt more cerebrally than bodily, and the main effect felt is often energy. Menthol, lemon, and pine are the lead aromas for this strain.

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For those who are unfamiliar with weed terminology, a cannabis ruderalis is referred to by some, not by all, to be its own classification of marijuana. It is a term that signals a weed that is neither Indica nor Sativa, due to its growing patterns. Some, within the marijuana community, will argue that ruderalis is part of the Indica family.

The previously mentioned three strains come together, to create an extraordinarily potent, yet well-balanced strain, known by all as the Alaskan Thunder. Taking a quick glance at the parent strains will help you better understand the ATF.

Northern California Sativas

These Sativas are known for their ability to provides their consumers with an extreme head-high, that last hours on end. They’re also great for things such as ADHD, stress, and fatigue.

Northern California Sativas refers to any strain that comes from that specific region, and isn’t just one marijuana strain. 

Russian Ruderalis

These strains are known to be incredibly short in height and also being low in THC. They are used medicinally, as they don’t provide as much of a head-high as other strains. Once again, Russian Ruderalis refers to any ruderalis strains coming from the Russian region, and isn’t just one single marijuana strain. 


Afghani, is one of the most legendary strains of all time. If you’ve read any cannabis reviews, the chances are that you have learned that this strain has bred a ton of popular child strains. ATF, is just one more, to add to a profound legacy that keeps growing yearly. While it is named after the region it is grown in, it refers to one strain, and not a group of strains, unlike the other two parent strains.

Earth, pungent, and pine are aromas wafted from this marijuana strain. Ideal for insomnia, pain, and stress. 


The flavor hits you as soon as the buds are broken open, with a classic earthy and skunky flavor that fills the entire room. It then transcends into a deliciously spicy, banana flavor, that stays on your tongue. Some palates will taste a lingering sour lemon taste. 

Fluffy nugs provide the consumer with a smooth, but thick smoke, and people say the bud is best smoked out of a bong. When smoked in classic rolling papers, it may cause some coughing, and tears to run down the eyes. 


The aroma, is not one of the biggest attributes of this strain. Some people have stated that they actually enjoy the smell, however, they’re amongst the few. It’s not that it’s a horrific smell, however, some have said it smells similar to cat pee.

With this being said, prepare to smell a classic marijuana scent, with diesel. People have stated that they have noticed a slightly spicy aroma, but most stick to the diesel smell.


The buds on ATF are known for resembling a spade and appearing to be blue-green in color. It provides a pretty sight for growing, or just admiring, the sight of this cannabis strain. 

Dense trichomes cover the thick, dense buds, that are relatively large in size. Leaves are a pale shade of seafoam green, which sticks out amongst most marijuana plants that are naturally dark, and light green in color. 

Thick trichomes really stand out against the orange pistils, which means one thing, breaking the buds down is going to require a grinder. 


Alaskan Thunder Fuck thrives colder climates and grows best outdoors. In general, this strain produces a high yield, however, it can provide much higher yields when cultivated outdoors. Temperatures should be regulated at 75 to 80 degrees at all times.

Seeds are available for purchase online, and it is a moderately tricky strain to grow, due to the growing temperatures that are so different from most marijuana strains. 

When grown outdoors, its appearance ends up looking beautiful, due to the shock it gets from the cold temperatures. Dowels are highly recommended for those who grow this strain, because the plant can succumb to its weight. 

Growers around the North Carolina region, have maintained the pure strain of Alaskan Thunder for years now. According to the growing team in NC, shorter days, and longer nights, can give this strain the best trichome outcome. The plant starts off as a somewhat fruity strain, and as it grows closer to being ready for harvest, it turns a bit more earthy and pungent. 


You can expect about 8-9 weeks time to harvest ATF indoors. It produces a generous yield, 16-18 ounces per square meter. Since this is a pungent strain, most people should invest in some sort of odor control device and exhaust fans. Those who have nosey neighbors, should consider growing a different strain. 


