Ringo’s Gift Marijuana Strain

At first glance, people assume Ringo’s Gift marijuana is somehow connected to Ringo Star, but this is not the case. This strain was actually named after Lawerence Ringo, who was a huge cannabis activist. Ringo’s Gift is a CBD strain made from a mix of Harle-Tsu and ACDC. Unlike most strains that come in a standard set ratio, this strain comes in many variations of phenotypes.

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Origins and Lawerence Ringo

In the marijuana community, Lawerence Ringo is more popular than Ringo Star ever was or will be. He started growing at the age of 15 and was the first person who took the time to cultivate cannabis with a high CBD instead of THC.

Aside from being the biggest cannabis activist; Lawerence hybridized seeds that were harvested to make the world famous Charolettes Web strain. This strain was used to treat a little girl, Charlotte Figi, who had 300+ seizures a day. Thanks to Lawerence and his miracle marijuana, she was cured and had as little as 3 seizures a month. People credit this experience as the sole reason for why the government finally started looking into marijuana and talks of legalization were finally set into motion.

Most people to this day don’t even realize that an undercover study was done in California with about 40 children who were also cured from the Charlottes Web strain before the highly publicized Charlottes case. This case study happened under wraps due to the fact weed was not legal at the time, but it goes to show the impact cannabis can have within the medical world.

Parent Strain Info

Ringo’s Gift is made from the two strains known as Harle-Tsu and ACDC.


This is a CBD heavy strain and it typically has 20 times the count of CBD to THC. Overall, the strain makes users feel relaxed and happy, and users will in no way get a head high from this strain.


This strain is also a CBD heavy Sativa-dominant strain, and clocks in at a 1:20 ratio for CBD to THC. Medically this helps users with body pain and mental ailments.


Ringo’s Gift marijuana strain is classified as a heavy hitting CBD strain; users will experience a heavy body high, and a head high with zero psychedelic effects. A nice moderate tingling can be felt throughout the body hitting users moderately and is completed with an easy comedown.

Consumers can use this medically or recreationally without feeling trippy, anxious or paranoid.

Unlike most strains that leave you feeling so relaxed, this one won’t knock you out and put you into dreamland. Instead, users feel peaceful and content while still being alert enough to function and complete everyday tasks.

Overall, this can be used morning, afternoon or night. Munchies, couch-lock, and fatigue are all things not associated with the use of this marijuana.

Medical Properties

When patients have turned to marijuana for their medical ailments and have found unwanted results, they often give Ringo’s Gift a try. Ringo’s gift can have a CBD content of 78%-84% which means it is often sold in the form of shatter or oils. With one of the highest CBD contents measured to this day, it is guaranteed to give patients much sought after outcomes.

RG can help with medical ailments including:

  • Panic attacks
  • ADD
  • PTSD
  • Seasonal depression
  • MS
  • Chronic pain
  • Inflammation

Those searching for marijuana as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs can find much-needed relief for almost anybody or head illness. It’s a good “when in doubt” type of strain and will give more beneficial results than other strains currently on the market.

Recreational Activities

While RG is often thought as of a medical marijuana strain, those who don’t like a head high will often turn to it. Since there are zero psychological effects people like to use it before work, or running errands.

Can enhance the overall experience of:

  • Massages
  • Concerts
  • Movies
  • Meals
  • Yoga
  • Meditating

Smell and Taste

Ringo’s Gift marijuana has a smooth mixture of flavors and no skunk aroma. A few notes smelled by users include:

  • Mint
  • Nutty
  • Coffee
  • Sweet
  • Earth
  • Citrus

When users smoke this strain they notice the overall texture is light and on the exhale a spicy taste is left on the tongue. Some taste buds will pick up a very slight pine flavor but it’s overall taste is sweet.


There is not a lot of information available regarding growing this strain. What is known is that RG is not suggested to be grown by recreational growers and should instead be left to the professional cannabis cultivators. For those who are persistent and want to give it a try, it is good to know it can be grown indoors or outdoors.

Looking at both of the parent strains is a safe way to assume how RG will grow and what characteristics the plants may have. It is safe to assume this plant is not tolerant or resistant to pets and outdoor factors. An indoor, controlled environment is much more suitable for this type of plant.


The plant produces a dense leaf pattern with airy buds that are green, with a little pop of orange color. Brown pistils can be found throughout, giving the overall bud look a rather boring appearance. A crystalline structure makes the buds shine in the sunlight.


Ringo’s Gift can have a yield of 10-16 ounces per plant outdoors, or 8-12 ounces per meter squared indoors.

Popular Cities

RG can be found in dispensaries all over, but they are often purchased from:

  • Reno, NV
  • Portland, OR
  • Tacoma, WA
  • Salem, OR

Oregon is hands down the most popular state to grow and sell RG.

Side Effects

There are no real adverse side effects or things to worry about with this specific strain. To keep dehydration at bay, consumers should always have lots of water before, during, and after marijuana consumption. Combating dry eyes is as easy as getting eye drops from the local drug store and remembering to use them throughout the day.

Since the THC content is low, users will not get paranoid or develop an overactive mind. Those who worry about having a bad trip can consume easily, knowing that outcome should not occur.

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