White Buffalo Strain Reviewed

The White Buffalo strain is easily one of the best cannabis strains to reach for when you’re feeling burnout.  Named after its unique appearance, the White Buffalo strain is a powerful hybrid. It’s 80 percent Sativa and 20 percent Indica.  Its effects on mood make it an extremely desirable choice, and its rarity compared to other strains has made it something of a holy grail among many cannabis enthusiasts.

White Buffalo strain is a cross between Blackberry Kush, Bay 11, and Romulan.  It has a 20 percent THC level, which is on the higher end of things, but not the most potent that we’ve ever seen.

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Besides its extremely enjoyable effects, the flavor of White Buffalo strain is unlike anything else on the cannabis market, and many enthusiasts love taking puff after puff just to experience its taste over and over again.  Now, let’s take a deep dive into this fairly elusive but widely beloved choice.

Characteristics of White Buffalo Strain

White Buffalo strain gets its name from the frosty white coating of beautiful trichomes.  These trichomes give the buds a hairy appearance, reminiscent of – you guessed it – white buffalo.  To add to the similarity, the green of the buds is an extremely muted shade which is almost gray in appearance.  Golden flecks appear as though they are creeping up beneath the surface.

The buds are naturally quite dense, and they’re also fairly large.  Some compare the appearance to pinecones.

Flavor and Aroma of White Buffalo Strain

Few will argue White Buffalo strain offers a uniquely satisfying flavor and aroma.  When you first open up the package, you’ll get a strong whiff of bold fruitiness that is tempered with the herbal notes that you’re familiar with.  A hint of diesel can be found as well.

The flavor is compared to a combination of plums and apples, with a candy-like finish.  If your mouth is watering, we don’t blame you.  While a lot of fruity strains have a strong tart beginning, this one offers an underlying sweetness throughout the entire smoke.  It’s known for being something of a lip-smacker, as the candy-like finish lingers after the exhale, tempting you to lick your lips until you take your next puff.

Effects of White Buffalo Strain

With its strong THC content, we do suggest starting slow with this one.  Like any higher-THC strain, you might end up with some paranoia if you have too much all at once.  It’s best to slowly get acquainted with the unique effects of this strain, and continue as desired until you’re feeling satisfied.

White Buffalo strain is a heavy hitter, and its effects are fast – we mean it.  You won’t be waiting for it to kick in, as you’ll experience its power within minutes.  You’ll quickly get a strong cerebral kick with ribbons of euphoria, and likely a headband effect that lingers.  Some tingling around the temples is commonly reported, which many describe as warm, pleasant, and comforting.

The energizing nature of this strain is in full effect shortly after it kicks in, but eventually, it makes way for a more calming sensation that lasts for a nice while.  It’s not a strain known for inducing couchlock, so it can be a great afternoon choice.  A lot of people enjoy a few puffs on their day off when they want to make an afternoon spent watching television more enjoyable.  But it can get one’s sense of creativity buzzing as well.

Health Benefits of White Buffalo Strain

Given the effects discussed above, it’s not surprising that the White Buffalo strain is commonly used by those dealing with depression.  Its euphoria-like effects seem to linger throughout the entire experience, helping a person combat any inner negativity and repetitive unwanted thoughts and worries.  Unsurprisingly, anxiety sufferers can also get a nice break with this strain.

Further, those struggling with burnout due to lots of stress or simply working too hard will likely want to grab this strain.  Its energizing effects aren’t jarring, but rather help you feel refreshed and invigorated.  It can aid in motivation as well, which is great if you’re trying to get around to starting a new project.  It’s possible that those who deal with some level of chronic fatigue would enjoy keeping this strain in their arsenal.

Its intensity also makes it a good choice for someone seeking out a strain for pain specifically.  Between its high cerebral effects and the natural anti-inflammatory properties within the chemical compounds, it may be able to offer some level of relief.

Growing White Buffalo Strain

First, let’s make it clear that coming across White Buffalo seeds is not the easiest thing in the world.  Those who are able to get them are considered very lucky.  It could very well become more widely available in the coming years as its popularity is growing fast, however.

Another reason why the White Buffalo strain is not as common is because of its more demanding growing conditions.  We all know that higher Sativa strains require more summer-like conditions.  This particular strain needs a lot of sunlight – eight hours is ideal.  It also needs a warm, dry climate.  If you live in California, you’re in luck, because this is a place where the strain will thrive outdoors.  If you live in a colder, less sunny area, growing it indoors is your best bet, as long as you’re able to provide it with long hours of artificial light, and a controlled temperature so it never gets too cold.

It is a forgiving plant, however, so a little bit of neglect here and there shouldn’t throw off your yield too badly.  Another thing to note is that the White Buffalo strain grows to be extremely tall compared to other popular strains.  Topping is basically required because otherwise the plant just won’t get enough circulation, which could lead to fungal issues as well as a disappointing yield.

It can produce the desired amount of flowers in as little as 7 weeks, and they’re typically ready to go in early September.  The yield is pretty generous, so you’ll certainly feel rewarded for your efforts.  Plus, it’s a fast grower, so if you’re going to be growing it indoors, make sure that you choose a location where it can grow freely as need be.

The Final Hit

White Buffalo strain is an incredibly unique strain with some pretty potent effects, not to mention a very delicious flavor.  While it’s a rare one, its increase in popularity is slowly allowing it to become easier to find than ever before.  The bottom line is that if you’re looking for a strain that gives you powerful mood effects, this is absolutely worth trying.

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