The Gusher’s Strain Reviewed

The Gushers strain has got the entire cannabis community talking, and for good reason.  Developed by Cookie Fam Genetics, the Bay Area breeder largely responsible for the popularity of Girl Scout Cookies strain, Gushers strain is a huge hit both because of its flavor and its effects.

The Gushers weed strain is a hybrid, being 40% Sativa and 60% Indica.  It has 24% THC and is the result of crossbreeding Triangle Kush and Gelato 41 strains.  Like the company’s first hit, Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is becoming a go-to that clearly isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. 

Our company is beginning to hear more cannabis users asking us about this strain, and we’re here to take a deep dive into it so that you can understand why so many people have become diehard fans.  Between its flavor, effects, and possible health benefits, it’s a true winner and one that checks all of the boxes, making it a big crowd-pleaser.

Characteristics of Gushers Strain

The buds of the Gushers weed strain are very dense compared to other strains.  The buds are also known for being surprisingly colorful, having golden hair covering them, with purple and green hues below.  The gushers strain has long and narrow buds, looking a lot like pinecones, and are known for their attractiveness.  Even the trichomes are more vivid than what most cannabis lovers are used to.

Flavor and Aroma of Gushers Strain

The Gushers weed strain also has some pretty distinctive flavor and aroma notes.  The name of the strain comes from the popular candy, and after tasting this bud, you’ll see why.  It has a candylike flavor thanks to its sweetness, which delivers sugary notes throughout the entire smoke.  Some say that this strain really reminds them of the particular candy, as it has fruity notes beneath the syrupy tones, and some say that they pick up notes of pancakes and cinnamon.  There’s also a nice bit of herbal flavor and aroma that cuts through the sweetness.

Many who enjoy the Gushers weed strain say that it offers a creamy, vanilla-like finish that reminds them of their favorite cookies.  Therefore, it’s safe to bet that this is one of the tastiest strains out there right now, especially for someone who has a sweet tooth.

Effects of Gushers Strain

People say that Gushers strain gives them a euphoric, uplifting high complete with tingling sensations, and some note a halo effect.  Remember that this is a hybrid that’s Indica-dominant, but there’s still 40% Sativa.  It is also said that the Gushers strain helps them feel clear-minded throughout and that they feel calmer as their racing thoughts become more manageable.  Many fans of the strain say they feel relaxed both physically and mentally, and some say that it helps them sleep at night.

The high that Gushers weed strain provides isn’t one that will necessarily knock you out, but it may give you a couch lock.  It starts out with intense euphoria and buzzing mental activity, then becoming increasingly sedating and calming as it goes on.  So, it may be best to enjoy this one when you’re home with nothing to do.  While it may start off feeling like a good daytime strain, you might get a bit lazy shortly after that first buzz wears off.

This is actually a great strain for a day off or a weekend, when you’re in the mood to be lazy and want something that will help keep your mind quiet so that you can fully relax and enjoy your favorite movies or videogames. 

Health Benefits of Gushers Strain

Many people who have anxiety love the Gushers strain because it seems to help them relax without the paranoia that a lot of other strains have become known for.  It might also be used by people with depression because of its uplifting and mood-boosting effects, and a nice blast of bliss.  Plus, it might be a good bedtime strain because of the way in which it can relax the body and the mind.

Many people report that Gushers strain helps them with chronic pain, especially around the neck and shoulders.  Also, it’s commonly preferred by people who get headaches. 

Because it’s one of many strains that can boost the appetite, it’s a favorite among those who need more calories each day, and those who have problems with nausea. Eating will become a regular habit.

Finally, the Gushers weed strain is a really good choice if you’re just having a tough week and need to unwind and take your mind off of things.  Because it’s not the type of strain that totally knocks you out, you can enjoy the high and remember what it feels like to not have so much on your mind.

Growing the Gushers Strain

When growing the Gushers strain you will receive beautiful flowers

One thing that you should keep in mind is that this is actually a rare strain.  It hasn’t been around as long as many other popular choices, and there aren’t that many growers who have access to it.  It’s usually found at higher-end dispensaries, so you might not be able to just pick this up at your local spot.

Because of this, you may have a hard time growing it as the seeds are a bit hard to find.  But being able to grow it can give you access to a very special strain, so going out of your way to obtain it can be extremely rewarding.

Growing the Gushers weed strain is considered difficult compared to other strains of cannabis.  Some strains basically grow themselves, needing next to no effort on the grower’s part as long as the conditions are right.  The Gushers strain though is different.  It’s a finicky strain that’s particular about the light, humidity, and temperature conditions, and while it can be grown indoors, you have to be really careful to make sure that it gets the many hours of sun that are required for a good yield.  Overall, the yield of the Gushers strain is average, so don’t expect a ton of flowers, especially in the first year.

This strain reaches about 50 to 70 inches and starts flowering between the ninth and eleventh week.  If you can pull it off and yield the flowers, you’ll feel very rewarded for your efforts.  But, as we said, you’ll have to do some serious searching for the seeds as they aren’t readily available.

The Final Hit

The Gusher weed strain has become one of the most sought-after strains in the cannabis world, and now you can understand why, as it has almost everything that a cannabis lover could possibly ask for.  Though it’s harder to find than other strains, putting the effort into finding it is totally worth it, as it’s unlikely you’ll be disappointed. 

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