The Blood Orange Strain Reviewed

The Blood Orange strain is a hybrid that’s pretty unique as far as hybrids go.  It’s 70 percent Indica, and most people prefer it for daytime use due to its surprisingly uplifting nature. Essentially, it’s the ultimate choice if you’re looking for a strong body high, but still want to feel alert, focused, and refreshed rather than sedated.  And, it’s got a truly spectacular flavor, nearly dripping with the real, fresh taste of sweet and citrusy blood oranges.

First bred by an unknown cultivator, it’s quickly rising in the ranks of the strains to try. Its THC level can be anywhere from 15 to 24 percent, which means that your ultimate experience can largely depend on this.  Still, it offers uniquely strong Sativa and Indica experience simultaneously, which is the main reason why so many people are seeking it out.

It’s a potent strain with a good flavor, and that’s enough information for the average cannabis user.

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Characteristics of the Blood Orange Strain

The Blood Orange strain has medium-sized buds that have a grape-like shape to them, and they’re covered in orange pistils.  The buds themselves are a vibrant, bright green, which is bolder than most.  The buds are also covered in sticky white trichomes that have a milky appearance, are almost translucent.  The plant itself has a medium size, never becoming too tall or so bushy that it chokes out other plants nearby.

Aroma and Flavor

The Blood Orange strain has a distinctive blood orange flavor that makes it strongly appealing.  Even the aroma is pungent, and you’ll notice as soon as you open the jar.  The citrus would be overwhelming if it weren’t so intoxicating.  It’s not your average citrus aroma – it’s got a unique level of sweetness that gives it that blood orange strain edge, and almost smells like a dessert.

In terms of the flavor profile, while smoking it, you’ll first get some brightness and tang from the intense citrus notes.  Then, strong notes of pine glide along, giving you an invigoratingly fresh taste.  The sweetness at the end really seals the deal, and many people will want to grab this strain just because of its unique taste which is, in short, positively irresistible.

Effects of the Blood Orange Strain

The Blood Orange strain truly is a hybrid in every sense of the word.  Many of the more commonly known hybrids today give you a strong Indica or Sativa experience, with just a spurt of the other for a short period of time.  For this strain, the high is consistent all the way through, and you truly feel a balance of each along the way.

It’s fast-acting, and you’ll notice right off the bat that your brain is feeling activated in a buzzy kind of way thanks to the cerebral effects.  The euphoria-like feeling kicks in quickly, which is never a bad thing, to say the least.  Meanwhile, you’ll feel exhilarated, like something in your brain just switched on, as your cognition gets a good boost.  You’ll feel inspired to do something creative or tackle a project while using the Blood Orange strain.

Meanwhile, that Indica allows your body to really melt into wherever it is that you’re sitting.  Aches and pains that have been bothering you will feel like they have eased up, and you’ll feel less tense overall.  You’ll forget about whatever has been bugging you and be fully engaged at the moment.  The Blood Orange strain offers a long-lasting high, and you will likely enjoy it thoroughly along the way.

This is a good option for daytime, because despite having strong Indica properties, it’s more stimulating mentally, which could keep some more sensitive users up late.  For the Blood Orange Strain, a little goes a long way, as well, so bear that in mind.

Health Benefits of the Blood Orange Strain

A lot of people who gravitate toward the Blood Orange strain for pain, and it’s being used in medicinal settings more and more for this purpose.  The Blood Orange strain has a unique ability to calm the body in a widespread way, alleviating tension and quite simply taking the mind off of the way in which the body is feeling.  It’s a very heady strain that will have you focused only on your thoughts, as you feel more and more uplifted.

It’s also great for depression, as many people find that the euphoric feeling is very pleasant and lasts for quite a while.  And, because it can boost motivation and creativity, it’s good for those who struggle to get certain tasks done around the house.

Many people use the Blood Orange strain for anxiety as well, as the calming sensation it provides can help slow down those racing thoughts, and it can help the nervous system relax deeply.  It’s not to the extent that you’ll feel couchlock, but it can still take your mind off of things as needed.

Plus, the Blood Orange strain seems to be a great anti-nausea option and is commonly used specifically for headaches.


The Blood Orange strain can be grown indoors or outdoors, and the flowers usually come about in about nine weeks.  It’s getting easier to find seeds online, but if this is not an option for you, you can make a clone.  This means that you source a cutting of a fully mature plant of the same strain and propagate that cutting to birth a new plant.

It’s a plant that never gets too big, but that doesn’t mean that it wants to be crowded.  You likely won’t have to top this one as it tends to stay quite bushy and yield enough flowers on its own.  Still, less-than-ideal lighting conditions can cause it to grow lanky, as can imbalanced fertilization practices, so be mindful of this, since you want to yield as many flowers as possible.

Ultimately, the Blood Orange strain should provide you with flowers in about nine weeks.  If grown outdoors, expect a harvest in the middle of October.

Final Hit

Blood Orange strain is a strain worth trying because of its unique nature, not to mention its appetizing flavor and aroma.  It’s one of those strains that take you by surprise and gives you a wide range of effects all at once.  And, it’s becoming easier and easier to find these days due to high demand.

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