One of the things to write home about, with this strain, is its massive outdoor yields. If you have the ability to cultivate it outdoors, that would be a wise choice. It’s been known to produce outdoor yields of 32 ounces per square meter. 

It’s ready for harvest in late October, to the very beginning of November, and the flowering period is well worth the wait. 


Alaskan Thunder F*** provides a hard-hitting euphoria, followed by a focused, and relaxed vibe. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that doesn’t offer a ton of Indica effects. You can expect to feel happy, euphoric, energetic, relaxed, focused, and creative.

Users should anticipate a slow onset of effects, taking more time than usual to kick in. Coming from a few different parent strains, and having THC up in the high 20’s, consumers can expect a classic marijuana trip, and distortion of the senses. Time may speed up or slow down, the outside light might seem brighter, and sounds will appear to have a different frequency. 

Experienced users often start to develop a tolerance to marijuana, and need more potent strains to feel effects. Alaskan Thunder is the perfect strain, for experienced users, to feel the classic high, they once used to live for. First-time users should take this tidbit of information as a clear sign, to tread with caution. Start small and work your way up to a more potent dose. No matter what type of user you are, it isn’t recommended to use before bed. 


Rockstars can embrace this strain. It is perfect for those who typically indulge in Sativas before writing music. The levels of THC are entirely ripping, so be sure to not over-indulge. If you’re someone who hasn’t has success with Indicas for writing music, this is definitely a great strain to try, if you can find it.

It can also be a great strain to use before live shows, to calm down your nerves, while still giving you enough energy to have your audience think you have some type of energy drink running through your veins. 


Be prepared to take a ride on the happy express. Upon smoking, reviewers have said that they instantly felt a rush of happiness in their brains. This sometimes allows the individuals to see the world, and their lives, more clearly. 

Happiness is something that should be extremely valued in the world today with all of the depression, and anxiety. It’s easy to get lost in the gloomy headlines, and Alaskan Thunder provides a much-needed escape. A permanent smile will be plastered on the faces to all of those who use it. 


Welcome to a world of euphoria. If you’ve read reviews on marijuana, the chance is that you are sick of seeing the word euphoria used when describing strains. The fact of the matter is, strains can often-times truly bring this about. ATF does a great job with this effect as well, and the levels of THC could play a role in this. THC binds to the brains receptors, which helps a person feel an intense rush of excitement and positivity. 


If you’re someone who likes to indulge in marijuana in the morning, you’ve found your perfect strain. ATF is sure to wake you up and put a fire under your daily work-ethic. 

Reviewers have stated that they are able to get a tremendous amount of work done upon consuming this strain. It is excellent to use on your lunch break, and will get you through the afternoon slump. Those who have to deal with significant problem-solving, or multi-level projects, can use ATF to get the job done. 


While this strain does present you with enhanced energy levels, it also does a decent job of relaxing you. If you’re someone dealing with anxiety, it may be wise to go with a strain that is an Indica, rather than this Sativa. After a few hours, users might experience physical tingly sensations. 

Negative Effects

Don’t expect to feel anything out of the ordinary with this strain. Your typical red eyes, and dry mouth, will absolutely ensue, so be sure to have your eye drops and water present to combat this.

Couch-lock can ensue if you over-consume, so as always, tread lightly. If you’re a novice smoker, steer clear of this strain, as the THC levels are quite high.

An intense high will cause a trippy feeling for users, which can feel a bit overwhelming at times. People shouldn’t panic, a fierce high will not harm you, and you will not die. One of the most beneficial factors, that pharmaceutical companies try to hide, is the fact that people can not overdose on marijuana. Unlike opioids, cannabis is a natural substance that can alter a person, without harming them.  

Medical Uses

As this is a Sativa, you can expect it to help significantly with ailments;  such as depression, stress, ADHD, appetite disorders and fatigue. Its long-lasting lucidity, is excellent for those who need an all-day cure. 

