The Jet Fuel Strain Reviewed

The Jet Fuel strain is one strain that doesn’t instantly sound appetizing to the senses.  But fans of the strain will tell you that the strong diesel-like taste and aroma are a sign of some of the best qualities that you can hope for in a particular breed of cannabis.  It’s a pretty new strain, having only been around for a few years.  However, it comes from an award-winning breeder, and it certainly lives up to the hype.

Also referred to as G6, the Jet Fuel strain is a cross between a variety of diesel strains. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who’s actually had the pleasure of trying it.  Also, it’s worth pointing out that its name doesn’t just come from the flavor. Its effects propel you quickly into a state of utter bliss and giddiness with a potency level unmatched by its competition.

Jet Fuel strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a nice amount of Indica to balance things out.  From Colorado-based 303, it packs a serious punch that heavy enthusiasts adore. 

Let’s now examine its unique characteristics, effects, and benefits to understand it better.

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Characteristics of Jet Fuel Strain

Characteristics of the Jet Fuel strain.

Jet Fuel strain produces attractive flowers that are medium in size, and quite unassuming in appearance.  The buds look more like sativa buds, being a bit fluffier and less compact.  They’re almost conical with their tapered ends and are refreshingly easy to break up.  Trichomes are abundant enough that you’ll notice the stickiness once you handle them.  The pistils are primarily orange, but you’ll see maroon ones as well, which is a treat for the eyes as this is pretty rare.

Flavor and Aroma of Jet Fuel Strain

Jet Fuel strain has an extremely strong petrol-like aroma that largely masks the more nuanced notes in the buds.  There is a tanginess to it and a hint of tartness, and a strong chemical-like flavor as you smoke it.  The smoke’s smooth, but you might end up coughing due to its impressive strength of flavor.  The skunky notes just can’t be overlooked, as they aren’t just the most prominent as you take a hit, but they linger for a surprising length of time after you exhale.

Effects of Jet Fuel Strain

This is a fast-acting strain, so get ready for a ride shortly after you put your bud down.  People describe the peak as being propelled into the sky in a rocketship.  It’s quick, and you’ll literally feel the incremental effects of building and building at a very fast pace.  Before you know it, you’ll be experiencing a powerful cerebral experience, with your thoughts going in new and creative directions, as a tingling headband effect takes control.

Euphoria is what this strain is all about, providing that sensation like it’s going out of style.  Beyond that, you’ll feel a rush of energy that makes you feel the desire to try something creative or do some much-needed cleaning around the home.  Due to its heavy-handedness, it might be better to try this guy at home the first few times before debuting it socially.

It’s one of the headiest strains available, so don’t expect strong body sensations.  Users note warm and fuzzy feelings in their temples and along their scalp.  Many people use it as a wake and bake strain because it can get them motivated and focused.  More tolerant users could get through a workday with this guy in their system, while others choose to have a few hits before sitting down to write or do some other type of creative activity due to how it gets the mind buzzing in ways that simply aren’t attainable otherwise.

We don’t suggest using this strain at night, because it may leave you tossing and turning due to its stimulating effects.  The headiness could simply be too much when you should be trying to wind down. 

Note: The effects are particularly long-lasting.  This means it could get you through the whole afternoon with just a small amount.

Health Benefits of Jet Fuel Strain

Jet Fuel strain is all about energy.  Therefore, it’s unique in that it’s not recommended for those with anxiety, PTSD, or even severe stress.  The high THC level could induce racing thoughts, and it tends to emphasize circular thinking patterns, which aren’t always positive in those who are prone to worrying or obsessing over the future.

Further, Jet Fuel strain is not recommended for insomnia, for the same reasons.  It could be useful for those with attention deficit issues, as it’s great for those who need a little extra help focusing on one thing at a time and maintaining motivation to see things through.

What Jet Fuel strain is also good for is chronic fatigue, and it’s easy to see why.  Not only does it give you mental energy, but physical energy as well.  If you’re dealing with burnout, this might give you the boost that you need.

Growing Jet Fuel Strain

This is a bit difficult, as it tends to be more demanding than other strains.  What’s good to know is that the seeds are readily available online; always something appreciated by enthusiastic growers. Furthermore, it grows nicely as a clone from a cutting of an existing plant.

Jet Fuel is very temperamental when it comes to temperature and humidity, which is why most prefer to grow indoors, even if their outdoor locations look good on paper, so to speak.  Also, these plants are prone to getting tall, so you’ll want to top them regularly to keep them from getting scraggly and resulting in a disappointing yield.  If they’re too tall, the lower branches will lose needed airflow and light exposure.  They take about nine to ten weeks to flower.

The yield is generally average, with about 37 grams per square foot.  Extra effort should be put into the curing process to ensure that the taste, aroma, and potency levels are the way they were intended to be.  It may sound tedious, but the results are well worth it if you want to experience the full potential of this unique strain.

The Final Hit

Jet Fuel strain is a strain unlike any other, which is reflected in its effects, flavor, and aroma.  If you’re looking for a euphoria-inducing, energizing and highly motivating option, this is the way to go – especially if you’re the creative type who welcomes high cerebral effects.  What’s also awesome is that this is a strain that’s becoming easier to find.

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