Chemdawg Marijuana Strain

The Chemdawg marijuana strain (or Chem Dog, Chemdog) has permanently secured its rightful place in the marijuana hall of fame, for a number of reasons. Known for its distinct diesel aroma, it has been used in breeding some of the most sought after marijuana strains. It is classified as a full-body Sativa heavy hybrid with a substantial THC measurement of 15% to 25%, that has unforgettable effects.

Chemdog Marijuana Seeds

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This strain is a highly potent strain that is indica dominant. There is a high THC percent at 24-28! Talk about a mind blowing body high!


A significant factor that plays into Chemdawgs popularity in the cannabis community is the mystery surrounding where it came from. There is much debate surrounding the decade it came into circulation, and who the parent strains are.

Some believe Chemdawg seeds were first exchanged at a grateful dead concert, however, this also seems to be a popular theory regarding how other marijuana seeds may have been obtained. Because of this, it leaves many to question the authenticity of this claim. Most believe it was first birthed out of New England sometime in the early 90s.

Rumored Parent Strains

OG Kush
Sour Diesel
Thai and Nepalese Sativa landraces
Dog Bud
Chemdawg 91

Taking a quick glance at each parent strain and their characteristics will help in better understanding the legendary Chemdawg marijuana strain.

OG Kush

Type – Hybrid
Effects – relaxed, happy, uplifted
Helps- Stress, depression, and pain
Aroma – Earthy, fuel, spicy, woody, pine
First came into the market around 1996.

Sour Diesel

Type – Sativa- dominant strain
Effects – Happy, energetic, euphoric
Helps – pain, fatigue, depression
Aroma – Diesel, earthy, pungent,
Came into the market around the early 90s.

Thai and Nepalese Sativa Landraces

Type – Tend to be Sativa in structure. Grown widely in the Nepal region
Effects – Content, uplifted, energetic
Helps – Pain, Insomnia, Overthinking
Aroma – Earthy, Flowery, Citrus

Dog Bud

This strain has its own mysterious background and is said to be bred in Colorado by P Bud & Joe Brand. These two are credited with meeting someone from the east coast (possibly at a grateful dead concert, tour or party) and gifted seeds. Once the seeds were back to the east coast, the mystery person used them to create the Chemdawg strain.

One thing that is certain with the Dog Bud marijuana strain; it is said to make anyone who tries this roll over like a dog. Thought to be more of an Indica heavy strain.

Chemdog 91

What is even more mysterious, is the fact that no one quite knows which came first, Chemdog 91 or Chemdawg, a classic chicken, or the egg, debate with this one.
Type- Hybrid
Effects – Happy, relaxed, euphoric
Helps – Stress, Pain, Fatigue
Aroma – Chemical, pungent, diesel


Chemdawg marijuana has effects that hit you faster then a dog can wag its tail, leaving users with heightened senses, and hyper-awareness to their surroundings. The effects come on strong and last for a few hours at a time, which makes it a strain people try over and over again. Exceptional for those who are looking for a marijuana strain that will help them get stuff done, give them bursts of energy, and helps make them a bit more chatty.

With high THC levels, users will experience psychedelic thoughts and a nice body buzz. In higher doses, hours of time might pass, and when people snap out of the high, they may have thought only a short time has passed. Another more popular term for this is time dilation, which can either feel fabulous or freak people out.

Ideal for use in the morning or afternoon, and shouldn’t be used once the sun goes down. If used during later hours of the day, this might keep consumers up all night, messing with their sleep cycle, and making them feel tired the next day.

Those new to the marijuana community should be warned that this is a rather potent strain. First-timers should try this in a more moderate dose, or they will be taken to a headspace believing they’re a labrador retriever who needs their belly rubbed, and have a deep urge to play fetch.

With such immense levels of THC found within the strain, users can have zero concern of falling into couch lock or a state of laziness.

Recreational Uses

Those who get social anxiety will love a bit of this strain to loosen their lips before events, and aid them in becoming more chatty. This strain has the ability to ease the mind, and helps conversation flow naturally. Even the most tongue-tied can speak with ease, which also makes it ideal to use before a first date.

People who have a love-hate relationship with coffee prefer to use a bit of this in the morning to get their day going. It gives users that much-needed burst of energy, without staining their teeth. Those with acid reflux problems love using this in place of coffee to feel more comfortable throughout the day.

Somebody who works long hours, and tends to make plans, but typically backs out of them, due to the fact of feeling tired and worn down, will love this strain. Chemdawg can help people get a second wind, so they can follow through with their plans, and no longer have to be considered the friend who always bails.

In recent years there has been a trend with people replacing alcohol with weed. This is because people enjoy the feeling of being drunk, but don’t enjoy the feeling of being hungover. Chemdawg contains high levels of THC, which takes consumers to a trippy mind space, coinciding with a considerable body buzz, which is similar to feelings of being drunk. Use a bit of this during a night out, and say goodbye to headaches and upset stomachs the next day.

