Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

A lot of weed is being sold in the United States, and one of the most popular strains is Blue Dream. It is outselling most of the other strains of cannabis by wide margins, and with the legalization of marijuana, that number is sure to go up. Blue Dream is also referred to as Azure Haze.

There are hundreds of strains, so why is the Blue Dream strain leading the pack?

One of the biggest reasons it sells faster than you can wake up from a bad dream, is the fact that this strain is a perfect hybrid mix. This means it is equal parts Indica and Sativa.

If you have not tried Blue Dream, you must have been ignoring the cannabis scene for quite a while. This strain is everywhere, and you can find it abundantly. It is highly sought after in dispensaries, in part, because it won’t knock you out after one hit, and it has a mouth-watering berry aroma.

Blue Dream is a rather moderate hybrid, with a THC content somewhere between 17-23%, so it ranks in the middle of the strength category. This should not fool you, as the strain is a great all-round flower which offers many benefits. Recently, there have been reports that the THC has been ramped up to the 24% range.

Blue Dream Marijuana Seeds

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Blue Dream offers a juicy, berry taste with long lasting pain relief. This strain is especially helpful to those with scoliosis, arthritis, and osteoarthritis.

Who Makes Blue Dream?

We can’t be positive as to where Blue Dream came from, or who first made it. This should not be much of a shock, considering marijuana has been illegal in most places, until recently.

The best guess as to the location of where it was made from is Santa Cruz, California.

The strain currently on the market is brought to you by DJ Short, who has altered it into the beloved strain it is today. For those of you who don’t know, DJ Short is known as the “Willy Wonka of Pot.” This means anything he touches is like candy for adults.

Parent Strains

The parent strains that make the Blue Dream strain are Blueberry and Haze. Some of the best parts of the Blue Dream strain are directly attributed to its parent strains.

Blueberry Strain

This strain may have won Best Indica back in 2000, but it is still a favorite to this day. Todays Blueberry strain has a sweet blueberry aroma, that provides deep relaxation for all those who use it.

Overall high time for this strain is on the longer side, making it excellent for those who want a full night of relaxation, after a long day. The THC content in this strain is normally around 17%, which is quite low, and gives this Indica strain a mellow vibe.


The THC content in Haze comes in at about 18%, which puts it on the lower end, when compared to most other strains. This strain is a Sativa in origin, and has genetics from around the world, including Columbia, Mexico, and Thailand.

The aroma of Haze is part spicy, and part citrus, which pleases even the pickiest of noses. It is ideal for stress, anxiety, depression, and for those who are frequently grumpy, due to the negative people that often surround them.


New to growing cannabis or have been doing it, legal or illegal, for years? Good news, Blue Dream will be right up your alley, since it is excellent for any grower.

Blue Dream is a straightforward cannabis to grow, and yields a big harvest. When grown with a 1000-Watt light, you can produce two pounds of smokable flower. For those who aren’t growers, this is a ton of cannabis.

A full harvest takes about ten weeks, and those who grow outside should be ready for it to be done in late September, or early October.

This strain is also resistant to powdery mildew, and is a favorite for growers because it roots quickly and consistently, from harvest to harvest. Don’t wait on this one, start growing it today as you have nothing to lose.

Open Source

Open source is a term borrowed from the world of software developers. In its application here, it means Blue Dream’s genetics make it easy for any producer to grow. It is a strain not claimed by one particular group. The clones are abundant, and the buds sell at very affordable prices, but the quality can be inconsistent.

Others contend that it is not super strong, and due to its popularity, it can be grown for ‘generic’ results.


The buds may not look as pretty as some of the elite strains, but the high is what keeps everyone coming back for more. Furthermore, the nugs are long and bushy, with tones of blue and purple covered in red and orange hairs running throughout.

Milky white trichomes give a cloudy appearance to the nugs, almost like they are floating in clouds. Some may think this is a reason why it was named Blue Dream, but most likely not, considering most buds have milky white trichomes.


Let your dreams be your wings, and let your body enjoy the effects of the Blue Dream marijuana strain.

For users, it is a go-to strain for a calming, thought-provoking, and no worries experience. The strain makes your endless list of things to do seem much more achievable, and way less daunting.

The effects are typically long-lasting, ecstatic, and can be experienced by the whole body and mind.


The high is uplifting, but not crushing. This is Blue Dream’s signature balanced property, which provides for a lot of versatility. The feeling it produces is a combination of calmness, and intellectual stimulation.

Body and Mind High

Blue Dream has a significant THC content, and it is a Sativa dominant, so the overall effect is cerebral stoniness, nicely- balancing the Indica couchlock tendencies. You end up with a calming full-body effect, and cerebral invigoration.

Recreational Uses

Blue Dream is a favorite among artists and creative people, because it promotes creative productivity. Yet it has a pleasant mellifluousness, and practically no couchlock.

Social Events

A person may also become talkative and philosophical while high. You can give it to a book geek, and their brain becomes all wired up, transforming them into what society would call a calm person.

Food and Drink

Some strains on the market don’t pair well with cannabis, because it can leave users with paranoia, the spins, or even an upset stomach. Blue Dream is perfect for those who want to mix food, or any type of alcohol with marijuana, and they can accompany each other quite well.

Use this with a wine tour to play on the grape aromas or pair it with a food-tasting to take full advantage of the altered taste buds caused by the THC. You might already love food as it is, but imagine eating that steak dinner with taste buds that can taste 20X more than they usually do.

