LA Confidential Marijuana Strain

With a name like LA Confidential, it should come as no surprise that this cannabis is a fan favorite among famous residents like Snoop Dog and Cypress Hill. Unlike some things that get overly praised by celebrities in LA, this strain lives up to the hype.

Currently, it is one of the heaviest Indica-dominant hybrid strains. Some consider it to be a fake hybrid because of its 90% Indica and only 10% Sativa make.


When people ask about LA Confidential strain parents, they are pleasantly surprised to hear the answer: made from the genetic pairing of OG LA Affie indica and Afghani indica, this is a couch-lock heavy strain.

LA Confidential strain is abbreviated by many as simply “L.A.C”. It gets its name from the southern city in California where it was created. With its notoriety and every growing popularity, it’s no wonder this strain has won multiple awards since its birth including the 2006 High Times Strain of the Year.

Wine Pairing

While this might sound new to some, pairing wine with marijuana is going to be the next big thing. The overall concept is the same as wine and food pairings.

The flavors in the wine and the flavors in the marijuana accentuate each other when combined together. Paring both can bring out new notes you might not have noticed before, in the wine or the cannabis, thus heightening your overall flavor experience.

Pair LA Confidential Strain with sweet white wine including:

  • Riesling
  • Moscato
  • Chenin Blanc
  • Malvasia


The strongest effects consumers will notice with LA Confidential strain is deep relaxation and an overall calming sensation. This strain packs some serious THC coming in at 18%-25% on average. Consumers looking for medical and recreational experiences both enjoy this strain.

Because this strain is so heavy hitting and may be accompanied by psychedelic effects, it is suggested to be used at nighttime. The dose you take is going to give you different effects, so be aware of that when looking to fall asleep or if you want to just take enough to still be functional.

Medical Effects

The La Confidential weed strain is often prescribed by doctors to help with physical pain associated with:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic pain
  • Joint pain
  • Joint swelling
  • Inflammation
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Stress

Once this strain is used it instantly gives you a full body buzz making you feel at peace and blocks out the pain receptors in your brain. Once the pain receptors are blocked in your brain, you can enjoy a few hours of a pain-free body.

L.A.C can be great for athletes who have had a heavy lifting day and need a soothing muscle reliever. Runners use a topical form of this strain on their shins when they experience heavy shin splints and around their knees.

Often times patients with pulled muscles have to just wait it out until their body heals itself. This can be frustrating to those athletes who still wish to practice and move forward with their workout regimen. Pulled muscles that can’t be treated via surgery can also benefit from a topical lotion and can give people much-needed relief. This can help them not only with their healing but can give them relief to make it through a workout, even if its only half effort. 

Recreational Effects

Those looking for a slightly less intense effect can find this strain enjoyable in a small dose. Consumers use it for stomach aches induced from hangovers or food poisoning.

Couples enjoy the use of L.A.C on the weekend when they want to Netflix and chill; due to this strains body buzz and psychedelic effects. You think you enjoyed making a murder the first time around? Rewatch it with some LA Confidential and you’re in for a real treat.

People looking to take a little mind trip without losing their mind, enjoy this strain and its subtle mind-altering effects.

Recreationally used to enjoy:

  • Increased vision, sight, and sound
  • Movies
  • Concerts


LA Confidential strain can be grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. Growers of all levels find success with this strain and can expect a great harvest. Growing time is typically 6-8 weeks.

The yields are large in size and indoor results measure in around 14 ounces of bud per meter squared, and outdoor grows come in at around 16 ounces per plant.

The plant is resistant to mildew and can reach a height of four feet. If you are tight for space indoors; keep the height in mind if you plan on putting it in a small space.

Growers should focus on planting it in a dry climate to match the desert like temperatures it was originally bred in. Proper ventilation, dehumidification, and light need to be kept in check throughout the growing process or you might end up with a dead harvest. You grow to produce buds, not duds.

The buds on this plant are typically lime green and contain little purple flowers throughout.

Scent and Flavor

Since there are no fruit adjectives associated within the name, it can be hard to tell what aroma this strain gives off. Musky and spice are the two flavors that are at the forefront of this strain.

While a bit of skunk smell is apparent, it doesn’t linger. Do not confuse the skunk smell for how it is going to taste. Much like stinky cheese seems unappealing, once you bite into it your taste buds are satisfied. That is what this strain is like, scent and taste don’t match up.

LA Confidential has a flavor profile that includes:

  • Earthy
  • Pine
  • Sweet

When this strain is smoked a bit of pine is tasted on the backend but the overall smoke is smooth. Consumers will notice the burning of this strain is slow and enjoyable. If you are in charge of bringing marijuana to share with the party, this is a great option. Since it burns slow, it is a nice one to pass around the campfire.

While you should be able to find this popular hybrid at many dispensaries, there are a few cities where this strain is frequently found. Look for the LA Confidential strain in:

  • Seattle, WA
  • Everett, WA
  • Portland, OR
  • Bend, OR
  • Las Vegas, NV

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