Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

Forget your morning cup of coffee. The Sour Diesel marijuana strain works even better as an early morning motivator. This strain is perfect for any time of day. It will invigorate, revitalize, and energize you like nothing you have ever experienced. Not only do many people agree that using this strain is like consuming large amounts of caffeine, but they also believe it to be extremely medicinal.

Sour Diesel Strain Info and Lineage

What is Sour Diesel? Sour Diesel is a sativa marijuana strain featuring a 90% sativa, 10% indica ratio. If you are looking for a strain that has overwhelming sedating effects, this is not the strain for you. Instead, you might try an indica dominant strain.

Sativa dominant strains like the Sour Diesel weed strain are known to make users feel excited, vibrant, and energetic. Typically this strain will also make you feel clear-headed and focused which is perfect for those early mornings or when you need an afternoon pick-me-up. The Sour Diesel strain THC levels are between 18-26% so you can expect a little of this powerful strain to go a long way.

The origin of this outstanding marijuana strain remains a mystery. But, most believe Sour Diesel is the product of the potent parent plants Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.

Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Given its name, it is not really surprising that this strain is known to be one of the most pungent and stinkiest marijuana strains available. However, this quality is one of the reasons Sour Diesel is so famous. People love its unique skunky and citrusy aroma. Be aware that this pungent smell is also likely to stick with you even after you’re done with it.

When it comes to the flavor of Sour Diesel, you can expect strong earthy flavors with hints of lemon and citrus. Though, overall, the skunkiness of this strain is likely to be overpowering leaving you with only traces of citrus and spice.

This potent and powerful strain is known to have a pretty classic pot look. Pinkish-orange pistils twist up through leafy green sugar leaves as tiny crystal trichomes frost the nuggets hinting that you’re in for a real hard hit.

Sour Diesel Grow Info

Under the right conditions, the Sour Diesel cannabis strain can be grown indoors or outdoors. However, no matter where you decide to grow it, keep in mind that its strong smell will let anyone in the vicinity know it’s there.

While this may not be the best strain to choose if this is your very first time giving growing a go, it also isn’t the most challenging strain to grow either. This might be an excellent strain for those who have a little experience under their belt and want to try something a little more difficult without getting too crazy.

The Sour Diesel strain yield is average when compared to other strains. However, the Sour Diesel strain flowering time is a little longer than average at 9-10 weeks.


If you decide to grow Sour Diesel outdoors, keep in mind that the plants will need to be cultivated under plenty of sunshine and with very fertile soil. If there is not enough sunshine, the crop can suffer and lose its potency.

Because of its longer flowering time, you can expect the outdoor harvest for this strain to be in early November instead of October like many other strains. However, a lack of sunshine can cause an early flowering period which is not healthy for your plants. When growing Sour Diesel outdoors, you can expect a larger yield of around 20-25 ounces per plant.


The Sour Diesel marijuana strain can be cultivated under lights in soil or by using the hydroponics method. But, if grown indoors, this strain will need plenty of space to grow as it can be known to reach pretty tall heights. When grown indoors you can expect a yield of around 20-25 ounces per squared meter.

Sour Diesel Strain Effects


This versatile strain is known to spark creativity and positivity. Often people even say the strain makes them feel vibrant and bubbly. But, even though Sour Diesel is an awesome pick-me-up, it also has calming qualities that will make you feel light and airy without bringing your energy levels down.

Overall, this strain is a fantastic mood-booster that will give you a sense of calm and clarity without overly relaxing you. The marijuana strain Sour Diesel will allow you to still be able to get things done with your day. It can be enjoyed in the morning, afternoon, or evening but you may want to stay away from this strain before heading to bed.


With any cannabis strain, it is crucial to know your limits and stick to them. It is always better to start small and take it easy at first and try more next time if you feel comfortable.

With this strain, there is the possibility that you may experience increased anxiety or paranoia, especially with larger doses. If you begin to feel anxious or paranoid, try to relax or maybe even meditate. It is essential that if you start to feel this way, to keep in mind that it will eventually pass.

The most common side effects associated with the cannabis strain Sour Diesel are dry mouth and dry eyes. Both of these side effects are common with most strains and can be easily managed or even prevented. Just be sure to stay well hydrated before, during, and after you use Sour Diesel and use some moisturizing eye drops for the dry eyes.

Medical Benefits of Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is notorious for making its users feel uplifted and positive. Many people who struggle with stress or depression find this strain beneficial. However, if you decide to use this strain for a mental disorder, it is best to stick to a low dose. Too much may actually cause you more anxiety.

Sour Diesel has also found to be an excellent source for those who deal with chronic fatigue. If you experience chronic fatigue, with a slightly larger dose, this strain will help you feel replenished and ready for the day once again.

Those who suffer from headaches, migraines, and chronic pain may also find relief with the Sour Diesel strain. For long lasting and effective relief for these types of issues, you may want to try this strain in the form of concentrates or edibles.

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