Medical Uses

Its composition of 17-23% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 0.1% to 0.2% CBD (cannabidiol) work well together. THC is a key psychoactive component, which inspires change in the auditory, physical, and visual senses.

Many users claim this strain offers a vast array of potential medicinal benefits. Some who use it say it relieves headaches, depression, anxiety and even helps to curb menstrual cramps, and related maladies. One noteworthy thing, is the high is enriching, but not overwhelming. Most users categorize Blue Dream as outstanding, and can be enjoyed by any type of user.

Mental Ailments

Users say it relieves headaches, anxiety, nausea and depression. Its ability to quickly reduce these conditions is fantastic. Thus, Blue Dream is a favorite among medical marijuana users because of the prompt onset of its effects.

CBD Benefits

The CBD content in Blue Dream is the non-psychoactive element that tackles the euphoric effects of THC, plus it provides sleep stimulating effects. That is one of the reasons why this strain is recommended for soothing pain, as it can do so while still keeping a person alert throughout the day.


This strain of cannabis is referred to in the fitness industry as a workout weed, as it sets the mood for heavyweight workouts that involve repetitions, and also for extreme workouts by runners.

It can propel an athlete through a workout, and also aid them in recovery.

Body Pain

The Blue Dream strain can also potentially help in managing osteoporosis, arthritis, and scoliosis.

This strain of cannabis is high in caryophyllene, terpinolene, and myrcene, which all are analgesic pain relievers. It is also known to be anti-proliferative of cancerous cells, antidiabetic, anti-spasmodic, and antipsychotic.


Blue Dream provides a juicy berry aroma thanks to its Blueberry heritage. It has an impressive aroma, with a spicy intuitive, surrounded by fruity notes of grape, blueberry, and sugar.

Inhaling it provides tastes of fruit, with a strong distinctive odor. The odor can linger, so keep that in mind. It is potent, but it is fruity, so that it will be similar to an air freshener, and not the classic skunk smell. Spice will be tasted on the exhale, reminiscent of its Haze parent strain.

Blue Dream Terpenes

The Blue Dream Strain is also full of terpenes, which can either counterbalance, or promote the psychoactive effects of the THC. Terpenes give individual strains of cannabis their characteristic unique odors. It is a highly aromatic organic compound which is found in a variety of fruits, herbs, spices, vegetables, and plants.


Myrcene is in mangos, sweet basil, bay, parsley, and thyme. The notion that eating mangoes before you smoke weed will get you higher, is attributed to this terpene.


Caryophyllene slows down damage to the nervous system and brain.


Terpinolene is a healthy sleep sedative that is found in tea tree oil. It is also found in soaps, perfumes, and lotions.

Consumption Methods

Blue Dream can also be produced in vaporizable and edible concentrates, since it is typically thick in trichome resin and is mass-produced easily. Concentrates are suitable for people who are not able to huff raw marijuana smoke.

Cannabis concentrates are the fastest growing sector of the United States retail cannabis industry. In 2015, the packaging and branding of Blue Dream concentrate helped it to become trendy. Blue Dream has become an iconic cannabis brand that was featured in a hip-hop mixtape called Blue Dream and Lean by DJ Scream.

Adverse Effects

Blue Dream is used by so many people because it doesn’t have many adverse effects. Being a perfect 50/50 cannabis strain, means that you get all the good things from Indica and Sativa types of plants.

Dry eyes and dry mouth may hit users, but even that is pretty unlikely. Curing those are a no brainer, and all consumers need is a little water, juice, or soda, to erase the dry mouth.

Similar Strains

Blue Dream might just provide the best dream you will ever have in your life, but if you want a break from the sweet aroma, you might enjoy one of these similar strains.

Often found in Oklahoma, California, Colorado, and Washington.


Blue Dream is a no brainer type of cannabis strain, that people can only dream of getting their hands on. Looking at a few reviews, you are sure to understand why.

  • Some people have their Sunday morning brunch spots, and I have my Sunday morning marijuana. Blue Dream is my go-to Sunday treat, and it pairs well with a day of euphoric relaxation before my work week starts.
  • Everyone should use this marijuana strain because it makes anyone I know feel more compassionate when they use it. We can all use more compassion, and we can all use some more puffs of the week.
  • Sometimes our toilets get clogged up and sometimes our minds do as well. To unclog my toilet, I use a plunger, and to unclog my mind, I use Blue Dream. Using Blue Dream allows my actual dreams to be happier and helps fight off nightmares that I seem to get more than the average person.
  • Effective pain-relieving properties help me day and night. It isn’t often that you can have a strain beneficial for things first thing in the morning and after the sun has gone down.
  • Love using this at parties when I first meet people. It not only makes me feel more comfortable, but it helps the conversation stay carefree and doesn’t turn into an awkward talk about the weather.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, to make your dreams happen, you simply need a push from somewhere magical, and Blue Dream can do that for you. It will help release tension so you can focus your mind on thoughts that might otherwise seem out of reach.

If you can’t pick between a body or a mental high, why not choose both. With the blue dream strain, you will feel like you are floating on cloud 9. As magical as a unicorn, this strain will make you feel all the wonderful things in life, and the negative thoughts will be left behind, in rainbow unicorn dust.

The THC levels are lower, but aren’t left out, meaning you can have sensory distortions, without feeling a significant trip. Ideal for any time of the day, and pairs well with any social situation. Not a sedating cannabis in any way, and consumers will instantly feel at ease, without feeling like they are too groggy to function.

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