Orange Haze Marijuana Strain

Orange Haze combines the super flavorful Orange Bud with the classic Haze strain in order to create a top-notch Sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain comes from the popular company, Green Devil Genetics, and it is earning its keep in the marijuana community. Classified as a Sativa-dominant strain, users can expect a burst in energy, focus, and creativity.

THC levels come in above average between 18% and 20%. This is not the type of strain to be taken lightly, as it can take even the most advanced smokers for a ride. With this being said, Orange Haze isn’t a great strain for beginners to indulge in.

The aroma from this strain is comparable to candles, and it will fill the room with a citrus scent, which makes it desirable for a large number of marijuana consumers.


The parent strains of Orange Haze are popular in their own right. Haze and Orange Bud are the two parent strains, and if you’re familiar with marijuana, you’ve likely heard of them. Both of these strains date back over 30 years, so they have definitely stood the test of time. These days, there are new strains coming out left and right, so the fact that an older strain is still sold, shows how popular it is.


This strain is responsible for many noteworthy creations. You would most likely be surprised at seeing how many different strains came from Haze. It came about in the 1960s, and it still is renowned as one of the best strains in the world. This is a total feel-good Sativa strain, that people just haven’t been able to get enough of. Haze marijuana is the key parent responsible for energy, and the walking on clouds feeling, associated with Sativas. The overall aroma is typically citrus, earthy, pungent, and lemon.

Orange Bud

Orange Bud was first bred in the 1980s by the company Dutch Passion, and it’s a combination of two Skunk strains. Because this is such an easy strain to cultivate, it has risen in popularity amongst the growing community. You can expect a fast flowering time of 7-9 weeks. The overall aroma is sweet, citrus and orange, duh. THC levels typically measure in around 16%. Users can expect to feel carefree, joyful and energetic.

Flavor, Appearance and Aroma

The flavor profile is one of the most appealing factors with Orange Haze. It packs orange, citrus, tropical, and a bit of sweetness into one strain. This is the type of strain that gets people to try it, specifically because of its flavor.

As far as the appearance goes, you will find incredibly dense and sticky buds with fire orange/red hairs that appear similar to Orange Bud. White trichomes cover the bud, which is to be expected with such a high THC content.

The aroma is similar to the taste as you will get, with notes of orange, citrus, and even some spice. The smoke is smooth, and won’t force users into coughing fits. For those who prefer to bake at home, this strain provides a fresh, fruity aroma, for baked goods and candies. Remember to follow proper drying practices, and you don’t want to just throw the bud directly into your batter.


If you’re looking to grow Orange Haze, you can take solace in the fact that it grows great, both indoors and outdoors. It doesn’t require any specific climates in order to thrive, so that’s a huge added bonus.

Seeds can be a bit hard to start growing, so new users might want to keep that in mind if they have never grown a marijuana plant before.

When grown outdoors, this plant can reach a height of 10 feet. Because of this, you should take that into consideration before growing. Proper pruning practices should be performed during the entire growing process, so the plant can develop properly.

Orange Haze plants are very resistant to mold, pests, and mildew. This makes it ideal for new or seasoned growers. If this strain is cut too early, it will not give users its full potential, and you will have some angry customers on your hands.

Indoor Flowering Time

This strain grows much faster than most other Sativas. Usually, it can take Sativas about 10 weeks to flower, whereas, Orange Haze is usually ready for harvest in about 9 weeks.

You can expect a yield of 17-22 ounces per square meter, when grown indoors.

Outdoor Flowering Time

When growing outdoors, you can expect to harvest in mid-October. This is where it differs from most Sativas, as it’s ready a little earlier than them. Outdoor yields can be much smaller, coming in around 12 ounces per square meter at times, however, it can also produce a yield similar to the indoor crops.


Orange Haze is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that comes in about 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. With this being said, it also packs extreme levels of THC, which average between 18% and 20%. The effects that you can expect with Orange Haze are happiness, euphoria, energetic, relaxed, and creative. It is best to be used in the morning, or during the day, because it can keep users up when used at night. Is considered by many to have a heavy head high and a body high will ensue at the tail end.


Orange Haze is unique, in the sense that it is moderately well-balanced in its effects. Consumers can expect to feel the Sativa effects more so than the Indica, however, there definitely are some of both. Anytime a strain brings on happiness, it also usually helps with depression.

This is the type of strain that can be used in the morning, as it can put its consumers into a good mood to start their day. As we all know, positivity is something that can go along way in this world.


