The King Louis Strain Reviewed

The King Louis strain is one of the rarest strains of all, in short, it is also strong and pungent.  Its incredibly potent aroma is an early indicator of what the smoker will be in for, as this has a THC level that ranges between 24%-29%.  For those who aren’t as well versed in chemical compounds, that’s a lot.

King Louis strain is a hybrid named after the legendary French king, and like the man himself, this strain does not hold back.  That being said, it’s a great choice for cannabis veterans who have built up a solid tolerance.  It’s a hybrid that’s almost completely Indica, which means that couchlock is in store for the user.  It’s a cross between OG Kush and LA Confidential and is a big favorite in Southern California, which is where you’re the most likely to acquire it.

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If you’d like to attempt to get your hands on this lauded strain, we wish you luck.  It’s not easy to find.  But, regardless, allow us to share what makes it so unique.  You might decide it’s worth the effort to locate it. Or, perhaps you might be lucky and end up in a location that happens to carry it.

Characteristics of King Louis Strain

King Louis strain reviewed for characteristics, taste, properties, and more.

Even the look of King Louis buds is majestic.  They’re remarkably dense and boast an unapologetically bright lime green color, which is something that we don’t see all that often these days.  The buds are sticky, and we mean sticky.  Grinding it up may require a bit more elbow grease, as the trichomes are simply stunning in their abundance.  The buds also boast a uniquely high amount of orange hairs, which makes for a pretty visual.

Flavor and Aroma of King Louis Strain

As soon as you open the jar, King Louis strain will feel like a punch to the senses.  Pine notes dominate, along with musky, earthy tones, but the skunk smell is nothing short of intense.  Powerful diesel notes are present as well.  It’s not the type of strain that offers a mouthwatering dessert-like aroma, but real deal cannabis enthusiasts are certain to enjoy how strong the scent is because it’s a good sign of things to come.

The flavor is both sweet and sour, with those strong herbal and earthy notes that carry themselves throughout the entire smoke.  It’s such a strong strain that you might find it slightly harsh on the throat, so if you’re a cougher, take note and go easy.

Effects of King Louis Strain

King Louis strain has some pretty notable effects compared to other Indica-dominant hybrids.  First, let’s make one thing clear – because of its high THC content, you will likely find that a little really does go a long way.  Those who have lower tolerances could very well find themselves good after just one hit, so space out those puffs if you’re prone to paranoia or passing out.

OG Kush fans will note the similarities in the effects right off the bat.  But, this strain is stronger.  You’ll get a headband effect quickly, with powerful cerebral sensations peaking within a very short period of time.  Tingling sensations along the scalp and temples, along with a feeling of weight over the eyes, are to be expected early on.

Being such a potent Indica, this is the ultimate sleepy strain.  Couchlock kicks in within a very small window, so note that before smoking.  This is not the type of strain you want to have in the middle of work, or when you’re doing some type of physical labor at home.  Nor is it a social strain – you’ll likely find yourself losing your train of thought and unable to maintain a conversation as a result.

After a long day at work, its highly sedating properties tend to be welcomed.  Your mind will simply quiet down, and you’ll be highly in tune with its pleasant physical sensations, including a nice, warm, and cozy feeling in the chest.  The body will feel like jelly, and you’ll definitely want to be laying down.

Basically, chances are that shortly after the peak lifts, you’ll be asleep.

Health Benefits of King Louis Strain

Now that you know the effects of this strain, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s great for anxiety.  If your mind is always racing, or if hypervigilance is your modus operandi, you’ll likely love what this guy can do for you.  Further, a lot of people use it for depression, because it can literally take your mind off of that negative voice in your head, and help you simply stay present at the moment while experiencing a sense of inner bliss.

Similarly, the King Louis strain, as we said, is a powerful sleep inducer.  There’s no doubt about that if you look at its unique composition.  We said that couchlock is basically an inevitability, as your body releases tension and loses its will to move around.  Meanwhile, your mind will have a hard time staying on topic, and will eventually just give up and allow sleep to take over.  Many need to simply close their eyes in order to enter dreamland.

Further, unsurprisingly, it’s a great choice for pain – migraines in particular.  Those tingly sensations help the muscles in the scalp and temples relax, which is why it’s a great one to try when you start feeling that headache coming on. 

Body aches and pains can be equally calmed by King Louis Strain, as the feeling of relaxation flows from head to toe.

Growing King Louis Strain

Even though the King Louis strain is very rare, its seeds do exist for purchase.  Trouble is that they sell out quickly.  But, if you have the will, you’ll find a way to take these home.

They can grow successfully both inside and outside, but the daytime temp needs to be between 65-80 for a good yield.  Sunny and dry conditions are ideal, and if you can’t get them in your yard, you can replicate them inside.  It’s also good to mention that indoor growers find that this strain responds well to hydroponic conditions.

Between 8 and 9 weeks the flowers will appeal, and you’ll be pleased by the abundance as this plant is known for its generous yield. 

The Final Hit

King Louis strain is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re wrestling with some major insomnia or stress, it’s absolutely worth trying – if you can find it, that is.  Remember that if you’re trying it for the first time, take it easy as the THC level can make you feel paranoid in large doses.  Otherwise, it’s a solid strain with major OG Kush vibes for the cannabis nostalgist.

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