The Orange Daiquiri Strain Reviewed

The Orange Daiquiri strain is a lesser-known strain, but it’s quickly growing in popularity.  It’s Indica-dominant, so one can expect all of the relaxations that come from the myrcene content in the chemical composition.  But it also offers a nice burst of euphoria, largely thanks to a THC level in the low 20s, and as an added bonus, this effect tends to come on very quickly.  It’s commonly used for stress and sleep, as well as body pain.  Let’s look at what makes this particular strain so unique. The Orange Daiquiri strain is a combination of Orange Cookies and Grape Pie.

Characteristics of the Orange Daiquiri Strain

Orange Daiquiri has colorful buds and has a powerful aroma.

The Orange Daiquiri strain has some pretty unique physical characteristics.  The buds are noted for having purple and blue tones to them, which come from the blend of terpenes that change color during the curing process.  Golden-orange flecks are present with a good deal of creamy white trichomes, meaning it’s heavy on the resin. 

Aroma and Flavor

The Orange Daquiri strain gets its name from the fruity flavor that’s extremely sweet.  Most users describe a blend of orange and nectarine flavors, with a sugary finish.  A little bit of lemon and pine are in there to balance out the fruitiness, and the slight tartness of the citrus is the first note to hit the tongue.  The aroma is strong in its orangey scent, and it’s enough to make your mouth water.

Effects of the Orange Daiquiri Strain

While this is a hybrid, you’ll primarily notice that it feels a lot like a, particularly strong Indica.  Still, the effects that first hit you are those of a Sativa, with cerebral sensations that produce a nice, fuzzy feeling that’s good enough to get those brain juices flowing in the ways that you want them to.  The effects hit you pretty quickly, and you’ll experience a nice build of euphoria.  Some report tingling sensations and a warming feeling that adds to the pleasure of the experience.

The more relaxing properties kick in fairly quickly, and once that happens, your mind will slow down in all of the right ways, while the body will feel like it’s melting into a calmer state.  Muscle tension should begin to ease up, and you’ll likely feel it particularly in your temples, making it great for headaches.  It’s a good one for sleep, although it can be used during the daytime as well since it’s not known to knock one out or make them feel heavy and couch-locked.

Health Benefits of the Orange Daiquiri Strain

Most people use the Orange Daiquiri strain for stress and sleep.  It’s got a very calming presence that lasts for quite a while, and it’s great especially for enjoying after a long day at work when you want to forget the stress that’s taking over your state of mind.  It can also be used for sleep, as it is capable of relaxing you enough to drift off, and body relaxation really helps as well.

The Orange Daiquiri strain is a very popular strain for pain too, due to the widespread way in which those relaxing effects are felt. As marijuana becomes more popular and widely recognized, several smokers are turning to marijuana as a pain-relieving method, rather than taking the traditional medications that you get over the counter. Several cancer patients find great relief in using marijuana for pain. With the Orange Daiquiri strain, you can use it for pain by smoking, ingesting as food, or using it as a topical. Regardless, this strain will give you the pain relief that you are looking for.

Final Hit

Orange Daiquiri is certainly a strain worth trying, whether you’re a true cannabis connoisseur or someone who is simply looking for an option that will help you take your mind off of the day.  Plus, its fruity taste makes it irresistible.

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