Purple Afghani Marijuana Strain

Purple Afghani has two qualities that marijuana consumers love: it’s strong and it’s easy to grow. This strain is well known for having mind-blowing THC levels, in the range of 25%. Purple Afghani is an Indica-dominant hybrid that comes in with a ratio of 75% to 25%. Something that is extremely interesting with this strain, is that when it is ready to be harvested, its calyxes turn purple.

The medical marijuana world is commonly prescribing this strain, due to its extreme Indica-dominant effects.

Novice smokers should tread lightly with this strain, as the THC levels are strong enough to send even advanced consumers into the clouds. This strain is just one example of how breeders are seeming to outdo one another with higher and higher THC strains.

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Purple Afghani Strain Origins

It’s no surprise that Purple Afghani’s parent strains are two Indica strains: Afghani and Purple Kush. These are two popular strains within the marijuana community and the Kush family is sort of royalty. Let’s get into the parent strains a little bit more to get a better understanding of its child strain Purple Afghani.

Afghani Background

The Afghani marijuana strain is an Indica strain that is known for having heavily sedating effects. Because of its powerful genetics, it is used to breed many other types of strains.

The aroma of this strain presents sweet berry and earthy notes, that consumers have come to love. It provides users with sedating outcomes that leave them in a festive state of mind. Often, this puts people directly into dreamland which creates unforgettable dreams.

Purple Kush

The Purple Kush strain is an intense pure Indica strain with high levels of THC, and was born in Oakland, CA. It has a sweet taste, and a powerful aroma, that is mentioned often by its consumers.

Much like any good Kush strain, this has long-lasting effects that instantly kill pain and mental stress. It is not a strain that is used by those looking to help cure stomach issues and therefore will not give users the munchies. Great for those marijuana users no looking to get a dad bod over the summer.

Growing Purple Afghani

Home growers can rest assured knowing that this strain is the perfect strain for their garden. It is capable of thriving both indoors and outdoors, and has a short flowering time of about 8 weeks.

Many people who have grown this strain have mentioned that it has a pleasant and natural aroma with beautiful dark purple leaves. This can be a good switch up for growers who typically grow skunky pungent strains. Switching up strains is not only helpful for the nose, but can also help in keeping your growing skills sharp. People who grow the same strain over and over tend to get too comfortable, and overlook problems that might kill their plants like mold or mildew.

When Purple Afghani is ready to be picked, its calyxes will turn purple, as mentioned above. You can anticipate this will take around 8 weeks, given adequate conditions, which put it on the top list of fast-growing strains.

You can expect incredibly dark green leaves covered in purple calyxes. The appearance of this strain is liked by many, because it’s so dark overall, and can stand out amongst other crops you might already be growing.

Purple Afghani Buds

Buds on this strain are quite dense and coated with thick trichomes. Trichomes tend to be purple in color which makes the buds on this plant stand out over all others.

Aroma and Flavor

The aroma of Purple Afghani is a bit of a curveball, so I hope you packed your Louisville Slugger bats for this one. Because the parent strains have a sweet berry aroma, you might expect that here as well, but unfortunately, this is not the case.  This strain is known for smelling like Blue Cheese, and while this doesn’t seem to be the most appealing smell, it is loved in the community.

Before you dismiss this cheese flavored strain, think about the last wine tasting you went to. Pairing cheese with wine is a delectable experience people wait weeks to indulge in. Each brings out notes in the other that are very complimentary, and the same can be done with Purple Afghani. Pull out your best bottle of wine, roll up some Purple Afghani marijuana and enjoy a rich experience you never knew you needed in your life.

Regarding the flavor, consumers can expect to taste heavily earthy notes, alongside the cheese notes, and a bit of earth on the exhale.

Medical Benefits

Right out of the gates, Purple Afghani is known for being a medical strain more than a recreational strain. Because it’s such an Indica-dominant hybrid, it puts consumers into a heavily sedative vibe. Therefore it is recommended this be used in the afternoon or at night. With such high THC levels, users feel a strong head and body high with psychedelic effects that give users the classic high feeling.