The anti-inflammatory properties in this strain, can help to relieve body pain and mental pain. 

The THC in this strain is ideal for helping those who need an extra punch, and have had no luck with over the counter drugs. 


Upon reading marijuana reviews, you will probably notice that Sativa strains are often talked about, for benefits with regard to depression. This is no exception. If you’re someone who has struggled with depression, and finds relief with marijuana, this is a great strain to go out and try. The energy and euphoria experienced can be reinvigorating, and important for self-growth in some individuals.


Stress is always the party-pooper in the room at any get-together. Those who experience high levels of stress can definitely find relief with Alaskan Thunder F***. If your stress is due to financial reasons, this could be because you’re having focus issues, and are therefore mismanaging money. If that’s the case, and consume marijuana, ATF could be a great strain for you.


People who struggle with ADHD may find relief from this strain. It provides users with focus, and this goes hand in hand with ADHD. Many people have stated that they have had success treating their ADHD with this strain, and that should come as no surprise. 


Fatigue is something that is very common amongst people today. If you’re someone who is often tired, yet you like marijuana, this is a great strain to try. Instead of relying on your 4-5 cups of coffee a day, this could be an alternative, when used correctly.


Long-time cancer patients can benefit from a strain like ATF. While the flavor profile isn’t the most desirable one out there, it does significantly increase your appetite on a daily basis. This can be important as nutrition can really impact other areas of your life.

Recreational Uses 

Recreationally this strain pairs well with mentally stimulating activities, such as listening to music, reading, painting, and shopping. 

A body buzz leaves users feeling extra sensitive to touch, which can be a great thing to pair with massages, manicures, pedicures, and a special night with your significant other. 

Similar Strains 

Alaskan Thunder F*** is a luxury strain, but it does have some competition trying to outshine it. For those looking to see which strains compare to ATF, check out these similar strains:

  • Hardcore OG
  • Tangie
  • Juliet
  • Cherry AK-47
  • Delahaze
  • Death Star
  • Space Monster
  • Dirty Old Bastard
  • Yeti OG
  • Hobbit
  • Pink Pez
  • Clockwork Orange
  • Cherry Vanilla Cookies

A lot of these strains are available at dispensaries or online.

The most popular states where this strain is sold are: Arizona, Oklahoma, and Washington. 


Alaskan Thunder F*** is a heavily reviewed strain. Taking a look at a few reviews is great to see what users genuinely think. Some strains have hundreds of reviews, but the Alaskan Thunder F*** has thousands of reviews. 

  • Great all-around strain to enjoy any time of day. Can be used with a sad or happy mindset and it really elevates all moods into a positive light. 
  • This strain is a little bit of everything all rolled into one. 
  • Aroma to this strain reminds me of a moss covered forest floor, which made it pair well with my hikes in the forest. 
  • Was starting to have romance issues within my marriage due to the fact we have been married for over 20 years, and our intimacy was nonexistent. We both dabbled in marijuana use back in the day but never thought to try it in our old age until a friend recently recommended it. Alaskan Thunder Fuck seemed like a perfect strain to try due to the name of it…a strain with the term Fuck in it has to be great for setting the mood. My wife and I were not disappointed, and ATF put us into the right mindset we both have been missing. It gave us the emotions too be able to feel intimate again. This is now our go-to little helper for when we need a little extra help showing, and literally giving, love to each other. 


If you’re still wondering if this is a good strain for you, the answer depends on whether or not you prefer Sativas or Indicas? If you’re a Sativa lover, this is a no-brainer, and you will surely fall for this strain. 

While this strain gets a lot of flak for its aroma, the effects massively out-weigh the smell. With this being said, the scent is not bad, it’s just that there are other strains that people prefer more.

Alaskan Thunder F*** is the type of strain that you indulge in when you’re looking to go to social events, be productive, or get creative. Overall, this is a Sativa that should be heavily recommended at your local dispensary.

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