Fire OG Marijuana Strain

Fire OG marijuana gets its name because of its easy to recognize appearance. It has frosted covered nuggets with red hairs, making the plant appear to be on fire. This is one of the most powerful OG strains currently on the market. There is a significant bag appeal for consumers with this product, as it has an intoxicating feeling just from its scent alone, which gives major lemon vibes, and is a heavy hitter, even in small doses.

The Fire OG Kush strain is classified as a hybrid, but it is an Indica dominant strain. It is 70% Indica and 30% Sativa. Because it is dominated by Indica, it is known to give consumers a powerful body high, which will most likely result in the consumer sitting for a few hours on the couch with their feet up.

When taking a hit, consumers feel a very balanced high, that is only related to that of a true hybrid, providing the best traits of both mental and physical feelings. The unique thing with Fire OG Kush is that its THC is not as high as some other strains, but it still packs one of the most powerful punches. Lab tests show that this strains THC content is generally between 15% and 20%.

Fire OG Marijuana Seeds

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This flavorful bud has an intense spice and woody flavor, with a hint of sugar. Indica dominant, this strain will capture your attention and let your creative juices flow!


Who are the parent strains of Fire OG marijuana? Fire OG marijuana is a cross between OG Kush and San Fernando OG Kush. These strains that give it its unique features. When talking about Kush strains, it is essential to have an understanding of their origins. They are called Kush strains because they come from the powerful, resistant strains derived from the Hindu Kush Mountains.

OG Kush

OG Kush first hailed out of the sunshine state, known as Florida, and made its way across the United States to California, where it really grew in popularity. OG Kush has been used to make a long list of famous strains, and is one strain that really gets around. Some say it has a piney chocolate smell, and it’s essential in healing ADD, headaches, and stress.

San Fernando OG Kush

San Fernando OG Kush also goes by the name SFV OG, and is a Sativa dominant hybrid marijuana strain. Known for having a piney lemon aroma, it is beneficial in making people feel relaxed. It can help treat headaches, and symptoms of the flu.

Aroma and Taste

When you open up a jar of the Fire OG Kush strain, you will instantly smell citrus. Think of it, as if you mixed lemon pledge with herbal spices. When smoked, it will leave you with a taste that is dominated heavily by earthy tones. This is similar to most of the OG Kush strains in the flavor department, but a lot of consumers say this is their favorite tasting strain, because it has a unique mossy taste to it.

A good way to describe the smell, is to think of being at a concert and smelling really powerful weed, as soon as the bud is lit, an aroma is released. If you don’t smell the aroma instantly, odds are you are storing your marijuana in the wrong way. Buds should always be kept in a dry, airtight container.

The flavor profile should present you with something you are familiar with, and it will have a powerful taste. Consumers can expect to notice these flavors:

  • Citrus
  • Moss
  • Earth
  • Pine
  • Sour


The Indica effects of Fire OG Kush are very prominent in this strain. When consuming it, you will notice that the effects come on rather fast. This strain is not recommended for people who are new to marijuana, because it packs such a powerful high, even when only one small hit is taken.

Fire OG Kush is valued by seasoned consumers, and they typically only need one or two hits to get the full effect of this strain, which makes a bag last a long time. Upon smoking, consumers will feel the impact for at least three hours. If you are new to smoking, either try another strain to start with, or go extremely easy. It is better consumed for newer users in an edible form, so you can more precisely measure out what you are ingesting, and the effects will last for a longer  period of time.

Consumers instantly feel a relaxing euphoria upon smoking, that slowly radiates from the head, down to the consumer’s toes. The sativa effects are noticed more when you first consume, as it will give you that head high very quickly. The head high will slowly start to turn into a body high, that you would normally expect from an Indica strain. Of all the different feelings you experience with Fire OG Kush, the most dominant will be a relaxing feeling, and it is great for those who prefer a body high, over a head high.

Fire OG Kush is advised to be smoked at night, due to its potency, and the sleep effects that it brings on. People who struggle with insomnia enjoy this strain, because it relaxes them, and lets them get the sleep they haven’t enjoyed for a few days. Consumers will typically smoke this weed after a long day of work if they are dealing with massive levels of stress. It is essential that you consume this strain near a couch, or bed, so you can be comfortable once the couch-locked feelings kick in.

Recreational Uses

Since this strain is best used during hours when the sun has gone down, it is best paired with night-time activities.


Imagine a night of candles, a hot drawn bath, and a bit of Fire OG, to really sooth the stress away, and get you into a relaxed headspace. Worries of life will literally melt out of your body, and down the drain.


Couples enjoy Fire OG Kush to spark romance into the night, and can be great to use in bed.

Recreational users often use Fire OG to relax them, while at the same time stimulating creativity, so they aren’t just sitting on the couch like a log.


