The Wedding Crasher Strain Reviewed

It seems like the focus has been on sedating strains lately, even in the hybrid world, as more and more people are looking for something that will help them relax, destress and get some much-needed sleep.  But, today, we’ll be talking about a strain that’s ideal for daytime, as its energizing and creativity-boosting properties make it a favorite for afternoon use, as well as social environments.

Wedding Crasher strain, also called Wedding Crashers strain, is a Sativa-dominant hybrid with a 55/45 ratio.  With its low CBD level and above-20 percent THC content, it’s fairly powerful, but it’s also the kind of strain that you’ll want to take when you could use a boost, rather than when you’re trying to slow things down.

It’s a blend of Purple Punch and Wedding Cake, which is apparent in both its flavor and its overall effects.  Now, we’ll talk about why this strain is the kind that you’ll want to break out at a party, while hanging with your buds, before doing household chores or when you want to write that perfect song.

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Characteristics of Wedding Crasher Strain

Characteristics of Wedding Crashers strain

Wedding Crasher strain buds are quite soothing to look at, with rich green colors throughout, creamy and frosty white trichomes, and golden-orange hairs.  Amber-purple undertones also make these buds very attractive.  The buds are notably long and narrow, being tapered at the top.  Nugs are pretty compact thanks to the heavy Indica influence.

Flavor and Aroma of Wedding Crasher Strain

Wedding Crasher strain has a strong grape flavor, which isn’t surprising due to the Purple Punch influence.  It’s the type of grape flavor that will leave you licking your lips.  The finish is just as pleasant, offering warm, rich, and creamy vanilla that comes from the Wedding Cake influence.  If you’ve ever had a purple cow beverage, which is grape juice with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, you’ll note the similarities.

The aroma also has a strong grape and vanilla profile, but there’s also more earthiness and some diesel in there.  When smoked, those notes all but disappear, leaving behind a dessert-like taste that you’ll truly savor every second of while smoking it.

Effects of Wedding Crasher Strain

This is a hybrid that gives you very strong Sativa effects, simply put.  It’s a favorite for daytime enthusiasts, who find that it works great for social occasions as they feel totally in control, and energized to boot.  It can make you the life of the party, as you might feel more confident once it’s in your system.

Wedding Crasher strain makes you feel giddy, giggly, and motivated.  It’s commonly used by those looking for a creative boost because it can help you finally find the desire to finish that chapter, song, or painting.  It can even give you some pretty cool ideas along the way, as it plays a big role in your cognition.  You’ll feel like your concentration is in top form the whole way through.

Similarly, this is a good strain to try when you’re home during the day and need a little extra push as you do projects and chores.  It makes the acts of doing laundry and washing dishes seem less grueling, and time will likely fly by.

Even though it has a pretty decent THC level, surprisingly, few report feelings of paranoia, racing heart or any other common anxiety symptoms that come from taking in too much in a short period of time.  Further, couchlock is rarely reported, and so you won’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with a desire to nap.

The euphoric effects grow steadily, and you’ll feel a clear peak before things settle down and the general happiness lingers for a few hours.  You’ll also feel a sense of calm, which is great for anyone struggling with racing thoughts, or thoughts of a negative or intrusive nature.  Positivity is what this strain is all about, the good vibes will keep on rolling for quite a while compared to other popular strains.

Health Benefits of Wedding Crashers Strain

Based on the effects we got into above, you won’t be surprised to learn that this is a strain very popular among those who have social anxiety.  We’re not exaggerating when we say that you just might find your voice in social settings.  Many report feelings of self-assurance, which help them break the ice when they’re at a party and don’t know the majority of people in the room.  A lot of high-THC strains have a tendency to make us feel a bit awkward around others – either we get quiet or we become self-conscious about our social skills.  This doesn’t seem to produce those types of unwanted effects, but rather produce the opposite.

It can be good for depression as well as anxiety, as its clear happiness-boosting properties can be a nice relief from a low mood that you’re going through.  And, because it’s energizing and great for daytime use, it’s good for people who are struggling with chronic fatigue.

Many report pain benefits as well from the Wedding Crasher strain.  While it doesn’t give you that melting-into-the-couch feeling that comes from muscle-relaxing properties, it does seem to do quite a good job releasing tension throughout the body.  Further, a lot of fans report a warm, tingly sensation that lasts for a while without feeling overwhelming in any way.

Growing Wedding Crasher Strain

Unfortunately, Wedding Crasher strain is on the rarer side.  It’s hard to find seeds, and its growing popularity means that when they do become available, they sell out quickly. Your best option is to find a cutting and create a clone.

Also, because of how rare it is, there isn’t an established list of growing rules.  But, if you’re already familiar with growing hybrids, you’ll be able to use your experience and intuition to get a decent yield in most cases.

Plants can be grown hydroponically or in nutrient-rich soil, as they don’t like heavy, poorly draining clay soil types.  Outdoors and indoors are fine, and the plant seems to want a 60 to 85-degree Fahrenheit range.  The flowering time is about nine to ten weeks.

Note that this is not a strain that’s known for its height.  So, don’t feel like you did something wrong if the plant remains compact – that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.  They tend to grow more wide than tall.

The Final Hit

Wedding Crasher strain is an easy choice for someone who likes their cannabis to be energizing, uplifting, and motivating rather than sedating and sleep-inducing.  It’s becoming easier to find than before, but it may still be tough to find in seed form.  Regardless, once you get your first taste of it, you’re likely to find that it’s highly useful to keep in good supply.

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