Mango Marijuana Strain

Let’s talk about one of the OG’s of marijuana, Mango marijuana. This strain leaves anyone who comes across feeling mango-nificent! It has been around since the 60’s, and it has been crushing the game. This is a fruity and refreshing Indica strain that also delivers a small amount of Sativa effects. The THC found in this strain ranges from 15% to 20%.

Since its inception, the mango marijuana strain has only changed slightly. In 1991 it was crossed with KC33 in order to achieve a balanced 50/50 ratio. This is currently the strain that is sold and consumed today. Before it was Mango marijuana, it went by an alternative name. It was only named Mango after it was blended with KC33.

This is the type of strain that is perfect for people who are looking to feel more relaxed, chill, and slightly energetic, at the same time. People have referred to this strain as being sneaky, as it is capable of sending them to another planet quite quickly.

Consumers can expect a body high at the beginning, with a mix of a head high on the backend. One thing to note with this strain is that the THC levels can be entirely ripping, coming in on average around 20%. There have been reports of it coming in as low as 15% and as high as 26%. Either way, this strain should not be taken lightly, and should possibly be  avoided if you’re a first-timer.

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Mango marijuana has won many awards since 1991, including the being nominated for ‘best seeds’ in 2009. In 2002, it won third place in the ‘Best Indica’ category at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

Over the years, we have seen more and more creative strains, and the Mango strain fits in perfectly. It is one of the strains that creators took the time to improve and perfect, which makes it the tropical favorite it is today.


The origins of this strain deal with a bit of inbreeding, which is a confusing concept to wrap your head around. Sometimes it takes two to mango, and in this case, it takes about three.

Mango marijuana is a cross between its original self from the 1960s, KC33, and reportedly the Afghani strain. This blends into a 50/50 cross that is quite terrific. Let’s take a look at the parent strains below.


KC33 is bred by KC Brains in Holland, and it is an Indica-dominant hybrid strain. The ratio is a 60/40, and the effects are said to be Indica heavy. The 33 is a reference to the breeder’s age at the time this was developed; and was also in reference to the year it was conceived, 1993.

KC33 is a strain that shouldn’t really be grown indoors, as it requires a wet and cold climate. The overall aroma of this strain is lemon, citrus, and sweet, which makes it an ideal summertime strain. Feelings of relaxed euphoria make it suitable for those who are looking to relieve pain, stress, and nausea.

Original Mango

The 1960s Mango strain was an Indica heavy strain, that is known for putting its consumers into an entranced and relaxed state of mind. This strain was quite popular during its time, and it is still talked about to this day as an OG strain.

The flavor profile for Mango was heavily fruit, and the THC levels were very liberal. The terpenes of these are said to be muted down, and are almost strictly used for the breeding process of the Mango marijuana strain.

Afghani Strain

The Afghani strain is a variety of cannabis that is known for its potency. Used as a strong base for breeders, it delivers sweet, floral, and earthy scents. It helps in treating chronic pain, anxiety, and nerve pain.


The current Mango marijuana is similar to taking a trip to a Hawaiian island. Mango is seen everywhere for a reason, it has been voted the most popular flavor in blind taste tests around the nation. This is the reason why mango-flavored hard seltzers, candy, and bakery is popping up just about everywhere. It’s refreshing, and different from the standard fruits people eat throughout the week.

Being packed with tropical sweet flavors, gives a pleasantly overwhelming mango presence, that everyone craves at one point during the year. Mango marijuana is a fruit lovers dream crammed into a strain of cannabis. The after taste continues to be fruity with a sweet, tropical flavor that stays on the tongue.


Upon opening up a bag of this strain, consumers are hit with a strong sweet aroma that is even more mango smelling than the taste. Upon the first grinding of the bud, you will instantly realize why Mango marijuana is one of the most pleasing aromas ever to be made. Since the strain is so pleasurable, it can be an ideal strain to use indoors, even in spaces that are jointly shared with others


The buds of Mango marijuana can grow extremely large and almost reach the size of softballs. A lot of consumers have mentioned that this strain looks pretty classic, and doesn’t strike them as more appealing than other strains, except the buds might be a bit more dense and packed.


Patience is critical in growing Mango marijuana. It will seem that nothing is happening at first, but much like anything in life, patience brings profit.

While the strain starts slowly, it will be ready for harvest in about 9-11 weeks, which is makes it one of the faster strains to grow.

The yields are abundant, and one thing to note is that the branches will need to be supported as the buds begin to get heavy. If you are a newbie, then I suggest looking up proper branch support methods, before you get into something you don’t know how to fix.

Much like any other Indica dominant plant, it will grow bushy both upwards and outwards.


You can expect a yield of about 9 ounces per square meter when growing indoors. The plant height is pretty average in size, and the buds are more significant than usual. This strain will be ready for harvest as soon as eight weeks, and takes 9-11 weeks max.

If you choose to grow indoors, then make sure to select the Sea of Green method.


Mango is typically ready for harvest in late September to mid-October. You can plant as late as July, which is rare for many marijuana plants. The yields are monstrous coming in around 24 ounces per square meter.


While this is a 50/50 hybrid strain, a lot of people think this hits like a pure Indica. Get ready for a relaxed body high to take over, with some serious couch-lock. Some of the effects you can expect are relaxation, euphoria, happiness, uplifted spirits, and being hungry.

It will make you tired, lazy, and a little bit hazey. With high levels of THC, you might notice that once you fall asleep, you will have crazy dreams, and perhaps even out of body experiences. You might drift in and out of sleep, waking up wondering if events around you actually happened, or if you did in fact dream that your dog was changing the remote control with this paw.