Its recreational use is going to be in a more low-key environment. This isn’t typically the type of weed that you’re going to smoke, and then want to go and hike, or explore. You will most likely find yourself relaxing, and wanting to take a nap, or go to sleep.

Medical Uses

Fire OG Kush is an excellent choice for consumers who are using it for medical reasons. Medical users might have tried other strains with no positive results, and those same users should give the Fire OG Kush a chance. It is often prescribed as a holistic treatment for those with stubborn ailments, and can provide better results than other strains.


It is said to help with appetite, nausea, ulcers, and stomach issues. If you deal with stomach pain daily, you might prefer to take this strain in the form of edibles, since it will enter your bloodstream and give you relief for a more extended period of time.

Ideal for those struggling with eating disorders, and can not only encourage eating, but will help with mental aspects of the disorder.

This strain will give consumers the classic munchies, so make sure you have plenty of good snacks on hand.


Those who have insomnia, or can’t sleep through the night, should use Fire OG Kush before bed, to help them go to sleep, and stay asleep, all throughout the night. Getting proper sleep will not only help a person feel more rested, but it can significantly impact productivity the next day.

Body Pain

Since one of the major effects of this strain is a body high, it can help eliminate joint pain, aches, muscle issues, and pairs well with athletes, who are trying to recover from injuries. Imagine replacing your body pain with a nice warm tingly feeling, because that is precisely what Fire OG Kush will do.

Negative Effects

A common misbelief, is that eating greasy foods will calm the effects of marijuana. Instead, you should have sugar and water. Greasy foods actually make the effects of marijuana stronger.

Here are some things you can try if you accidentally smoke too much:

Consume sugar and water

Coffee or caffeinated tea

Engage in physical activities

Engage your brain

Because this is such a dominant strain, be careful not to smoke too much, as it can give you a nervous, and anxious feeling, along with dizziness.


Fire OG Kush is a very difficult strain to grow, and is therefore only recommended for those who have had experience with growing marijuana. Growers are often urged to be careful when growing this strain, as they often want to harvest it before it’s ready. If you collect this early, it won’t give off the lemon aroma, and it won’t give you near the effects that it usually does. If you consume Fire OG Kush, and you’re not experiencing an intense body high, there’s a good chance that the strain was harvested too early.

The height of this strain is going to be between 30 and 78 inches, and the yield will be around 3-6 oz per square foot. This is considered to be a moderately high yield. It takes about 9-12 weeks for this strain to flower. When growing Fire OG Kush, growers will want to feed it high levels of nutrients, with an emphasis on Calmag, and Phosphorus. It is recommended to grow this indoors, but it can be grown outdoors as well. This strain can handle colder temperatures, but be careful, because it molds very quickly when it exposed to rain.

Similar Strains

Fire OG Kush stands in a class of its own, but if you want to switch up the aroma profile, you can try some of these similar strains:

OG Skunk

Super Jack

Face Off OG

Mother Of Berries

Strawberry Ice

Sour Pour

OG Kush

Dutch Berry


Easy Bud

Platinum Kush

Las Vegas Purple Kush

Jack Flash

Platinum OG

Skunk #1


Green Monster

Twisted Citrus

Sour Pebbles

Perfect Purple

Popularly found in Oregon, California, Nevada, and Oklahoma.


Reviews of the Fire OG Kush marijuana strain are pretty consistent across the board. Taking a look at these reviews can give you a good idea, of what you can expect.

  • Fire OG Kush is not to be underestimated at any cost. I typically only smoke Sativas, so I was going into this cannabis experience with a prejudgement. Put a sock in my mouth because this was one heck of a strain that both surprised me and converted me into actually liking an Indica strain.
  • I use this during the night to calm my nerves, and it helps amazingly with my arthritis.
  • I was surprised by the taste of this strain. With a name like Fire OG Kush, I was more so using it for the effects and wasn’t expecting much in the flavor department.
  • I hate when this strain is unavailable because it is the only strain that actually helps me with my migraines.
  • I have read reviews where people us this during the day before work, and I don’t know what they are smoking. These people must have an extremely high tolerance because this stuff knocks me off my feet and puts my mind so deep into my dreams I don’t think I would wake up even for the boogeyman.
  • The THC in here gives my mind a sense of positivity, but it doesn’t take me to at the trippy place where the sound of the ceiling fan sounds like a helicopter.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis consumers who want a night-time strain, with substantial body feelings, will want to rush to grab some of the Fire OG Kush marijuana strain. It is prescribed heavily for body aches and pains and can be more beneficial to medical users, than many other strains on the market. Earthy, pine, citrus, and lemon are pleasant aromas when inhaled through the nose, and also through the consumer’s taste buds.

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