Cherry Bomb Strain Reviewed

The Cherry Bomb strain is one of the biggest crowd-pleasers in the cannabis market, with the easygoing effects that make it great for both daytime and nighttime use.  Never too heavy-handed, it offers a pleasant feeling that’s consistent for hours.

The origin of the Cherry Bomb strain is a bit mysterious.  No one can say with certainty the parents of this hybrid, but what we do know is that it’s a 50/50 hybrid. This explains its universally appealing effects in a multitude of ways.  It’s not overflowing with THC either.  No wonder why so many beginners find this to be a great strain to hold onto.

If you’ve been meaning to give Cherry Bomb strain a try, allow us to share everything that there is to know about it.  You’ll know what you’re in for when you finally take those first few hits by understanding its specific effects, and the various benefits it may be able to offer.

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Characteristics of Cherry Bomb Strain

First, let’s get into the unique characteristics of the buds.  Like a lot of Indica types, the buds of Cherry Bomb strain are super dense and compact, especially around the center.  A pretty pale sage green color throughout the buds makes the buds nice to look at, and their large, pretty uniform size gets enthusiasts excited at first glance.  The buds have a layer of sticky white trichomes throughout, and they’re very creamy in appearance. The plant itself has nice, fluffy sage green leaves.

Flavor and Aroma of Cherry Bomb Strain

Cherry Bomb Strain Effects

Some have compared the flavor and aroma profiles of Cherry Bomb strain to those of pipe tobacco, and it’s not hard to see why.  The strong cherry and berry tones are present throughout the smoke, and you’ll get a big whiff when you’re just grinding up the buds.  A hint of skunk is there in the aroma but masked in the actual flavor when smoking by the strong fruitiness.  The sweetness ties everything together nicely, and musky, earthy, and spicy notes add richness.

Effects of Cherry Bomb Strain

One thing that Cherry Bomb strain is famous for is how fast it takes effect.  This is one of the fastest-acting strains out there, and you will likely feel a strong buzz in your head before you’re done puffing away.  One of the first things you’ll notice is tingling in the temples and the back of the head – a pronounced headband-like effect – that tells you the strong cerebral feelings are building and building.  It will take only minutes before your thoughts are moving in a stream of consciousness, and your creativity starts to take over your cognitive center. 

Quite nicely, you’ll more than likely feel clear and focused throughout, despite the initial blast of strong heady sensations.  While it’s energizing in the beginning, it’s not long at all before the Indica side of things kicks into full gear, giving you a melting feeling throughout the muscles while the brain gets slow in the way that calms you down.

Slowly, you’ll find yourself getting sleepier and sleepier with this strain.  It may not lead to full couchlock, but if you smoke it in the latter part of the day, you’ll probably find yourself going to bed earlier than usual.  Therefore, if your tolerance is particularly low, this may be best reserved for the evening.  If you’re a seasoned enthusiast, choosing the time of day to take it is your call, but it’s especially great after a long and tiring day when you want to escape some repetitive thoughts in your mind.

Health Benefits of Cherry Bomb Strain

So, what about the specific potential health benefits of Cherry Bomb?  Well, it’s actually extremely popular among those with pain, because of how it helps calm tension throughout the body and provide some anti-inflammatory effects as well.  Then, there are its nausea-fighting properties that can also boost appetite.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself making a trip to the kitchen more than once.

Of course, its mood-boosting effects can’t be understated either.  Being a 50/50 hybrid, it offers a nice, comforting middle ground between being sedating and invigorating.  It starts off more energizing, which can help you work through that last bit of chores.  But, in terms of health, it’s good for depression, because, alongside those effects, it gives you euphoria and giddiness.  You just might end up with a much-needed case of the giggles.

Then, its calming properties, which are especially high in this strain, can help with stress and anxiety.  Many of us are feeling mentally burnt out, and are experiencing increased feelings of worry.  This can take the edge off of things for a few hours.

Finally, the Cherry Bomb strain could be a good choice for bedtime.  While it might not knock you out as strongly as other strains, it’s soothing enough to slow down any anxious thoughts that keep many up at night.

Growing Cherry Bomb Strain

As of now, Cherry Bomb seeds can’t be found online.  Therefore, your only option as a grower is to obtain a clone, which may be easier to find than you think due to the huge popularity of the strain.

The Cherry Bomb strain clones can be grown indoors or out.  Of course, which option is best, depends on where you live and the growing conditions that you can provide.  To grow the strain outside successfully, you need to make sure the plant is exposed to above-average humidity, consistently warm temperatures, and lots of direct sunlight. 

The plants grow tall and the branches get quite scraggly.  Therefore, regular pruning may be important, especially if you’re growing it indoors.  Also, topping may help increase airflow, so the plant is happier overall. 

One thing to note is that if the plant is exposed to lower-than-average temps, the leaves will turn purple in color.  This isn’t a bad thing – it’s purely aesthetic.  In fact, some growers will lower the nighttime temperatures on purpose to get this effect.

If you’re growing the Cherry Bomb strain indoors, expect flowers to appeal between the 9th and 10th week.  The yield is not outrageously high, but you’ll still be satisfied with what you get.

The Final Hit

The Cherry Bomb strain is a fantastic hybrid with both satisfying Indica and Sativa effects.  Now, you can see why so many people choose this one over others.  It offers a happy medium, and it’s not as prone to inducing paranoia as other strains that are becoming more and more widely available.  Further, its flavor is something truly special.  If you’re able to find it, you’ll enjoy each and every puff to the fullest.

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