The Biscotti Strain Reviewed

If you love to relax or have chronic pain issues, here is the strain for you. The Biscotti strain is a rare Indica that’s classified as a dominant hybrid strain. It is an 80% Indica strain/20% Sativa that was created with a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and X Southern Florida OG strains. If you are looking for a unique new flavor, this strain is a classic Indica that’s as smooth as a perfect cup of brew.

The Biscotti strain packs a punch with every smooth toke and has everything you could want with a clean taste and great effects. The taste department alone is a seller because each toke is smooth, delicious, and packed with a whopping 25% THC level.

If you love a rush, this is a perfect strain for that. The Biscotti strain works immediately by sending a rush of cerebral effects that puts your mind into total heaven, and as you become accustomed to the high, your body will feel a natural calming effect, so you can kick back and chill out.

Zone for a while and let your worries dissolve as you enjoy every toke of this strain. No denying the fact that a person can become silly or look high. This in turn allows you to find humor in everything so you’re laughing away, thanks to the high THC content. Why not try it and see for yourself because there is no law against relaxing and laughing in the crazy and stressful world we live in.

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Characteristics of Biscotti Strain

Considering this strain is 80% Indica, this is an excellent strain to try for chronic pain issues. The Biscotti strain buds are a sweet sight quite interesting to look at under a microscope or a magnifying glass because of the spade-shaped dark olive nugs with a combination of long, dark orange hairs and thick crispy coating of bright white crystal trichomes.

Imagine seeing a frosty look coating each and every bud through the lens of a microscope and the beauty of these nugs alone will pique your interest immediately! These nugs are in the top three for many who suffer from all types of ailments.

Flavor and Aroma of the Biscotti Strain

The Biscotti Strain is quite pleasant on the pallet, because of the sugar cookie effect you taste after you try it. The bud is described as having a wicked and, delicious sugar cookie flavor with a rich and, spicy twist. When you smell the strain you smell an earthy herb and fruit flavor with that sweet, sweet sugar cookie effect.

Since this strain is combined with girl scout cookies if you ever bought boxes of sugar cookies from the girl scouts, this is the taste and smell that will soothe the soul. If you like a sugar twist in your bud, this is a strain that many people love. Herbs, spices, and, sugar along with an undertone of diesel together will produce an aroma that is quite enticing.

Effects of the Biscotti Strain

Most people report pure bliss with the Biscotti strain and there are no complaints of paranoia or anxiety with this strain. Remember the THC levels are around 25% so even though this is a potent strain, it’s not described as overwhelming. This is a dominant Indica that takes the lead and leaves you feeling like you are in a state of pure bliss.

The 25% THC content is not surprising since the parent strains are the top runners in this game. This is why the effects are very intense, but not overwhelmingly so. This one is more of a favorite with people that just want to chill for the day. People that find Indica strains more favorable rave about this strain and have had no problems enjoying the high. 

This strain is also great if you love a nice “rush” from smoking and it’s also a great strain for edibles and butter. This strain will launch your body into a calming effect so if you love binge-watching season TV episodes, or just want to kick back and relax, you will find this strain is perfect for all of the above. 

If you’re searching around for a strain with a high THC level, then this is a good strain to try. Biscotti buds are the bomb for either recreational fun or major medical disorders. The color of the buds is appealing and the aroma is killer with the sweet scent of sugar cookies. In addition, let’s look at the strain and sum it up. The effects are calming and comfy, with no complaints and, only great reviews. It doesn’t take much of this strain to experience all of the sensational effects!

Health Benefits of the Biscotti Strain

The effects coincide with the health benefits of the strain. Research says the strain is 80% Indica and 20% Sativa, so any weed connoisseur would know that this strain is great for the head. If your brain feels like it’s in tune with your body, you know you are experiencing pure heaven and great comfort. You can get a rush, however: remember that this is all part of the process to get a person the health benefits they are searching for with the strain.

We’ll start with anxiety and the health benefits of the strain. This is a very popular strain for those who suffer from intense anxiety as it relaxes your whole body and hits the right pleasure sensors in your brain. The high THC content contributes to the overall health benefits of the strain as well. 

This strain is also fine with socialization because you’re more likely to be more self-confident when your mind and body are in sync with each other. With this strain, it’s a “who cares” attitude because you are so nice and relaxed. If you decide to have a small group of friends over, this is a nice strain for kicking back and gaming or sitting around and getting giddy. If you choose to be alone, the strain works the important health benefits just like it would with any other type of social interaction. 

People with pain issues and depression or behavioral health issues love this strain because when the body is calm, the pain decreases. Depression comes from many things including anxiety, pain, and mental health issues. This is a great strain for depression because of the cerebral effects the strain produces. Taking a pill isn’t always the answer to mental health issues and depression. There is definitely more therapeutic value in weed than some medications. The side effects alone are scary sometimes.

Growing the Biscotti Strain

Unfortunately, since Biscotti is a new strain, there are not many people who have experience growing it. Early findings say that it’s a standard dominant Indica strain, and the plants are about four feet tall and are considered bushy. This is considered to be of average height as well and bushy plants don’t need as much training as smaller thinner plants. A low-stress training can help you create an even canopy and starts you off on growing more bud sites.

You can tie down the top branches so that the other stems get some light and also help you even out your haul at harvest time. The Biscotti strain growers find that the strain is an excellent candidate for “Screen of Green” growing, because of the bushy nature of the plant. If you are up for some high-stress training techniques, the Biscotti strain seems to be a firm enough strain to take on moderate topping or trimming.

The downside is the lack of airflow through the plant because when plants are bushy like the Biscotti strain, the plant becomes very dense, and then it’s a hot spot for powdery mildew, mold, or pests to start munching. It’s important to be careful when you are pruning so your strain doesn’t become another victim to disease or bugs. Check the plants often and try and make sure the density isn’t going to cost you a bad harvest.

If you plan on growing inside, your harvest takes about 8 to 9 weeks and the harvest usually brings in around 10 ounces of the Biscotti strain bud per square meter. If you choose to grow outside, bud in the northern hemisphere is ready to harvest about mid to late October.

The Final Hit - Biscotti Strain

The Final Hit

The Biscotti strain is perfect for those who want to kick back and relax, it’s not grown for energy, it’s grown for calming the body and mind. This is a strain that you chill with and listen to tunes or watch a movie. If you have chronic pain, it’s a perfect strain to relax your body and ease the pain. This is a dominant Indica hybrid and has higher THC levels so the effects are going to be more sedating. If you are really anxious though, this strain probably would give you energy while reducing your stress level. There is a 20% Sativa in the Biscotti strain as well.

Years ago people partied when the 60’s revolution started turning our country around and making people more aware. Weed was big and has been for centuries and, unfortunately, not all countries allow weed to be medically prescribed and the feds still have not legally approved bud, individual states are choosing to legalize it. Cannabis was prescribed in tincture form around the turn of the 20th century. Find some good Biscotti and experience weed on a whole new level, and you won’t be sorry!

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