Best Sativa Strains

The sativa strain is known as the social cannabis strain. Unlike indica strains which typically produce calming and relaxing effects, sativa strains are notorious for delivering euphoric energizing effects. The sativa strain promotes activity, creativity, and sociability which may make it great for the day time user or late night creative type.

Sativa strains are more popular among recreational users than medical marijuana patients because they usually contain much higher levels of THC than CBD. If you are looking for the healing benefits of CBD, you may want to try an indica strain. However, if you want the benefits of CBD without the high, you should try CBD products that don’t contain THC.

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What are Sativa Strains?

The scientific name for the cannabis plant is Cannabis Sativa L. There are three variations of the Cannabis Sativa L. plant which are recognized as indica, sativa, and hybrid. Even though these variations are all derived from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant, they have many extreme differences. It is essential to know what you want to experience and what strain can give you that experience in order to get something that will fit your needs.

It is believed that the sativa strain originated from Africa, Asia, and South and Central America. Over the centuries the sativa strain has been bred and perfected to promote certain characteristics of the plant. Sativa produces more of a head high and promotes energy, euphoria, focus, and creativity. On the other hand, Indica is known to produce a body high making users feel relaxed. It may even have sedative-like effects. Hybrids are a unique blend of indica and sativa, and their effects are the best of both worlds.

In appearance, sativa strains typically grow to be massive—unlike indica strains. While indicas may grow to be around 4 feet tall, sativas can tower 20+ feet high and grow long and slender leaves to match.

Sativa Recreational and Medical Uses

Sativa is a favored strain among recreational users. But, even though indicas or hybrids may be used more for medical marijuana patients, that does not mean sativas don’t come with their own set of marvelous medical benefits.

Recreational Uses

Sativa strains are often used socially or for an energy boost. With these strain, you may find yourself getting extremely hyperactive and talkative which can be fun around a group of friends. Sativa is also used among artists and creatives to inspire, motivate, and increase creativity. So whether you are hanging out with friends or you are trying to get through writers-block, a sativa strain might be what you are looking for.

Medical Uses

Sativa is known to stimulate the appetite. You may be aware of this if you have ever gotten a case of the munchies after using a sativa strain. This quality is excellent for those who may suffer from an eating disorder like anorexia, or for cancer patients going through chemo. Sativa is also known to produce positive and uplifting effects which help relieve depression.

Medical conditions sativa strains may help relieve are:

  • Nausea
  • Low/No appetite
  • Depression
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Chronic pain

How and When to Use Sativas

If you are in need of a relaxing day or you want something to help you get some sleep, sativa strains are not for you. In those cases, you should try an indica. But, if you are looking for a day time strain or something that will keep you awake and focused, then a sativa may be what you have been looking for.

You could try a sativa as a day time strain, just be sure the specific sativa strain you choose is not too potent if you are headed to work. A sativa strain may also be your greatest tool if you have to pull an all-nighter.

There are many different ways you can consume sativa. No matter which method you choose, the overall euphoric energizing effects will be about the same. Smoking or vaping a sativa will likely give you a shorter high, but the effects will hit you almost instantly. If you choose an edible, the effects will last longer, but you will also have to wait longer for them to kick in.

What are the Best Sativa Strains?

Now that you have an idea of what sativa strains are, their benefits, and how they differ from other strains—let’s go over a few of the most popular sativa strains you may want to try.

Top 5 Sativa Strains

1.) Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a multi-award winning sativa dominant hybrid strain that was created in the Netherlands in the mid-1990s. This strain has a 55% sativa, 45% indica ratio. Its THC levels range from 18-28%. This strain was named after Jack Herer who was an advocate for the legalization of hemp and marijuana but, it was not created by him. This strain has many incredible health benefits but is especially effective for people with mental health conditions or for people with lung conditions as it has a desired cooling effect. The Jack Herer strain comes on fast and is known to provide lots of energy.

2.) Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a very potent strain that is a pure sativa. It is a hard-hitting strain with THC levels that can reach up to 24%. If you want something that will energize you, Durban Poison will do just that. It is one of the strongest strains on the market and is compared to taking multiple shots of espresso at once. Known for providing an uplifting head high, Durban Poison has a sweet and spicy aroma and flavor with hints of fruitiness.

3.) Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is a strain that is popular all over the world. It is a sativa dominant strain with a 90% sativa, 10% indica ratio. Its THC levels are around 18-26%. This is an energizing strain with a pungent aroma. Its flavor is known to be very earthy with hints of citrus fruit. Sour Diesel produces a strong head high that provides energizing, mood-boosting, and creative effects.

4.) Hawaiian Snow

Hawaiian Snow is known to produce uplifting and energizing effects and can be a great natural solution for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. This strain has an 80% sativa, 20% indica ratio and its THC levels can reach up to 24%. This powerful award-winning strain may also inspire creativity and possibly uncontrollable giggles. Its flavor and aroma are often compared to eucalyptus and citrus.

5.) Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a strong strain that hits fast and may be too much for beginners. This is a sativa dominant strain at 70% sativa. Amnesia Haze is known to produce a mind and body high. It may make you feel motivated, focused, energized, and uplifted. Because of these fantastic effects, Amnesia Haze may be an excellent option for those with depression or anxiety.

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