The Tangerine Haze Strain Reviewed

The Tangerine Haze strain was discovered back in 2003 by the Devil’s Harvest Krew. This strain is crossed with the Soma’s original NYC Diesel phenotype and G-13 Haze. This plant has a distinctive tangerine taste and smell, so fans of tangerines and even oranges will love the Tangerine Haze strain. It’s well-known for being one of, if not the sweetest tasting and smelling marijuana strain you can find. As an Indica-dominant hybrid, this strain is the complete package. 10 out of 10 taste and smell and a good potency of 11%-21% THC. The Tangerine Haze strain has both Indica effects and Sativa effects.

The Tangerine Haze strain has a great smell, and the high itself would be good for users looking for a mental pick-me-up first thing in the morning. This strain has 40 percent of Sativa which allows for a great energy boost. However, it won’t be so stimulating to the point it will keep you awake if you choose to smoke at night. In fact, the Tangerine Haze strain will help you relax into a deep sleep because at the end of the day, it’s still a 60 percent Indica dominant strain. 

Tangerine Haze Strain

Tangerine Haze Origins

Coming from the Netherlands, the Tangerine Haze strain comes only in its clone form. The strains parents are the G13 Haze and NYC Diesel strains. Both are cannabis celebrities in their own right and are well known worldwide.

Like the paparazzi, we’re going to take a closer look.

G13 Haze Background

G13 Haze is an 80 percent Sativa dominant hybrid that was the love child of G13 and Haze that was made to create a calming but mentally uplifting experience.  Not advised for new smokers because it averages a 22% THC profile. THC this high great for easing symptoms of depression, pain, and stress. 

NYC Diesel Background

Also known as “Soma Sour Diesel”, NYC Diesel was originally bred by Soma Sacred Seeds back in the early 2000s. This strain won 5 Cannabis Cup trophies. The high-achieving strain is a 60% Sativa dominant profile and usually tests at around 18% THC.  As you could expect, the NYC Diesel marijuana strain packs a big punch that users can’t seem to get enough of.

By the name, you would think the aroma of NYC Diesel would be an unpleasant one; smelling of sidewalk garbage and car exhaust — but you would be wrong. It smells like lime and grapefruit had a baby, and the high is said to leave users feeling physically relaxed and emotionally uplifted. 


Be forewarned that Tangerine Haze is quite difficult to grow, so novice or even intermediate home-growers should rethink growing this strain. The good news is that it can be grown both outdoors and indoors, but regardless of where it has to be kept in a “Mediterranean-like” climate as much as possible. 

The flowers grow to medium size, dark green bud, and the structure will look similar to miniature pine cones that will appear dense and compact, or fluffier and more ragged — depending on the phenotype of plant you get. Its dark green leaves are covered in vibrant orange pistils, with a resinous silver sheen coating them. 


Indoor growers can expect the Tangerine Haze strain to flower at the 8-9 week mark and will yield about 18 to 23 oz per square meter. Getting the proper timing down is strongly urged, and probably why it is such a difficult strain to grow. Harvesting at the wrong time can completely ruin the flavor, and its flavor is why this strain is so well-known and coveted in the first place. 


The most important thing here to note is that outdoor grows for Tangerine Haze plants do require a Mediterranean-like climate to grow properly. If not — it won’t be harvested on time, and it won’t taste or smell like the Tangerine Haze strain. But, if grown properly, it will be ready to harvest by mid to late October, and it will yield about 24 ounces per square meter. 

Flavor, Aroma, and Appearance

While this strain is easy on the eyes, it’s got a pretty standard look for marijuana with dense buds speckled with red hairs that are covered in white resin. 

The flavor of Tangerine Haze is just like biting into a tangerine; sweet, citrusy, and a little bitter. People who love and use this strain keep coming back for more just because of its flavor. While you will taste mostly tangerine, you’ll get slight hints of lime — which creates an almost cotton candy-like sweetness. 

In terms of smell, it’s exactly like it sounds: a Tangerine Haze. Typically, most cannabis strains smell stronger than they taste, but this one tastes more like tangerines than it smells. Overall, the Tangerine Haze strain reportedly offers a very smooth smoke that isn’t harsh on the throat or lungs and doesn’t interfere with the sweet, citrusy taste of tangerine, lime, or grapefruit. 

Reported Positive Effects

Tangerine Haze eases users into a happy and creative fog that leaves that leave you feeling focused and uplifted. Since this is a relatively potent strain, make sure to consume this strain light in the beginning so you don’t over-do it and become paranoid or mentally distorted to the point it’s not enjoyable. 

Since this is an Indica-dominant hybrid (60/40) — the physical and mental changes are great for cannabis enthusiasts who are looking for a great all-around high that can be used morning or night. Artists also sing praises to the Tangerine Haze gods, attributing some of their best work while under the influence of this strain, claiming it allows them to tap into different areas of the brain. 

In fact, all creatives (musicians, artists, writers, designers, etc.) would be great candidates for Tangerine Haze for its uncanny ability to focus and fuel creativity.


What we love about balanced strains is that they truly offer the best of both worlds. Active users that enjoy the outdoors and always being on the go will enjoy this strain because the high Sativa content gives this Indica dominant bud a pep in its step — but without causing jitteriness or anxiety. 

Weekend warriors who enjoy jogging, kayaking, cycling, or golfing will more than likely love this strain. 


Tangerine Haze can sweeten a sour mood, and ease symptoms caused by a long list of ailments, including: 


Not surprisingly, the Tangerine Haze marijuana strain has a reputation for quickly lifting depression. The mentally stimulating effects of all Sativa’s are known to get rid of the blues. With this strain being able to reduce anxiety, it also improves the user’s life since many people struggle with the side effects of depression as well as dangerous medication prescribed to those suffering from this mental illness.


Stress levels decline when individuals have enough energy to be physically active. The strong Sativa influence of the Tangerine Haze weed strain doesn’t have the feelings of laziness and lethargy, which leads to more exercise. This effect helps users become less stressed.

Reported Negative Effects

Like with most other marijuana strains, the Tangerine Haze strain may cause dry mouth and red eyes, but aside from that, there haven’t been any reported negative side-effects to this strain. However, to prevent a “bad” high, it is smart to always go low and slow with your doses. This is because smoking too much of this strain, too soon is what has led to a negative experience. 

Final Hit

We think that Tangerine Haze would be ideal for those who enjoy good-tasting weed that relaxes the body and energizes the mind. Marijuana users will fall for this strain, as will those looking to get off the couch.

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