The Orange 43 Strain Reviewed

If there really is one hybrid that is sorta like a holy grail to cannabis enthusiasts, it’s the Orange 43 strain.  One of the rarest hybrids you can find and add to its enigmatic allure is the fact that those who have had the luxury of trying it have reported incredibly positive experiences. The Orang 43 strain has a lot to offer its users.

It’s an Indica-dominant strain that combines White Fire 43 with Orange, hence its name.  As a result, it’s got a sweet and sour citrusy taste, and this alone makes it irresistible to many users.  The Orange 43 strain has an average THC level between 26 and 30 percent. With that level, it makes it one of the more THC-heavy strains available today.  And, according to those who have tried the Orange 43 strain, its combination of effects makes this a one-of-a-kind option on the market.

Characteristics of Orange 43

The Orange 43 strain is a unique-looking strain as well, with each bud boasting attractive heart-shaped nuggets covered in orange hairs that have a noticeable pink tint.  The Orange 43 strain has a mint green color that’s not what most are used to, as often the green is far brighter and more vibrant.  Even the trichomes are unique, which cover the buds in pale pink creaminess, which shimmers attractively. 

The buds of the Orange 43 strain are known for being especially large, among some of the largest out there.  The buds of the Orange 43 strain are also very dense, and the uniquely high trichome level makes them seemingly stick to each other.  Therefore, note this is a very sticky variety. 

Aroma and Flavor

The Orange 43 strain has a bright citrusy aroma with subtle notes of musk, pepper, and lavender, thanks to its extremely unique collection of terpenes.  The smell is reported as being intoxicating.  It’s bold and pungent, and its flavor doesn’t disappoint, either.

In terms of its flavor profile, the dominant note is sweet and sour citrus.  The Orange 43 strain has an orange flavor that is particularly strong, and the sourness comes on at first, followed by smooth and seductive sweetness.  The musky and herbal notes complement the general flavor and create an almost floral-like aftertaste that’s massively appealing to fans of this strain.  Undertones of pine and ginger make for a very complex flavor experience that keeps you coming back for more.

Effects of the Orange 43 Strain

Orange 43 strain has very prominent orange hairs and crystals on the buds

The Orange 43 strain offers a unique experience unlike that which most hybrids can offer.  It’s a true hybrid, giving you the best of both worlds the entire way through.  Orange 43 strain starts off with slow-building cerebral effects that bring on a nice kiss ass sense of euphoria. The Orange 43 strain is not a strain that will make your brain feel scrambled. 

Slowly, the feeling of relaxation begins to rush through your body until you feel so at ease in the physical sense that you don’t want to leave your couch, thanks to the Orange 43 strain.  Meanwhile, your mind will begin buzzing with creativity as the things that worried you earlier slip away.

It’s important to note that the Orange 43 strain is an ideal afternoon or evening hybrid due to its ability to keep you alert and focused while relaxing your body and keeping you mentally uplifted.  Because it has the tendency to energize, it likely won’t be the ideal choice for bedtime specifically.  Also, a great choice for socializing, as it can keep you engaged in conversation without feeling self-conscious.

Health Benefits

A lot of people who choose the Orange 43 strain do so for the mood-boosting effects and creativity spikes that it can provide, and many people seeking this out are those dealing with excessive stress, anxiety, or depression.  Its mood-enhancing effects are very well-rounded, which is why it’s beloved by so many.

The Orange 43 strain can also help with pain due to its ability to relax the body thoroughly.  You’ll feel at ease from head to toe, and it will help you feel comfortable.  It’s often used for muscle cramps and spasms in particular, along with headaches.

Further, it can boost appetite, which is great for those struggling to eat enough for whatever reason. 

Growing the Orange 43 Strain

The Orange 43 strain is an extremely rare breed that is not available for growing at home.  Hopefully, that will change in the future.

Final Hit

Orange 43 is one of those strains that many of us have not had the pleasure of trying for ourselves.  But, as it becomes more popular, we expect it to be more widely accessible to the general public.  As you can see, it has a lot to offer, and we expect big things for it in the coming years.

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