A sense of euphoria is often mentioned with Sativas. This is one of the more popular reasons that people choose to consume marijuana. Orange Haze marijuana leaves users in an optimistic emotional and mental state. Negative feelings will be erased, and instead, feelings of hope and wonderment are present.


Anytime Sativas are mentioned, the first thing that most consumers will think of is energy. Orange Haze provides some nice energy, that is followed with feelings of relaxation. This works to create a nice, mellow and energetic high, that isn’t followed by anxiety. Then the Indica kicks in, making the consumer feel not so on-edge.


While this strain definitely makes you feel relaxed, it also packs some creativity. Since you will be met with energy and creativity, this strain can be used by those in the creative arts fields. It’s not going to make its consumers overly tired, so that also plays into its creative abilities.


This is one of the reasons why it can be prescribed for medical reasons. Orange Haze relaxes its consumers, allowing them to de-stress and take on their daily tasks. It leaves users with a clear head high and won’t fog up the mind or weigh down the body.

Medical Uses

Orange Haze is most often prescribed for stress, depression, anxiety, and pain. Because it has both Sativa and Indica effects, it can help for a wide variety of ailments. The mix of Indica and Sativa makes it sought after by many medical patients. More and more states are legalizing marijuana access for heavier medical strains, that are life-changing.


A small amount of stress can help people avoid dangerous situations, but stress in large amounts can be cumbersome and bad for a persons health. Since you can’t fully avoid stress, the best thing you can do is find therapeutic remedies. Using Orange Haze to combat stressful feelings, emotions or situations, can increase your quality of life.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety can affect the way you feel, think and behave. Using Orange Haze can alter the way your brain thinks, fooling you into feeling content. Once the marijuana attaches to the brain receptors, it can help people fight feelings of sadness, failure and paranoia.

Body Aches and Pain

The Indica levels found in Orange Haze can be great for body pain. Use it as a mild muscle relaxant after a long day at work, or after a heavy lifting workout. A bit of this can soothe your aches, so you can finally get some sleep and relax at the end of a long day’s work. Remember, it can help you relax by giving you a break from pain, but it won’t leave you sleepy, or locked to the couch.

Not an ideal strain to help with insomnia, or any other sleeping disorder.

Recreational Activities

Just one hit of this and you will be fired up and ready to go. If you have had a long week, and don’t want to go to that brunch on Saturday, then take some Orange Haze and be on your way. It will get you up, and ready to tackle the tasks you have for the day.

It is used by many in place of coffee, which saves your teeth from harsh acids and yellowing effects. It won’t leave you with jitters, and you will save money by not stopping at Starbucks every day.

Can be great to use before art activities such as writing, singing or drawing. Creative blocks will be broken to the ground, and the art you will produce will be like nothing like you have created in the past.

Can additionally be paired with:

  • Social events
  • Vacation
  • Hikes
  • Camping
  • Drawing
  • Cooking

Negative Effects

Dry eyes and cottonmouth will affect a few users, in varying degrees. Stock up on water and moisturizing eye drops to combat those effects.

With any medium to high THC content plants, some consumers will feel trippy thoughts, or psychedelic feelings, that may be a bit overwhelming for first-time users. For this reason, start small and work your way up to a bigger dose.

Time dilation, and intense sensations, are a new experiences that might throw people off a bit. Once you get accustomed to these, you will start to enjoy them, and will seek-out the Orange Haze marijuana strain just to feel them.

Similar Strains

If you are fond of this strain, you might want to check out these similar strains:

  • Dark Shadow Haze
  • Dirty Widow
  • Rene
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  • Cole Train
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Reviews are important in helping consumers understand what the Orange Haze marijuana strain has to offer. After dissecting hundreds of reviews, a few things stand out.

Users seem to rave about the heightened senses they experience with this marijuana strain. They often pair it with food or wine tastings.

Sore muscles, and deep bone pain, can be helped with the Orange Haze Strain. People with broken bones use this as a pain management medicine, instead of harsh opioids. Since marijuana is non-habit forming, they don’t have a dependency to pain medications once their bones are healed.

Reviews rave about the aroma, taste, and scent. It is a powerful orange taste, but not overpowering, in a super-sweet sort of way.

Other reviews praise the Orange Haze marijuana strain as providing effects, that other strains have failed to do.

Orange Haze marijuana haze is most popular in:

Final Thoughts

If you want a high THC marijuana strain, with a bit of Indica, then you will be more than happy with the Orange Haze marijuana strain. It can help medically, with both mental and body ailments, and can be a real game-changer. People who want help fighting fatigue can us this strain to spark them up, and provide them with that missing energy. Can be a great party gift to bring and pass around for all to enjoy.

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