The GG4 or Gorilla Glue #4 Strain Reviewed

The GG4 strain is one of the most popular strains of marijuana today. The dense GG4 marijuana strain has won numerous rewards and has been crossbred with other several other strains. They have also created new strains since the original Gorilla Glue #1 including the popular GG4.

Gorilla Glue #4 Marijuana Seeds

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This is a perfect strain for pain and anxiety. If you are looking for a good nights sleep with some giggles beforehand, this is the perfect strain to hit those effects.

Strain Lineage & History

DID YOU KNOW: The first growers who named the original GG4 marijuana strain back in 2013 were sued by the famous major glue company over trademark infringement? More in this in this section!

GG4 Strain Overview

  • Strain Type: Hybrid
  • THC Content: 25%-30%
  • CBD Content: 0.1%
  • Popular Gorilla Glue Strains: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5

Founders of the Gorilla Glue Strain

Characteristics of GG4 Strain

Joesy Wales and Lone Watty developed the Gorilla Glue strains under their business named GG Strains LLC. The strain original Gorilla Glue #4 went on to win a list of awards, and derivative strains were made, including Gorilla Glue #5 and Gorilla Glue #1.

Gorilla Glue Strain Lawsuit

It was not long until the parent company of the Gorilla Glue found in the hardware store.  tried to fight the glue giant and eventually lost the lawsuit. In an effort to comply with the orders of the court, GG Strains has been working to try to rebrand their Gorilla Glue strains to using “GG” instead, such as:

  • GG4, also known as “Original Glue”
  • GG5, also known as “New Glue”
  • GG1, also known as “Sister Glue”

We will discuss these different gorilla glue strains in just a little bit.

Parent Strains

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) Sour Diesel + Sour Dubb + Chem’s Sister + Chocolate Diesel

Gorilla Glue #1 (GG1) = Same parents as GG4 above, but a more piney strain was developed.

Gorilla Glue #5 (GG5) = GG4 + GG4

Gorilla Glue Strains

Gorilla Glue THC content is near the top of the charts when compared to other marijuana strains. This is because the GG4 strain is specifically bred to yield high THC content ranging from 17%-25%. In some cases, the Gorilla Glue THC levels can get as high as 30%.

Known on the market as having one of the highest potency levels, it’s a popular strain to buy year-round. People use this strain to help significant health issues, due to the high being strong, and the fact that it lasts a long time.

Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4)

GG4 is classified as a perfect 50/50 hybrid, but it is a heavily Sativa-dominant strain. GG4 is heavy-hitting marijuana, even for smokers who use cannabis every day, which means a little will go more than a long way. The THC levels can get as high as 30%.

Grow Information

GG4 marijuana is one of the most popular strains to grow, and seeds for the plant are in high demand.

Before we get into the best growing conditions for this strain, it’s best to understand the history behind how it was created. Knowing this is going to benefit the overall growing experience.

GG4 is a staple at all dispensaries because of its short growing time, which is approximately nine weeks. Sellers know they are providing their consumers with a quality product every time, because the plants are relatively easy to grow.

Seed History

The first seed ever created was the product of an accident caused by the pollination of a hermaphrodite. Because of this, GG4 seeds genetically run a higher risk of turning into hermaphrodites. The seeds need to be carefully checked by growers in the flowering stage.

Stress reduction is vital during the flowering stage, to eliminate the possibility of developing into a hermaphrodite.

Growers are urged to make sure there are no pollen sacs attached, and if found, the plant should be sprayed and moved to an isolated area. Failure to do this can result in the total loss of your crop.

Purchasing Seeds & Plant Maintenance

It’s essential to be aware of where you are purchasing your seeds. Purchasing your seeds online leaves you open to the risk of getting low-quality seeds, labeled as high-quality seeds.

First-time growers love starting off with this strain, because of its tolerance, and the ease at which the plant blossoms. It’s up to you where you choose to grow the plant, inside or outside, but it’s suggested you grow indoors with plenty of light. Make sure you keep the night-time temperature 10 degrees lower than the daytime temperature. The plants grow tall in height, so proper trimming techniques will have to be performed.

If you prefer to grow outside, make sure you are doing so in a warm outdoor environment. GG4 takes about ten weeks to fully develop, and provide a high yield.


User reviews for the GG4 marijuana strain seem to range all across the board. Looking at a few of them can show you what your expectations should be.

  • I am new to marijuana, and smoking this strain left me feeling dizzy and a bit anxious, with an overall feeling of paranoia.
  • This is a great strain I like to use when I don’t want a ruff smoke.
  • I have been able to eat multiple meals throughout the day, which says something considering I am on chemo and can go days without eating or wanting to eat.
  • Gorilla Glue hits you fast and doesn’t waste time doing any gentle foreplay. It is an almost instant change, and it can take you by surprise, even if you are a seasoned smoker.
  • This is a miracle medicinal plant, but I wasn’t too thrilled about the taste.
  • Just harvested my first crop of Gorilla Glue and holy moly did it provide for me. Shhh don’t tell anyone, I am about to sell this like crazy.

Final Thoughts

GG4 is like the gorilla at the zoo, you aren’t quite sure which one you are going to see. Feelings can be like the animal itself, mimicking the actions of a rampant wild animal, or it can be a slow, lazy vibe. Typically, users will feel a mix between the two, which is why this strain is so popular.

The THC content in it is not something to brush aside lightly, and it can be a trip for any type of smoker.

People in search of a relaxing high like no other, should pick up some of the gorilla glue marijuana strain today.

Gorilla Glue Strain F.A.Q.

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