The Zookies Strain Reviewed

Since Alien Labs first released Zookies strain, it’s grown in popularity steadily, thanks to its effects as well as its irresistible flavor.  A cross between Original Glue and Animal Cookies, it’s a THC-heavy 50/50 hybrid that can give you a very strong high compared to other options dominating the market today.  Because it tends to have about 25 percent THC, it is a strain that you might want to go slowly with if you’re not all that experienced.  However, even just a small dose of this stuff will give you a pleasant, long-lasting feeling that makes it worth keeping in rotation.

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Characteristics of Zookies Strain

The buds of Zookies strain have tight, compact nugs in a warm olive-green color, and hints of reddish-purple can be found throughout.  The orange hairs are notably thin, and the coating of white trichomes gives the buds a particular sugar-coated appearance that makes them almost appetizing to look at.  They’re conical and long, being tapered at the top and almost looking like tiny Christmas trees.

Flavor and Aroma of Zookies Strain

The flavor of Zookies strain alone makes it a big favorite among real deal enthusiasts.  Simply put, its taste and aroma are completely one-of-a-kind.  You’ll get strong peppery notes, buttery nuts, sweet vanilla cookies, and tart citrus and berries, all at once.  The flavor notes work together nicely, creating a taste that will likely leave your mouth watering.

While grinding the buds, you’ll get those spicy and fruity notes right off the bat, as they’re potent.  Some herbal notes poke through, as is expected, with just the slightest hint of skunk to round things out.  Overall, it’s pleasant to the senses, and a huge part of the strain’s popularity.

Effects of Zookies Strain

Flavor and Aroma of the Zookies strain

This is a potent strain, and many fans of it note that a single hit goes a long way.  Therefore, if you’re new, or if your tolerance is low, one hit may be enough, so wait before hitting more. 

Zookies strain is known for its extremely balanced effects, which have a lot to do with its virtually universal appeal.  It is a 50/50 hybrid after all, and it feels like one.  Throughout the entire experience, you’ll feel calm, grounded, clear-minded, focused, creative, and blissful, all at once.  This is why it’s a good choice for both daytime and nighttime use.  It’s one of those strains that can make you feel more productive in the afternoon, and help you relax in the evening.  Few strains offer such versatility.

The first initial blast is quite euphoric, as you’d expect from a Sativa hybrid.  It doesn’t create the strong tingly sensations that a lot of others do, but it does give you an uplifting feeling very quickly after you exhale. 

Now, we said that Zookies strain has a high THC level and that therefore, a little goes a long way.  If you were to really rip this guy, you’d likely pass out.  At the very least, you’d find yourself in a state of couchlock for a couple of hours.  Its Indica side makes the muscles relax, so much so that you might feel like your legs are made of jelly if you have a particularly high dose.  Because of these effects, some people reserve it strictly for bedtime.

Health Benefits of Zookies Strain

One of the biggest effects of Zookies strain is its sleep-inducing properties.  Especially if you take a few hits rather than just one, you’ll feel like drifting off is simply unavoidable.  That’s because it’s simultaneously relaxing your body and slowing down your thoughts.  Your brain will lose its train of thought repeatedly, and so it’ll have a hard time staying hyperactive.

That being said, it’s also great for stress and anxiety, because it can stop the constant worry cycle that eats away at our productivity and emotional wellbeing.  Meanwhile, it’ll increase feelings of blissfulness, which is something that most of us could benefit from.  If you’re dealing with unwanted thoughts, this is a great choice.

Zookies strain is becoming extremely popular among those struggling with chronic pain.  That’s because the strain has potent anti-inflammatory effects within the compounds.  Further, its cerebral properties simply take your mind off of the pain for a little while so you can enjoy a nice and much-deserved break.

In fact, those who have arthritis are big fans of this strain in particular.  This likely comes from the notably widespread and fast-acting effects of the strain.

Growing Zookies Strain

Want to grow Zookies strain for yourself?  Here’s what you need to know.  The breeder does not sell their seeds, so you won’t be finding any online.  Their focus is on growing small batches of flowers for quality control, rather than making it a widely accessible, mass-produced bud.

Your only hope is to acquire a cutting that can be grown as a clone.  Unfortunately, because it’s not bred to be grown by individual growers, there’s not much information about how to grow it properly for the best yield.  But, that being said, experienced growers can use their own experience to grow it using their intuition, either indoors or out, depending on their specific conditions.

The Final Hit

Few will deny that Zookies strain is incredibly special.  It packs a major punch, and the benefit of that is that you can stretch out your buds for quite a while.  And, its powerful effects are useful in many ways, including helping with sleep, mood issues, and pain.  Therefore, it’s absolutely worth trying out, as it’s certainly got a lot to offer.

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