The Pink Candy Strain Reviewed

The Pink Candy strain is great for that sluggish-down feeling you get in the afternoon. The strain works to put you into an uplifting mood. The Pink Candy strain is one of the most beautiful and exotic strains out there. Pink Candy strain is an Indica/Sativa blend with Sativa being the dominant strain. The Pink Candy strain is a cross of Stinky Pink and Cotton Candy insist some, however, this is a great strain to smoke because it gets your mind going with good feelings of happiness.

The flavor is considered sweet yet sour and contains fruity citrus that reminds you of pink lemonade. The buds are a beautiful green that has dark hairs with a purple twist, and the buds are beautifully covered with a frosty cover of trichomes with lovely pink hues.

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Characteristics of the Pink Candy Strain

Considering Pink Vandy is questionable on the genetics right now, the strain is a dominant Sativa hybrid with 80% Sativa and 20% Indica, Sativa strains are great for the afternoon sluggish times because Sativa strains are more energizing, while Indica dominant strains tend to knock you into a pure relaxed state.

People say that the strain hits you immediately after smoking it and brings on a complete euphoria that boosts the mood of the individual. The strain averages between 15% to 23% of THC  and 1% CBD, which is why it’s considered great for the afternoon downtime.

This exotic strain is known for helping people become more mentally aware of their feelings and is known for boosting creativity, by sending smokers into a higher, uplifting state of mind. The high comes on quickly enough to relax your whole body and eases many physical and mental pain issues.

Flavor and Aroma of Pink Candy Strain

The Pink Candy strain has quite an unusual aroma and flavor is both sweet and sour and smells more like lemonade. There’s still a debate going on because of the odd history and some believe it’s Pink Panther crossed with Candy Kush. Then there are others who claim it’s Stinky Pink crossed with the Cotton Candy strain.

The bottom line is the Pink Candy strain has an unusual scent and flavor and tends to smell more like pink lemonade. Considering the buds have pink hues when one looks at them, it makes sense that the flavors of citrus and sour would resemble a more pink lemonade smell and taste.

Effects of The Pink Candy Strain

This is considered a strong, Sativa is an exotic hybrid, and the effects come on immediately, and then lift your mind into an uplifting euphoria that slams you with an energizing or calming high. You can expect to be giddy, giggly, and uplifting, yet also giving you a relaxed feeling.

This is a strain that you can either smoke for most mild mental and physical disorders. The strain is known for sneaking up on you so it’s your choice whether you are using it medicinally or recreationally because the strain works for both. 

People that smoke weed is choosing to do it for health reasons because in the last 15 years or so the states have been adding marijuana on voting ballots, so the people can decide if they want the plant legalized in states that they live in.

Eventually, medical marijuana started appearing in dispensaries for people with chronic issues and then took off in some states and became recreational. Hopefully, the federal government will legalize the plant in all 50 states so people can start experiencing the effects of a wonderful high from strains like the Pink Candy strain.

Health Benefits of the Pink Candy Strain

It’s a given fact that this strain will get you up and moving if you’re tired by mid-afternoon. This strain is known for treating conditions like insomnia, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, nausea, appetite loss, and chronic pain.

There are some side effects listed and they are feelings of paranoia, concern, and a dry mouth but it also depends if you tolerate Sativa strains. Many people don’t because of the side effects so they can get the same relief from Indica strains.

If you’re one of the many people that suffer from one or more of these conditions, then Pink Candy is the strain for you. Stress can shut down the digestive and immune systems of people so the health benefits from marijuana aid many in their long road to recovery. Many of the strains help with these conditions and it all depends on your pallet and whether you are a dominant Sativa lover or not.

Growing the Pink Candy Strain

The Pink Candy strain grows like a typical Sativa plant and averages about 5 feet in height when it’s ready to be harvested. The strain can be very bushy if topped a few times during early vegging. The Pink Candy strain flowers in normal time which is about 48-60 days and are ready to harvest in 64 days.

The Pink Candy strain plant can be grown indoors and outdoors won’t exceed 80 inches in height. It’s very rare to find plants exceeding 80 inches with this strain. The seeds are super easy to find online, however, growers have a moderate problem when growing so if this is your gig, then you have to be patient.

For those that decide they want to try growing Pink Candy, then remember to check those bushes for mold, mildew, and fungus in dense areas. Try and expose some of the stems to light a few times and many of the normal issues with the growing will disappear if you know what you’re doing.

The Final Hit - Rose Gold Strain

The Final Hit

Pink Candy is one of the most interesting strains of weed out there. The buds are absolutely breath-taking with hues of pink, yellow and green surrounding the outer layer of the buds. The buds look more like a delicious piece of candy with the yellow and pinkish-red dominant tones of color. The first hit sends you into an uplifting paradise and loads your mind with creativity.

Whether you decide to sit down and enjoy the high or start puttering around, you can do both smoking Pink Candy. The plant does offer some moderate difficulty with growers but many succeed and are in awe when they see the final product. People that have chronic mental and physical issues can find relief after smoking just one hit. Pink Candy is a dominant Sativa strain with a smaller percentage of Indica and a smidge of CBD.

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