Super Silver Haze Marijuana Strain

Super Silver Haze strain is best known for its deep psychedelic effects. It has such an uplifting factor, that many users have testified wanting to hang out in clubs and talk to their friends all night. This Haze strain was discovered by Green House Seeds. It was the first prize winner at the High Times Cup in 1997, 1998 and 1999. Silver Haze was also awarded prizes at the High Times Harvest Festival.

Inhaled, the effects come on quickly and immediately and you are uplifted. Super Silver Haze delivers a nice flavor experience with a smooth hit, and just the right heat. The taste is plain, but with a freshness and rugged honey aspect to it.

Super Silver Haze is a perfect strain for you if you are seeking to truly feel uplifted. It provides a sense of being enlightened, uplifted and ready to face the day.  The aroma is pungent and makes you think of pine cones.

This strain has stood the test of time and continues to win awards. It has remained a favorite for many users around the world.

Super Silver Haze has become a favorite for recreational and medical consumers alike. It is really motivating and during the second half of its long-lasting high, it begins to soothe the body. It can be used as a daytime medication for fatigue, mood disorders, and migraines.

Super Silver Haze Marijuana Seeds

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If you are looking for a strain that can reduce anxiety and pain, this is the perfect option. Super Silver Haze offers a citrus taste and an excellent high!

Lasting Effects

Super Silver Haze’ lasting effects allow you to enjoy relief for longer intervals. There is a THCA option for those who don’t want to have the psychoactive effects. The experience is fairly robust and provides boosts to creative and intellectual pursuits.

It can potentially help to relieve pain and decrease anxiety. Super Silver Haze can actually manage a lot of painful conditions. It also relieves you of all the confusion that accompanies stress. All this in addition to providing a relaxing experience for the body and mind.

Plant Characteristics

A seasoned grower will have a smooth transition cultivating this strain. Super Silver Haze is produced from its parents: Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights, which are all notable strains. This is a sativa strain. The plant is white, hairy and resinous. The name silver comes from the color of the plant hairs. If you are buying Super Silver Haze in flower form confirm that the bud you see matches with the name. The strain is the original designer weed, not a designer taste like Blueberry, Cantaloupe, Chocolate etc. Even though it does not have a designer taste, it looks good.

Appearance and Feel

Super Silver Haze is high in THC content, about 23%. It has densely grouped bright green buds covered in glittering cannabinoid quartzes and dark pink pistils. The moisture content is perfectly balanced, not too dry or ‘uncured’. Hues appear here and there of darker pink/amber and lighter greens/yellow pistils sprinkled all over the buds.

Smell and Taste

This strain is not a designer taste, so the smell is original, a bright aroma of earthy pine and sharp citrus. It has a strong citrus smell as well. When vaporized, the smell is actually enticing and features an undertone of sweetness which produces an overall good flavor. You may not enjoy the smell as much as for other designer tastes, like Blueberry.

Medical Use

You can find Super Silver Haze a great benefit for managing depression and ADHD. It is one of the best strains to help with focus. The distinctive focus factor is attributed to the higher amounts of Pinene present. Furthermore, it alleviates the short-term memory loss side effect of THC. The earthy pine smell is attributed to the fact that Super Silver Haze contains high amounts of pinene.

This strain effect can be a cerebral high with a bit of full-body relaxation and does not have any ‘sativa anxiety.’ You remain focused and productive on all tasks that need to be accomplished.  It is easy communicating information both in person and through text-based interfaces. As a matter of fact, you find yourself doing so quickly and, naturally.

Personal observations of people who frequently use Super Silver Haze say it managed the following conditions as well:

  • Improved concentration and memory loss
  • Depression and related anxiety
  • Treating the lack of motivation
  • ADD/ADHD or focus related issues

Terpenes in Super Silver Haze

  • Ocimene 1: yields anti-inflammatory effects, possesses antiviral properties, antiseptic, antifungal and a decongestant.
  • B-Caryophyllene: reduces craving for alcohol, is anti-inflammatory, an anti-depressant, and fights anxiety.
  • B-Myrcene: produces sedative-like effects, a muscle relaxant, antibiotic, analgesic, and anti-mutagenic.
  • Gualol: it is believed to be an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial
  • Terpinolene: it’s a sedative, might help fight cancer, possesses anti-fungal properties and is an antioxidant.


Sour and earthy, Super Silver Haze may not be the most pleasant plant to grow. It needs the right amount of nutrients to be able to synthesize properly to grow significant buds. It requires a good quantity of sunlight as well.

Optimal cultivation techniques are necessary to yield a good harvest. You will have more cannabis in less time.

This strain does well when grown in a hydroponics setup, but you can also grow it in soil or outdoors. Can also be grown in Greenhouse set up where it can take up to 11 weeks to grow, which is a bit longer than normal eight to ten weeks.

Haze from the equator and outlying regions are stretchy and gangly, with thin stalks scattered in puff-ball buds. Super Silver Haze hybrid, on the other hand, combines very desirable haze genetics with the Northern Lights indica and Skunk. Therefore, it is a manageable variety and it easy to grow.

The THC content is so high that many other hybrids cannot match its potency. Indica content is 25%, sativa content is 75%. This blend can leave the user with a heady euphoric feeling, which keeps users from getting too high. Rather than being stuck in your own head, the Indica component of Super Silver Haze helps to steady out elevation and keep you focused.

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