Activities to Pair with Chemdawg:

  • Sporting events
  • Concerts
  • Cleaning
  • Art projects
  • Working out
  • Camping
  • Food tastings
  • Dates


While normally great for medical uses, those who have a mild tolerance to THC might want to steer clear of this marijuana strain. It may help your medical ailments, but it won’t be worth the trippy high you don’t respond well to. You don’t want to be turned off from marijuana all together, because you have one bad experience with one strain, out of a long list of many.

That being said, those who tolerate potent marijuana, use this often to treat a long list of medical ailments, illnesses, and diseases.

Stress, anxiety, and depression are all potentially wiped away with Chemdawg marijuana. Since it takes users to a different state of mind, it can help thoughts take a break from being in a negative space. Being free of pessimistic thoughts can help people get through their to-do list with ease, and be more productive throughout their day.

The cerebral and upbeat energy this strain gives relief to those who have PTSD, ADD, and manic episodes. When a persons mind is derailed due to unforeseen circumstances, it needs assistance getting back on track. Using marijuana to help can be healthier overall, because there aren’t any other underlying side effects, like there are with pharmaceutical drugs.

Since this is a hybrid, people can find assistance with minor body aches and pains, including migraines and headaches. This trait is due to the Indica properties found within it. People who workout can replace their stinky bengay with Chemdawg to get body pain relief, without smelling like a stick of mint gum.

Chemdawg Reviews

  • No more need to take over 20 pills a day, one use of this can replace any pill ever needed
  • No more paying and arguing with insurance companies
  • Helps fight medical issues without getting the munchies

Aroma and Appearance

Taking a look at the potential parent strains, will give a good indication of what people can expect the aroma to be with this strain. The forefront aroma scents will be diesel, earthy, and chemical.

A smooth smoke will leave users mouths, tasting pungent skunk on the inhale, and a sour more pleasant taste on the exhale. Some compare the overall smoking experience to give off an ammonia-like tang, mixed with a smell of musky earth.

If you aren’t a fan of these flavors or smells, then it is best you consume this strain in the form of an edible. Edibles are a fantastic alternative to smoking, and can be much more pleasurable in the overall consumption experience. Look for this in the way of baked goods, candies, chews, and even drinks! Remember that edibles take about 30 to 60 minutes to fully kick in, so give it time, or you will consume too much.


Long and tapered buds give a visually unique experience, compared to most hybrid buds. The leaves are green in color and have sticky silver-white trichomes that cover the plant. Because of the bud shape, it is highly recommended that those who want to roll the buds into a joint, should use a grinder of some sort. Make sure to clean out the grinder after each use, or it will be impossible to clean off after.


Growers who are new to the game, should probably not attempt to grow the Chemdawg marijuana strain. It takes some advanced growing skills to cultivate this plant properly, and new growers will need time to obtain the right expertise.

The overall growing of this plant is a clone only, which is the only way to ensure the exact genetic makeup of this plant. Growers can achieve this by growing out of clippings collected from a previous Chemdawg plant. You can find some growers who sell seeds of this strain, if you prefer to go that route.

Chemdawg plants can be grown indoors or outdoors; but it is suggested you attempt to grow it indoors, to prevent mold, mildew, and pests from ruining the crop. Bending and pruning are required in the vegetative state, due to the fact this plant grows over 5 feet tall. Therefore, it is not ideal for those who are planning to grow this indoors, where space is an issue. Supports need to be built around the plant to help the branches stay firm and prevent drooping.

Flowering time takes about 9 to 10 weeks and produces a very high yield. A yield of 65 and 75 grams, or 2.3 and 2.6 ounces, per square footage of plant, should be expected.

The leaves and buds found on this plant are very pungent, so those who need to be secretive about growing, need to invest in carbon air filters or exhaust fans.

Popular Cities

It is always recommended to call ahead, to make sure the dispensary has the strain you want. Popular cities that always carry this strain include:

  • Portland, OR
  • Miami, FL
  • Eugene, OR
  • Clearwater, FL
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Boynton, FL

Similar Strains

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  • Northern Lights
  • Destroyer
  • Timewreck
  • Think Different
  • Wet Dream
  • Or
  • California Grapefruit
  • Zoom Pie
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Negative Effects

Besides the most common side effects of dry eyes, and cottonmouth, some users have reported paranoia. Paranoia can hit people when the over-smoke, or when they are sensitive to high levels of THC. To avoid paranoia from smoking, users are urged to consume this strain in a smaller dose.

Disorientation may also be a side effect which can hit users in the form of time confusion, or sensory confusion. People might see or hear things that aren’t actually there, and this can be a very frightening experience. To dull down these effects, it is suggested you try drinking a bit of sugar water.

Final Thoughts

Those looking for a potent strain, that has no couch lock effects, have found the jackpot with the Chemdawg marijuana strain. It is a true classic, in the sense of smell and flavor, which is excellent for those who aren’t fans of fruity or floral marijuana strains. First-time users are urged to start with a small dose, and build their way up, or a few side effects may ensue. One thing is for sure, a bit of this strain will leave you begging for more like a dog for their bone.

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