Cures Body Ailments

People who have a hard time sleeping have found some incredible success with this strain. Within minutes of use, it can send its consumers into dreamland. Consumers who have tried pharmaceuticals have found themselves using this strain instead, because it doesn’t leave any nasty side effects in the morning. A bit of this, and people will feel well rested in the morning, with zero lingering sedative effects.

This works excellent for putting body ailments at ease, thanks to the heavy buzz consumers feel. When smoked,, people feel results instantly, sometimes before they even get the full exhale out. Those who prefer to consume Purple Afghani via edibles can feel satisfied knowing it will break down and stay in the system for a minimum of 4 hours; meaning consumers don’t have to worry about pain creeping back fast.

Treats Mental Disorders

Psychologists have been said to have exceptional success with the Purple Afghani strain, because it instantly puts its consumers into a relaxed mood, which treats depression and over-thinking. Many times, people can’t control their mind processes and thoughts, and a little bit of marijuana can put a dam in the overactive thought waterfall.

Anxiety is another disorder that this strain is heavily recommended for. People who are struggling with irregular amounts of anxiety can find solace in the fact that this strain may be of use to them. At the end of a long workday, this strain is capable of soothing high levels of anxiety making people see the problem at hand isn’t as bad as it originally seemed. Sometimes having a new outlook on situations is all it takes to remove anxiety from a persons life.

Another medical benefit of this strain is that it helps tremendously with stress. Many people who struggle with stress are often not getting the adequate amount of sleep that they need. One toke of this before bed, and consumers find themselves getting great rest at night. This, in turn, leads to reduced levels of stress.

Recreational Uses

The Purple Afghani plant is not one of the more popular strains when it comes to recreational uses. It’s definitely found way more in the medical community due to its extreme THC levels. They tend to be inebriating and often make the consumers tired, which isn’t great for use before any type of social event.

With this being said, you can still use this for non-physical activities. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, you could use this for a nice night of looking out at the stars with a telescope. The THC levels will take your mind to another place and have you seeing things from a different perspective, almost putting you in outer space.

Watching Netflix, HBO, or a Showtime series are activities many marijuana users pair together. People who have no chill need a little bit of Purple Afghani to help them sit still and enjoy the binge watching.

Where to Find Purple Afghani

The most popular places to find this strain are in the medical marijuana markets. Colorado and the west coast are the most popular places that distribute this strain. It is found in almost all medical dispensaries, but be sure to call ahead to confirm before traveling specifically for this strain, if you need to travel more than an hour.

It can be found on the black market, but it isn’t recommended, as it can be found very easily in dispensaries. When shopping on the black market you never quite know what you are getting, and this can be dangerous for your health and your bank account.

Possible Negative Side Effects

If a person consumes too much of this strain, they may find themselves sleepy the next day. It also can lead to severe couchlock if the consumer isn’t careful. Couchlock does go away on its own, in due time.

Dry eyes and dry mouth can also come about. To avoid these symptoms, be sure to have eye drops and water with you while consuming this strain. It is not recommended for consumers to ever drive while under the influence, as your vision will be heavily impaired.

With such high THC levels, time dilation can also occur, leaving users in a panicked state. Do not fear, if this happens to you, as it will pass and you can not die of a weed overdose. To help fix time dilation, one can simply go in a dark room and try to sleep it off. Time dilation messes with your overall senses, so the best thing to do is diminish how much of your senses you use.

Similar Strains

When talking about similar strains to Purple Afghani, the most mentioned are typically Indica strains. If you do travel to a dispensary that typically has this strain in stock but they just ran out, then knowing a similar strain can be helpful.  Here’s a list of similar plants you can read about:


To wrap things up, the Purple Afghani strain is a great plant for medical marijuana consumers who have minor or major body troubles. If you enjoy marijuana to just relax at the end of a long day, you will also love this strain, as it can take even the most tense users to a place of amusement. For those who are into Sativa strains, you probably won’t enjoy this as much.

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