The Glueball Strain Reviewed

The Glueball strain is a potent Indica that delivers a very calming effect. This strain will have you leaning back on the couch after your first hit. Glueball has some potent relatives in its genetics including The White, Chemdog, and OG Kush in its clan. Glueball is known for having very potent genetics. If you’re planning to do anything after smoking a hit, forget about it as they say. This is an Indica dominant strain that creeps up on you leaving your couch glued and slack-jawed.

The Glueball strain is a full body high that perfect for people that have a love for just chilling on the couch. You also have to make sure you aren’t blowing off something important. The Glueball strain is a cross between Snowball and Original Glue. The strain is an Indica dominant strain that has some very potent genes, and the lineage includes OG Kush, Chemdawg, and The White. You’re going to experience the terpenes when you’re hitting the Glueball strain which is citrus and pine. One thing that’s on point is this strain doesn’t fool around, and the strain has a subtle diesel undertone that’s become a hit in the world of cannabis.

Glueball has been getting some fantastic reviews from users across the United States. The Glueball strain is considered a celebrity strain and these strains are always a thing of wonder. The mystery remains in the fact that they come from the hands of unknown breeders. Somewhere someone had an idea to cross Snowball and Original Glue and the results were unbelievable, the Glueball strain offers great effects, bold flavors, and leaves you to crave after your first hit.

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Characteristics of Glueball Strain

The characteristics of the Glueball strain are very mellow and pleasing, with an almost immediate onset of a more euphoric creative head high that’s leaves you in a happy place, you gradually fall into a deep place of pure relaxation and mellow sedation without the loss of your body movements. The Glueball strain effects are balanced fairly, giving you an immediate feeling of energy and satisfying relaxation.

You can expect the nuggets to be dense with the sweet aromas of creamy fuel, while pungent sour chemicals are released. This intensifies the effect of the strain as they are burned away. Smokers can expect a sour citrus overtone that’s accompanied by a creamy exhale loaded with savory diesel. Smokers report a euphoric burst of cerebral energy while the body melts into a form of moderate sedation. It’s better to smoke Glueball at night because of its relaxing properties.

Flavor and Aroma of Glueball

The buds have a sour and citrusy, pine and a smidge of sweet flavor that intensifies every time you hit it. The aroma of Glueball is very similar to sour citrus and pine smell with a hint of sweet flavor. The smell alone can get you high while you’re enjoying the frosty look of the white trichomes. Imagine the smell of this non-dominant strain which is interesting enough, so the more curious you become by smoking the Glueball strain.

The flavor and aroma are very pleasant and lure people from all over because of the calming effect for chronic pain, headache migraine, stress, and depression. The smell of the first hit can start hitting you but smoking it packs a hard hitter after the first hit. Many smokers become giggly and high as they feel uplifted.

Effects of Glueball Strain

You’re going to mainly get calming effects without paranoia and want to hit the couch immediately after. In fact, that is very well advised because the strain is so potent. This strain is known to have one leaning back into their couch after the first hit. The main effects are a body high, cerebral stimulation, a tingly feeling, and an uplifting feeling.

Don’t have anything planned because it’s very intense for a nondominant hybrid. anxiety, lack of appetite head is filled with a cerebral high with enhanced creativity and euphoria, throw in a boost of happiness and its great for treating many disorders. The only widely reported problems are blood-shot eyes and a dry mouth, and this may be a good choice for patients sensitive to side effects.

The THC levels max out at 25 to 26 % on average THC, so that’s what makes this strain a potent choice for patients who have been smoking weed long-term. Because it may be too overpowering for beginner smokers. Remember it relieves the effects of stress, anxiety, depression, headaches including migraines, and stress.

The immediate feeling of relief from this strain is popular with many smokers. You have to be up on the strains to know what strains are used for what conditions and what to expect for effects. People want to feel comfortable with what they are smoking so they want to know the lineage of the strain. Seeds are easy to get and you get a great return on your investment with Glueball.

The strain puts you into a giggly, giddy effect leaving you feeling uplifted and has you fade away into an unfocused bliss, and your body will start to fade into a buzzing sensation of sedated couch look. With these hard-hitting effects from the high levels of THC, Glueball has been chosen to treat many ailments.

Health Benefits of Glueball Strain

Glueball’s natural percentage of Indica and physically potent effects may improve chronic symptoms and minor symptoms in some individuals. The health benefits reported are medically good for chronic pain, chronic stress, anxiety, depression, headache, and migraines. It’s always advised to consult a medical professional before you start messing around with these potent strains, especially when you don’t know what to expect.

If you do suffer from any of these issues then it is advised that you smoke this strain in the evening. If you plan on staying in because you’re not feeling well and have everything you need, then by all means hit it as much as you want! You might as well enjoy the relief from this strain as much as possible and more and more people are turning to weed for relief rather than going to doctors. Pain doctors can be a hassle to see because of the government laws passed.

People have raved about the health benefits of Glueball because this strain helped them almost immediately and due to the fact that the lineage is pure royalty, the health benefits are stronger with a strain like this because of the higher THC levels. You must tailor your tolerance with this strain so you don’t have any negative side effects like paranoia or more anxiety. This is a potent strain and tolerance can build up fast.

Growing Glueball Strain

In order to get the Glueball strain, you must cross the Glue and Snowball strain, which results in an excellent hybrid. This is Indica-dominant with a THC range between 15% and 18%. Since the strain has a high amount of terpenes, it’s recommended for experienced users. Flowering time is 62 -69 days and an indoor yield can be .5-1 Ounce per square foot. The height ranges from 30-60 inches and the growth is moderate.

Outdoor yield takes 76 days and yields 1-2 ounces per plant. The height is the same indoors and outdoors, 30-60 inches high and the flowering type is photoperiod. Glueball buds are heart-shaped and dense. The coloring is neon green with amber and vivid orange hairs throughout, with a frosty amber trichome, representing morning frost. Oh, and let’s not forget the resin that just drips off of these nugs.

The breed is a 60% Indica/40% Sativa created by crossing two of the most infamous strains on the market. Your yield should average around 25% THC some experts say, but don’t be surprised if it comes in at between 15%-18%. If you manage to grow these beautiful buds with minor difficulties, then you have become an expert in growing Glueball.

Keep the climate between 68 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and keep the humidity down while flowering to help stop mold from growing. Colder temperatures will also increase trichome production towards the end of flowering.

The Final Hit - The Glue Ball Strain

The Final Hit

Looking at Glueball seems like this is the kind of weed that can knock you on your ass and relax you at the same time. The reviews on this strain are great and people are experiencing a calming effect and ease of pain. The strain is good for a variety of health issues and is an Indica dominant breed. The lineage is killer though with two of the most powerful strains on the market so if you’re shipping around for a good strain to crash out on then try Glueball buds.

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