The substantial THC content also lets you feel not overly sedated, which means you can feel a significant body buzz, but still get work done, if it merely involves your computer, or things with your hands.

In large doses, overwhelming couchlock may ensue. What does this mean, you ask? It is sort of like the same effect you might get from too much Benadryl, or other sedative medicines. You might try to force your eyes open, and tell your body it needs to get up and move, but your brain, and the Mango marijuana, will be sinking you further into the place where you are sitting.

While this can be a social strain, it isn’t recommended to take before events where you need to be overly talkative, or mobile, like work events, weddings or golfing. Instead, use before social events where minimal movement is required, like game night, trivia, and spa days.

It makes you feel untroubled physically and mentally, which can be helpful if you are going through a breakup or divorce. Your relationship wasn’t working, it’s okay, you just have to let that mango.


This is one of the main places where the Mango strain shines. Consumers can expect pure bliss, relaxation, and an overall body melt. This often leads to decreased stress levels, and overall well-being. With all of the problems related to anxiety in the world, Mango makes it just a little bit easier to unwind, and press-on.

Mango marijuana makes you relaxed and content. It’s not a great strain for those looking for a creative boost. Instead of creating beautiful pieces like Vincent Van Gogh, you will be sculpting so poorly, you will be known to all as Vincent Mang No Gogh.


The blend of Indica and Sativa effects both play their part in bringing some major joy to consumers. The enticing aroma, and tropical flavor, also enhances the mood for consumers. This allows them to not only to enjoy the effects, but the smell works as a candle, one sniff, and users feel instantly happier.


Mango marijuana takes people one step closer to happiness. Consumers have stated that they feel a severe sense of exhilaration, which takes over moments after consuming this strain. This can calm them down better than a therapy session, and is a lot less money.


Like other Indica strains of marijuana, Mango marijuana massively increases ones appetite. This is good for medical reasons, or those who just really enjoy food tastings, and all you can eat buffets.

Negative Effects

One of the most significant adverse effects of Mango marijuana, is it always seems to run out too fast. Beware: if you bring this to game night, it will be gone before you can even get the cards out of the deck.

On a serious note, there aren’t too many side effects to watch out for other than couch-lock, dry mouth, and red eyes. Couch-lock can be avoided by not over-consuming.

Be sure to keep eye drops and water present, to help treat these symptoms. These two things can seriously go a long way.

Medical Uses

Mango is an excellent strain for medical ailments, as it has a great flavor, and is easy to consume. The Indica effects also do a good job of fostering relaxation, and sense of well-being.

This strain can help with a lot of different medical ailments, so let’s just look at a few: stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD.


Those who are struggling with ADHD can find relief with this strain. It’s well-balanced effects can often lead to individuals feeling more focused, and less stressed. This leads to them being more productive, and less spacey.


Stress is a massive problem in the world today. Chances are, you know someone, or yourself, that deals with severe stress levels on a daily basis. This is one of the main reasons that marijuana, and the Mango marijuana strain, are growing in popularity. Cannabis is a natural plant that helps receptors in the brain physically change, allowing users to feel better about themselves, and their current life.


Depression is significantly decreased, often-times, from hybrid strains. It’s hard not to feel less depressed when consuming this strain. This strain would be a good one to try, for those who haven’t had much luck with pharmaceuticals.


If you’re finding yourself not sleeping well, this strain can significantly help you out. It will put your mind into a pleasant headspace, allowing you to put life’s stressors on the back burner. Once the mind is in a peaceful place, it is easier for people to fall asleep, and stay asleep for hours on end.

Often-times individuals speak about having crazy dreams, as well while being under the influence of this strain, and this is due to the THC content.

Anorexia, Bulimia and Stomach Ulcers

Having Indica in its genetics, makes it an ideal choice for patients to use it as a treatment for stomach issues. It can cure sharp stomach pains, which aid in the desire to consume food. It can also help those keep food down, who typically make frequent trips to the bathroom.

Similar Strains

If you think this Mango sounds right for you, then check out these similar strains:


If you are curious of what reviewers have commented about this strain, take a peek below!

  • This has been one of the best strains I’ve ever tasted, smelled, and experienced. The effects are right up the alley that I look for when smoking. Induces an immediate relaxed calming feeling, but after about 5-10 minutes you unexpectedly and almost instantaneously start experiencing intense euphoria alongside an initial energetic experience. Also, expect to feel a warm, tingly, spa-like body buzz
  • I must say I liked Mango a lot! I felt thrilled and inspired.
  • Mango has turned out to be a very effective pain killer and muscle relaxer. Cerebral and euphoric with mood-boosting qualities. Not overly energizing, but not couch-lock either. After a few hours, sleep does come easily.
  • Mango Cannabis Strain provides a delicious mango flavor. This strain is very potent.
  • YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM. It makes the arthritis in my back feel so much better.


Overall, this is a strain for hybrid lovers, who enjoy flavored strains that lean more Indica. Those who are a fan of high THC strains can use this without fear of having a bad trip, or overly paranoid thoughts.

The taste matches the scent, and if you are a fan of mango, or fruit marijuana in general, then you will be more than pleased with this strain.

Since Mango marijuana can be used for a wide variety of medical ailments, the chances are that it can help with any pain or illness you are currently battling through.

This strain can be consumed through edibles and through smoking. Those who have problems with their lungs may way to consume it in an edible form, or use it in a topical.

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