The Orange Cream Strain Reviewed

Yet another beloved hybrid with a strong, orangey flavor is the Orange Cream strain, which as you would imagine, boasts not just wonderful properties but an absolutely delicious and almost decadent flavor profile and aroma.  It’s a mostly Indica hybrid with about 70 percent Indica and 30 percent Sativa. The Orange Cream strain is mostly used at nighttime, both for unwinding after a long day and, as you might have guessed, promoting sleep.  It’s derived from Cookies and Cream and Orange Valley OG, two legendary strains that have been put together to create this well-rounded and extremely calming strain that more and more users are looking for, especially for help with anxiety, stress, and insomnia.

The Orange Cream strain is quickly becoming one of the more sought-after hybrids available, and today, we’ll be talking about why this is the case.  As you can see, it’s got everything that stressed-out cannabis users could possibly ask for.  Let’s take a closer look at this hybrid to see why so many people have made it their go-to strain once the sun goes down.

Characteristics of the Orange Cream Strain

Characteristics of the Orange Cream strain

The Orange Cream strain has average-sized buds and bright green color in terms of its foliage and may look deceptively unassuming.  One thing that people notice is its almost shimmery trichome appearance, as this particular strain produces a lot of resin.  It’s a stickier choice, but to many, that’s not a bad thing.

The buds are particularly orange due to the pistils, which grow fairly long and give an overall hairy golden glow.  The buds are very dense in appearance, and the leaves are on the narrower side.  These leaves are equally dense, growing very close to each other, almost like they are tightly packed. 

Aroma and Flavor

We said that the Orange Cream strain has a decadent flavor profile, and we weren’t kidding.  The bold orange flavor is prominent right away which strikes you as soon as you handle the buds.  It’s got a bright, smooth citrusy flavor that’s uniquely sweet, making it almost dessert-like.  Of course, that’s further enhanced by a velvety creaminess that lingers on the palate throughout the whole experience.  The sugary-like taste is often compared to that of candy. This makes every aspect of smoking the Orange Cream strain all the more appealing and even intoxicating to the senses.

There’s just a hint of dankness which you would expect from the Orange Valley OG, but it never overpowers the delicate aroma or flavor of the overall profile.  It’s definitely got what it takes to make you lick your lips whenever you blow that smoke out of your mouth, and many have sought it out for its flavor alone.

Effects of the Orange Cream Strain

The Orange Cream strain is a fast builder, often peaking in minutes.  This is not a bad thing, as it’s not known for being an overwhelming type of experience.  The effects tend to last for around two hours.

Many describe the initial peak as warm and fuzzy, as it produces a warming sensation throughout the muscles and a pleasant tingling sensation.  It’s accompanied by a sweep of euphoria which instantly picks up your mood and takes your mind off of the things that you’d rather forget.  This Sativa-like effect is fairly short-lived because this is an Indica-dominant strain after all.

The relaxation-like effects of the Indica build pretty quickly, affecting both mind and body and slowing down the nervous system in the way that you want it to.  At the same time, the Sativa end of things keeps the mind nice and fuzzy, so that you can take a break from fast-moving thoughts.  Meanwhile, the body begins to feel more and more relaxed.  The Orange Cream strain is a strain that is more prone to couchlock than other Indica-heavy hybrids. In fact, it’s why it’s commonly used for sleep.  And, it has been known to increase one’s appetite, so keep that in mind as well.

Health Benefits of the Orange Cream Strain

Like a lot of similar hybrid strains, the Orange Cream strain is one that is particularly used for mood.  The unique ability to make your mind feel hazy while simultaneously slowing down your thoughts makes it a popular choice among anxiety sufferers in general – especially those whose thoughts keep them up at night.  By slowing down the nervous system just enough, one can more easily drift off, and their anxiety responses can be lessened.

However, the Orange Cream strain also offers euphoria-like effects, making it great for depression. It can increase positivity while promoting a sense of inner peace with oneself, which is always a welcome attribute.

Being so heavy on the Indica end of things, it’s great for pain, as it essentially forces the muscles to relax, and fairly quickly, we might add.  Many people use it specifically for arthritis, fibromyalgia, and other more widespread forms of pain.  It’s actually a very popular medical strain.


Any experienced grower will tell you that the Orange Cream strain is not the easiest to obtain.  Its seeds don’t even seem available for purchase anymore, as they’ve been out of stock from the cultivator for quite some time. The Orange Cream strain is a fairly rare strain. However, it is possible to grab a clone if you do some research.  This simply involves getting your hands on cutting and propagating it using the same methods you would for any other strain.

Like all strains, the Orange Cream strain can be grown indoors or out, and this largely depends on your unique circumstances.  This is a plant that should be cut at the top regularly to promote bushier growth. This will yield more flowers, and prevent it from looking lanky.  Adequate sunlight is a must.

The Orange Cream strain plant grows quickly, and its mature size is pretty impressive compared to other strains.  Therefore, make sure you give this one space, and prepare to re-pot it regularly if growing it indoors.  It offers a heavy yield as well, usually around the 8-9-week mark.

Final Hit

The Orange Cream strain has a lot to offer – a smooth taste, nice cerebral effects, and serious calming properties.  If Indica-heavy hybrids are what you’re about, then you’ll want to get your hands on this one and enjoy all that it has to offer, including its yummy flavor profile.

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