Snowman Cookie Strain Reviewed

The Snowman Cookie strain is also known as Snowman OG and is a hybrid cannabis strain created by mixing the Girl Scout Cookies strain and the Fire OG strain. The Snowman Cookie strain gives you a euphoric and uplifting high and is perfect for people who are more on the creative side because the strain is known for sparking creativity. This is also a good strain to get lost in your thoughts and do some deep thinking.

The smell of this strain is like smelling a “gassy” odor, however; the strain has some of that sweet vanilla undertone to it and growers report that the buds are lime green and rich in trichomes. Medical marijuana patients are known to choose this strain for symptoms like stress and anxiety.

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Characteristics of the Snowman Cookie Strain

The Snowman Cookie strain is an Indica dominant hybrid strain with 80% Indica and 20 % Sativa, that has been created by crossing the infamous strain of Bubba Kush, Fire OG with the Girl Scout Cookies Strain. Snowman Cookies high hits you soon after you hit your final toke. The high feels like a rush of cerebral euphoria flowing into your body.

The reason they named the strain Snowman Cookie is that one of the parents is the Snowman strain so when people observe the bud, they will see a condensed bud that has white with so many rich trichomes that the bud looks like it’s all white.

The Snowman Cookie strain buds have fluffy and densely shaped olive green nugs with brilliant orange hairs topped off with a thick and frosty coating of deep amber crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Aroma of the Snowman Cookie Strain

The flavor of the Snowman Cookie strain is described as fresh nutty herbs and rich spicy woods that are slightly pungent in flavor. The bud is known for its mysterious origins and the aroma is described as a burnt rubber smell with a pungent aroma finish. This strain is also described as having an earthy, cushy flavor combined with vanilla spice.

The flavor and aroma come from the cross of Girl Scout Cookies and people say the flavor is very similar. The flavorful vanilla undertones can still be detected in the aroma so by crossing Girls Scout Cookies, you get a similar taste with a more pungent exhale.

Effects Of Snowman Cookies

This is an Indica dominant strain so the effects come on fast after the last toke and it’s a good strain for creativity or deep thought. People report that the strain helps them relax and focus on what needs to be accomplished. The strain also calms one down after a long day and reduces the negative stress from the events of the day.

People report euphoria and an uplifting mood after they smoke the final hit on this one. If you are new to the cannabis scene and get your hand on some Snowman Cookie strain, remember the high comes on quickly so absorb the high slowly before making any decisions to drive or operate heavy equipment.

Bud will always be cool in our world but the strains have become a business and are produced with much higher amounts of THC, so smoke it, slowly when you’re first trying potent strains like the Snowman Cookie strain.

Health Benefits of the Snowman Cookie Strain

Snowball strain named for its super frosty appearance smacks you with a high that’s great for those lazy afternoons when you want to kick back and meditate or do some introspective thinking. You will also feel euphoric and uplifted from the beginning to the end of the high with a boost of creativity for you who love starting DIY projects.

The strain puts people into a relaxing state of mind and allows one to go in and out of this mellow introspective state and helps with a touch of physical relaxation that pulls you back into the real world without the sedation effects.

The heavy effects and the high THC level that comes in at around 23% plus and the higher concentrates of THC levels make Snowman Cookie strain one of the best for treating patients that suffer from appetite loss, depression, chronic stress, chronic fatigue, nausea, insomnia, and appetite loss. This strain is recommended for treating patients that have had cannabis before and know what to expect from the high.

Growing the Snowman Cookie Strain

Growers can expect a heavy yield because of the combination of world-famous strains. The yields consist of a heavy-hitting bud with an exquisite appearance that leaves one in awe. The buds are fluffy and dense, with the shape of a spade and are olive green in appearance, and they also have dark crystal trichomes that are amber in color, resembling a frosty appearance! As with most great buds, you will find bright orange hairs, streaking through the nugget as well.

When you start breaking apart the nugs, an aroma of rich spicy woods and a pungent earthy smell are released. The strain can be grown indoors and outdoors with an outdoor harvest expected to be in late October.

Some claim the level of THC comes in at between 26-30% with a flowering time between 9 to 10 weeks indoors. The strain content is .01% CBD as well as 80 % Indica/20% Sativa, and as mentioned before 26-30% THC with every yield.

The yields come in as 12 ounces per square meter indoors and 18 ounces or more per plant with outdoor yields and is classified as an easy grow. Therefore given these facts an experienced grower can expect a nice yield from growing the strain.

The Final Hit - Rose Gold Strain

The Final Hit

When you’re deciding upon a strain to try, then check out Snowman Cookies because of all the great benefits you can get both health-wise and mind-wise. Don’t be afraid to let the weed do its trick and put your worries at ease for a while so you can do something productive. The strain helps with tension and insomnia along with appetite loss and depression.

It doesn’t take much to get a nice buzz going with this strain because the strain hits as soon as the final product is smoked. The Snowman Cookie strain can be smoked from any piece of choice, however, users have suggested glass pipes and bongs of any kind!

The reviews are good for this strain as well, with some saying it reminds them of the creamsicle strain, while other people prefer a better-tasting Indica strain. Whatever your fancy is as a cannabis connoisseur, you’re going to know if Snowman Cookies hits the spot when you toke.

Many cannabis strains taste like a smooth cognac, you just have to find the one that suits your pallet. If you’re a grower then you know that this is an easy strain to grow and takes 9 to 10 weeks indoors and yields a good load in late October if growing outdoors. Give the Snowman Cookie strain a whirl and see if you gain any health benefits if you’re a patient that depends on cannabis to ease their pain.

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