The Sour Punch Strain Reviewed

If you are a Sativa lover, then you will like the Sour Punch Strain. The strain has buds that are sweet and dense, granting growers a nice yield every time they are planted. You’ll love the aroma because it’s a combination of sweet berry and bitter lemon. Sour Punch is a hybrid that’s bred by using Sannie seeds and also brags about the strong genetics from its parent strains of Super Silver Haze and The One.

People that have smoked the Sour Punch strain have enjoyed the high because it’s a nice dreamy high that’s excellent for folks that love getting creative when they smoke. The best time to smoke this strain is during the day, but there are many who enjoy smoking Sour Punch at night. This strain doesn’t turn you into a couch potato like many strains of cannabis. This strain gives you a more creative and uplifting high.

The Sour Punch Strain is one of the most popular strains in the United States that cannabis lovers smoke. The Sour Punch strain has made it to the top of the list. For all Sativa lovers that are creative, this is the perfect strain for you to smoke. Grab a friend or have a small get-together and see how creative you can get while enjoying the tokes of the Sour Punch strain.

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Characteristics of the Sour Punch Strain

The Sour Punch strain is a dominant Sativa hybrid strain designed by crossing an insanely, delicious blend of Super Lemon Haze X and The One Strains. The ratios can vary from breeder to breeder, and the THC levels clock out at 24%. If you want tasteful, delicious punch-flavored marijuana, then this is the best option for you! This strain offers a strong and sweet berry and lemon flavor that resembles candy. These flavors mix well and continue to linger on your taste buds a while after smoking.

Despite its Sativa dominance, Sour Punch is perfect for treating ailments like anxiety, stress, insomnia, chronic pain, mood swings, and mild to moderate cases of depression. The bud has long, narrow green nugs shaped like foxtails, with rich amber hairs, minty leaves, and a wintery look of finely covered semi-translucent crystal trichomes.

Flavor and Aroma of Sour Punch Strain

The flavor of the strain gives you that mouth-watering punch, packed with strong berry sour and sour lemon candy flavors. There’s also a tad bit of honeyberry that’s actually very pleasant to the pallet as well. Even with its sugary sweet, lemon taste, Sugar Punch is loved by many for the strain’s sedative, dreamy effects.

The aroma is to die for because the nugs smell like sour lemon candy and you also can smell that hint of honeyberry that makes smoking this strain so popular. Imagine the aroma of nicely shaped lemon candy buds wafting into your nose.

Effects of Sour Punch Strain

The effects of the Sour Punch strain put you into a dreamy-like sedative state that can lull you into a hazy and creative state of mind. The main effects are creativeness, energizing, happy and relaxed and since this strain works well for chronic pain, you can pick your battle and chill or start something new.

Sour Punch puts you into a happy relaxed mood, so this strain is perfect for a boost in creativity. If you’re dragging, the strain also has an energizing boost for you. If you’re suffering from many chronic conditions, Sour Punch will relieve those issues and lift you back up to your happy self!

If you suffer from any behavioral health issues like PTSD, anxiety, depression, mood swings, and other disorders, Sour Punch will rein you back in and after a hit; your symptoms will dissipate while you enjoy the chance to get rid of your emotions for a while. Some of these disorders and diseases mentioned are very common concerns for many people.

Sour Punch can put you in such a relaxed state of mind that it relieves eye pressure as well. This strain is quite effective for many ailments and mental health issues considering its dominance is Sativa. That’s what makes it one of the top strains in America because people can smoke it and still get stuff done or sit back and chill.

The dream-like euphoria helps many control their negative thoughts and turns them around to focus on other things. That’s what is nice about Sour Punch, it works in so many ways that a dominant Indica hybrid doesn’t. We all love Indica and some strains are very strong for pain, but many people prefer an Indica dominant strain as well because they can function fine on it.

The bottom line is if you love lemon candy and adore these beautiful nugs, along with the killer aroma, then if you haven’t tried, take a gamble. You won’t be sorry because when you experience the perfect effects from Sour Punch, you will see why it’s so popular.

Health Benefits of Sour Punch

The effects of this strain run along with the health benefits of the strain, and those were mentioned before. The health benefits are amazing if you have a variety of ailments including behavioral health issues. Why take an unneeded pill when you can take a hit of weed and relax knowing you’re using a plant-based medicine. That’s the problem with getting marijuana permanently legalized because the doctors don’t want to lose their pain patients so they are going to push whatever they can and get a kickback, while they promise you that your pain will subside.

Besides, why get addicted to a pill when you can smoke some holistic medication. Many people with small children have moved to states that have legalized marijuana and are using strains like Sour Punch instead of Chemo. In many cases, the patient functions better on medical marijuana than chemo and other meds that have too many side effects.

If you suffer from depression and read the side effects, one of them is always suicide so why put yourself in that place when you can try an alternative. This strain works for mild to moderate depression so if you have a diagnosis that requires medication because you have a strong case of depression, don’t stop taking your meds unless your doctor weans you. It wouldn’t hurt to smoke some pot, but for people with very strong depression issues, don’t try anything until you talk to your doctor.

Some people suffer from glaucoma and this strain is known to relieve eye pressure. When marijuana started to become legal, one of the main diseases the strains helped was glaucoma. Cannabis Doctors started popping up and opening dispensaries for medical use only. As the years went on, the government realized what a haul they could make if they legalized it, but we still have so many states against it and everything in Washington is always a fight. Hopefully, someday in our lifetime, cannabis will be legalized.

Growing Sour Punch

It takes 60 to 75 days to grow the Sour Punch strain indoors and if you grow outdoors, then harvest is around mid-October like many of the strains of cannabis, The Sour Punch strain has heavy, dense buds with the most powerful aromas, and the resin output is extremely heavy. Fortunately, Sour Punch seeds can be found online and the plant can be grown both indoors and out. The yield varies depending on if you grow indoors or out.

The yield can bring between 2 to 4 ounces per foot and 4 to 6 ounces per foot if grown outdoors, In both cases, the plants are 60 to 80 cm high, and the flowering period averages at nine weeks. The Sour Punch strain is a more difficult plant to grow and the flowering type is photoperiod. Remember when cannabis strains have thick, dense bushes, it is good to expose the bottom stems to light so mold, mites, and mildew, don’t start attacking your crop.

Sour Punch will give you a heavily medicated experience if your crops yield a healthy load of flowers. There are so many great recipes you can make from a good Sour Punch yield. You can get quite a few O’s out of a nice growing area, either indoors or out. If you have the space and can plant outdoors, you might get a healthier yield depending on what state you live in. Laws vary depending on if you live in a recreational state or not but laws have also relaxed and people are allowed a certain weight load with tickets as low a buck in states where Delta8 moved in.

The Final Hit - Sour Punch

The Final Hit

Wow! The Sour Punch strain can pack a wallop after a few hits. No worries though because if you decide you want to get up and finish a project, the strain is as energizing as it is sedating so pick your battles with this strain. If you want to hang on the couch, relax and enjoy then by all means do it because many people who smoke become creative by sitting back and thinking. Either way, it works and relieves many medical issues people have including anxiety, mild to moderate depression, PTSD, eye pressure, and more.

If you are looking for a good strain and go to a dispensary, talk to the employees because they are like the medical professionals of cannabis if you’re looking for relief or a bomb-ass high to forget about your day. Don’t forget that lemon candy taste with a hint of honeyberry. The aroma alone will have you dreaming about getting home to smoke a hit after a tedious life! StrainSanity did the research, all you have to do is smoke the Sour Punch strain!

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