Pennywise Marijuana Strain

You may have clicked on this article originally due to the name, but after reading just a few sentences, you are going to want to stay to learn more. Pennywise marijuana strain is named after the killer clown in Stephen Kings famous novel “IT”. But, the only thing this marijuana scares, is the pharmaceutical companies, due to its killer healing properties. With an even level of CBD to THC, this new strain is hitting the market at a rapid pace. Patients are left with a clown like smile after realizing much need medical relief.

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Differing Phenotypes

Pennywise marijuana strain has four different phenotypes. Basically, this means that on the outside the buds and plants can look different, but the inside properties will all be the same, including aroma, taste, potency, and felt effects. With a strain named after a Stephen King character, would you expect anything not as mysterious as that?

Parent Strains

Pennywise is a cross of Harlequin and, another Stephen King character inspired weed: Jack the Ripper. It was created by TGA Subcool Seeds, specifically to have a high CBD count and they made a real standout product, after many years of breeding.

Harlequin Marijuana Strain

The Harlequin strain is a 75/25 Sativa-dominant strain praised for its reliable CBD content, which no doubt shows in Pennywise. It provides clear and alert mental feelings and can relax the overall body without causing sedative effects. Flavors range from earthy to fruity, depending on the breeder.

Jack the Ripper Marijuana Strain

Using a bit of this marijuana strain can be compared to how Jack the Ripper’s victims must have felt, right before they were murdered: disoriented, paranoid and intense. Jack the Ripper marijuana strain is a Sativa-dominant that usually has THC levels above 20%. Its overall flavor profile includes spice, lemon, and pine.


The Pennywise marijuana strain has THC content that ranges from 8-15% with a CBD content measuring in at 12-15%. Crops typically harvest a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD which makes it desirable to help those with medical issues.


Using Pennywise is nothing comparable to going to the circus and being on sensory overload. Because of the even 1:1 ratio, the overall effects felt are very level and more on the tame side. A slow cerebral buzz can flow in the mind and body, but no psychedelic or classic high effects will be felt. Pennywise is used by many for its therapeutic properties and is gaining fast attention within the medical world.

Medical Uses

With high an even ratio, and THC/CBD levels as high as they are, Pennywise marijauana is arguably one of the best medical marijuana strains on the market. Used by those who have been grappling for years with illness to finally find much-needed satisfaction.

Pain and Nerve Disorders

Pain of any kind will be gone after using just a small dose. Those who suffer from chronic body pain, can finally start to move again. Being free of pain will not only assist people in finding the sleep they need, but it can give them back the ability to move and leave the house.

Being stuck to your couch from pain is debilitating for peoples minds and overall well being. Their quality of life is non-existent, and the fact that people are finding a cure, to get them back out in the world, is life-changing.

Those with nerve disorders, such as seizures or epilepsy, have found great results. It gives them the ability to control their bodies again, instead of having their bodies control them.

Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Fatigue is improved for people who suffer from stress, depression, and anxiety. Mental ailments are often treated with pharmaceutical medications, that make people zombie out into such a state, that they are unable to function. Using a medical marijuana strain, such as this one, can help people get out of dark headspaces, and will help motivate them to become a better, more positive version of themselves. Using weed can improve mental issues while still being able to give people a clear and working headspace.


People who battle with mood disorders such as PTSD, ADD, Bipolar, Schizoaffective Disorder, and Chronic Depression use Pennywise for its uplifting properties. A little bit of this and people can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Additionally, it can encourage people to focus and live in the moment; versus always worrying about the past or future, getting caught in a feeling of walking on a tightrope with no net underneath.

Recreational Uses

It is apparent that this strain is especially good for therapeutic reasons, but it is also used by some for fun recreational purposes.

Outside Sports

Those who are no longer very active, due to body issues, like to use Pennywise to get them out and exploring again. Hiking, rock climbing, and camping are all activities that pair well with this strain.


A few hobbies that pair well with this strain include juggling, face painting and making animals out of blown up balloons.

Aroma and Taste

Pennywise embodies some pretty distinct flavors. Notes of earth, wood, and spice are at the forefront, with sweet citrus and bubblegum flavors present underneath.

The smoke is smooth, and on the exhale, users have said a bit of lemon is left on the lips. The exotic flavor fills the room, and makes it quite pleasurable to be around. Even those who typically can’t stand smoke of any kind, don’t mind being in the presence of this strain.


Pennywise marijuana has one of the most unique growing traits of any plant. No two plants are going to look the same, and each breeder is going to have a plant that looks different from the other. Overall, the plant height remains medium in height.


Buds produced with this plant can be long, round or finger-shaped. No matter what shape they end up being, one thing that they will all have in common is a purple hue to them.

Growing Conditions

This strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. Topping of the plants is going to need to happen at least once during the growing cycle. Total growing time is about 8 to 9 weeks and produces a yield of about 12 to 16 ounces per meter indoors and a minimum of 16 ounces outdoors.

When grown outdoors, the plant itself is resistant to pest, mold, and mildew. The harvest will be ready early to mid-October, just in time for Halloween!

User Reviews

Each person has their own experience with weed due to outside factors such as the user’s weight, height, and genetic background. But from user to user there are a few things that seem to ring true, and after reading an abundance of reviews, it’s easy to get a sense of how people will feel when using Pennywise.

General feelings users express about Pennywise include:

  • Mellow feeling – no heart racing
  • Does wonders to treat depression and anxiety
  • Best medical strain
  • Does not produce feelings of a high induced anxiety
  • Kills pain
  • Desirable aroma and taste

Old Users Must-Try New Marijuana Strains

People who have tried weed years ago to help with medical pain, were most likely not getting a strain with CBD in it, and therefore were not finding satisfactory results. If it has been a few years since marijuana was used to help with ailments, give the new strains a try. Now, more than ever, breeders are really taking time, and diving into growing, and cross-breeding to give users the best product.

With more research being done around marijuana, especially within the medical field, more strains are being produced with CBD, and you are sure to find one that treats your medical ailments. Breeders are undoubtedly researching different CBD THC ratios, and are taking time to dive into breeding strains with a higher overall CBD THC percentage content.

Popular States

Since this is an easy strain to grow, it can be found in an abundance of dispensaries. It is most popular in the State of Oregon and can be found in cities including:

  • Portland
  • Salem
  • Bend
  • Eugene
  • Beaverton
  • Medford

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