The Orange Crush Strain Reviewed

The Orange Crush strain is a strain that will blow your mind. As any experienced cannabis user will tell you, not all strains are for the faint of heart.  It’s arguable that the Orange Crush strain falls into that category, as it’s known for its incredible potency and its strong effects.  This is a Sativa-heavy hybrid that’s derived from Blueberry and California Orange, with only 20 percent Indica present, hence the very cerebral properties.  It’s got a bright citrusy flavor and aroma that’s heavy on the funk, and when we say that it packs a punch, we really mean it.

The Orange Crush strain is known for its enormous uplifting and energizing properties, and many people take it for pain as well because of its ability to help the mind wander away from what’s going on with the body.  Serious cannabis enthusiasts adore this strain because of how a little goes a long way, and it’s certainly the way to go if you’re looking for a daytime experience.

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Characteristics of the Orange Crush Strain

At first glance, one may mistakenly assume that the Orange Crush strain gets its name from the appearance of the buds rather than the flavor profile.  Covered in dense orange hairs, and spotted with gold flecks, these buds are dense and vividly green.  The Orange Crush strain itself is particularly short compared to others, which is something that makes it appealing to growers, as it does not take much time at all to mature.  It’s not known for being unusually sticky, as some strains are, which means that it’s fairly easy to break apart.

Aroma and Flavor

It should go without saying that the dominant notes of the Orange Crush strain are its strong citrus flavor and aroma.  The orange-like notes are highly pungent, and you’ll notice them as soon as you get those buds in your presence.  It’s a very appealing fragrance as it has a fresh, bright profile that instantly draws you in.  The flavor of the Orange Crush strain is just as alluring, offering an almost refreshing burst of citrusy orange juice flavor that makes you want more and more.

As the flavor and aroma blossom, you’ll get notes of pine and herbs, as is to be expected with this type of strain.  The funky notes get stronger and stronger as you hold in your clouds of smoke and linger after you blow it out into the air.  Because of its pungency, this is an aroma that will stick around for a bit, so bear that in mind.

Effects of the Orange Crush Strain

We said that the Orange Crush strain packs a punch, and we mean it.  It’s a very, very strong Sativa hybrid that can kick you in the you-know-what if you’re new to cannabis.  But, for more experienced users with a decent THC tolerance, it can provide a nice, quick-acting blast of euphoria.  The Sativa-like effects are in full force, offering heavy cerebral sensations that cloud your mind in what most would consider a highly desirable way. 

But, once those feelings wear off in about 20 minutes or so, you’ll feel alert, invigorated, and focused. The Orange Crush strain is actually a strain that’s highly sought after particularly for creativity, as it stimulates the mind and offers some nice inspiration as the mind finds itself wandering into itself.

The Orange Crush strain tends to keep the mood nice and boosted for a long period of time, and while Indicas tend to be more known for relaxing the body, the Orange Crush strain helps the mind focus on anything but the body.

Note that beginners may not be used to such a potent sensation and may feel dizzy or lightheaded in the beginning.  This is common.  Also, dry mouth and dry eyes are often reported with this particular strain.  Still, it’s an ideal option for afternoon use because of its stimulating properties.

Health Benefits of the Orange Crush Strain

The Orange Crush strain has the unique ability to boost dopamine levels.  Many strains do, but this particular strain is the next level.  This is why it’s so commonly used for depression.  Dopamine is part of the brain’s pleasure center, and instantly uplifts the mood and makes a person feel euphoric, which can directly combat a low mood and low energy levels.  In other words, it’s great for a bad day.

Further, while it can make beginners with a low tolerance feel paranoid until they adjust to the strain, the Orange Crush strain has been reported to be very useful among those with anxiety, and PTSD in particular.  This is likely because of the way in which it takes the mind off of day-to-day worries so that the user can simply experience the journey.

Because of how cerebral it is, many find that the Orange Crush strain helps them forget that they are in pain.  It’s often used by people who have chronic, widespread pain and strongly desire an escape from these bodily sensations.  It won’t make you feel heavy and physically sedated like a strong Indica, but rather can take your mind off of things, quite literally, for a while.


Something about the Orange Crush strain that growers love is how easy it is to grow.  It’s more low-light tolerant than other strains, and this makes it great for those who live in less sunny climates, or those who wish to grow indoors and don’t have as much control over their environment as they would like.

It’s also a more agreeable option to grow in general, being more lenient with a variety of factors.  It can be grown indoors or out, and of course the route you go is largely dependent on your climate.  It doesn’t usually grow far above 55 inches, and its short size means that it’s easier to grow in small spaces.

Plus, the Orange Crush strain grows fast.  It can flower in as little as 6 to 7 weeks and doesn’t require constant babying in order to yield what you want.

Final Hit

The Orange Crush strain is, without a doubt, a powerful hybrid that gives you major Sativa-like effects and kicks in very quickly.  Commonly used for depression, it’s a great option for anyone looking for a major boost thanks to its effects on dopamine levels.  And, it can be enjoyed during the day hours, especially when you want to feel more focused and creatively inspired. 

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