The Orange Cookies Strain Reviewed

Orange Cookies strain is an all-around hearty strain. Sometimes, the name of a strain sounds so appetizing that it makes our mouths water. That is certainly the case when it comes to Orange Cookies.  This relatively new strain won 2nd Best Hybrid Flower at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015, and it’s very easy to see why.  As most would have guessed, this is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Orange Juice, being a 60 percent Indica hybrid.  Get ready to experience a strain that packs a serious punch and has between 15-20 percent THC with Orange Cookies.

In simple terms, the Orange Cookies strain is a crowd-pleaser.  It’s got the right balance of properties to satisfy most cannabis enthusiasts, and its flavor and aroma only add to the experience.

Let’s take a closer look into this award-winning hybrid to see why so many people are gravitating toward it these days.

Characteristics of Orange Cookies

The Orange Cookies strain is a pungent and relaxing strain with orange characteristics

The Orange Cookies strain has dense buds, which gives away its heavy Indica content.  The buds are medium in size, and are particularly hairy, with orange pistils.  As for the plant, the leaves are noted for their vivid green color, which has subtle purple tones sporadically. This is a result of slightly cooler temperatures to which the plants are exposed during the growing process.  The plant tends to get a bit tall, and the stems can get spindly under certain growing conditions.  The flowers are uniquely colorful, and the strain is visually appealing with its beautiful colors.

The Orange Cookies strain is known for producing a lot of resin, and this is evident as a creamy white coating of trichomes can be seen right away.  It’s a particularly sticky flower as a result, and this means that you’ll need a bit more time breaking it up with your hands.  A grinder may be ideal for this strain.

Orange Cookies Aroma and Flavor

The Orange Cookies strain is a uniquely pungent bud with strong citrus notes that are powerful.  The bright, sharp orange-like flavor and aroma are particularly pleasing to the senses.  Notes of pepper begin to emerge after the citrus, followed by a sweet, cookie-like taste that instantly pleases the palate. 

A hint of funk emerges when you exhale the Orange Cookies strain. Along with gentle notes of pine that add an herbal taste to the experience.  Overall, Orange Cookies is a lip-smacker, and a strain that provides a truly memorable flavor. The Orange Cookies strain is highly sought-after mainly for its effects, but many people love it solely because of how yummy it is.

Effects of Orange Cookies

Orange Cookies is a particularly fast-acting strain, and many find that it begins to peak within just a couple of minutes.  Instantly, you’ll get a strong cerebral feeling, with your brain buzzing.  For an Indica hybrid, many users are surprised by how the initial effects are quite stimulating, and it’s often used for creativity.  This is why it’s considered such a great daytime strain.

The more energizing effects of the Orange Cookies strain wear off in a relatively quick period of time, which leads to a body high that never feels too heavy thanks to the Sativa presence.  Instead, you’ll feel nice and relaxed as your muscles loosen up.  Then, the mental relaxation sets in. Then you feel more clear-minded and focused by being calm without feeling sleepy.  You’ll begin to enjoy your surroundings and feel like enjoying some quality time outdoors.

Health Benefits of Orange Cookies

Most people who gravitate toward Orange Cookies are looking for something that offers mood enhancement. You’ll find that it’s great for stress and anxiety, and that largely comes from the high myrcene content.  But it’s also uplifting, which is great for depression.  This comes from its citrusy terpenes, which are known for boosting overall mood and providing some nice cognitive effects as well.

One thing about Orange Cookies that a lot of users love is that it doesn’t have a tendency to lead to paranoia, as many other strains do.  A lot of people who have anxiety find that just one hit too many of a particular strain can send them off into a paranoid state, which defeats the purpose of using cannabis in the first place.  The Orange Cookies strain tends to keep people grounded, and this is because of the balance of effects that it offers.  Orange Cookies is a potent strain for sure, but that doesn’t automatically mean that it can make you feel more anxious.

Orange Cookies does offer useful effects to the body as well, being an Indica-dominant strain.  Its relaxing effects on the body make it great for those looking for a break from aches and pains, and many swear that it eases tension.  Higher doses may be useful at bedtime, as its soothing, tension-easing properties can help a person feel relaxed enough to enjoy a night of deep sleep.


If you’re looking to grow your own Orange Cookies, there are a few things to know.  First, as of now, you can’t buy the seeds commercially, as they aren’t for sale.  This means that you’ll need to grow it using a clone, by grabbing cuttings from a mature plant and propagating them yourself. 

Like most cannabis strains, you can grow Orange Cookies indoors or outdoors depending on your unique setup.  Growing indoors gives you more control over the conditions, such as light and temperature, but many people successfully grow it outdoors as well.  This particular strain has a tendency to flop over and may, therefore, need to be staked.  Furthermore, you’ll want to trim the top fairly regularly to keep it bushy rather than lanky, and this will also ensure that light reaches the entire surface of the plant rather than just the top.

Orange Cookies yields a medium number of flowers, and a lot of this depends on the quality of light.  If you’re growing Orange Cookies indoors, expect flowers within the second growing month.

Final Hit

Orange Cookies seemingly gives you the best of both worlds: a nice, calming body experience complete with mental relaxation, but at the same time, a nice boost that can help you feel more focused and alert in the middle of the day.  It’s great for first thing in the morning, afternoon, and bedtime, and it’s hard to find anything undesirable about this unique hybrid.  Besides that, it’s one of the best-tasting varieties around. 

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